Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I'm a qualified what?

Firstly, I would like to say a big THANK-YOU for your support following my last post,  you are all bloody wonderful.

I'm catching up with you all, I've missed ya! 

I got this.
I'm a qualified apprentice!
......................I hadn't a clue what in though

After a couple of days trying to find out what for, it turns out it was for my Teaching Assistant NVQ level III which I had completed last year.  It will be an intimate affair with 500+ other people.

My Niece turned 11 yesterday,
My brother had a photo-booth at the house, 
flaming good fun.

A haul of awesomeness, 11 dresses, 3 pairs of new shoes, a cape, 1 CD, 2 DVD'S
and for some unknown reason, I left behind a pair of gold glitter ankle boots for £1
*there are no words, sigh*

A £3 CAPE!

It's a size 10
 I am most definitely not a size 10
conclusion; sizing is occasionally skew-whiff

Collars of epic proportions which are now covered in my lippy
I'm going to an actual proper hairdresser tomorrow, Missy is getting her hair styled and I expect to have a horrified hairdresser come to terms with my personal chop/cut technique. I can't remember the last time I went to a Salon.
I'm also going to colour it, I am not ready to embrace the grey.  I don't grow pretty grey hair, it's wiry, uneven and stands upright, perpendicular to my head.

Despite me having a calender and writing actual things on it
I still forget to look and just admire Paloma instead

39p seeds from Aldi
we are attempting to grow our own, away from the rabbits.

I still haven't figured out why I bought a tin of prunes

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week!
 see you soon 


  1. Hello Sandra,

    What an entrance you can make to your graduation ceremony! Just seeing the faces of the 500attendees would be worth it. Please say that you will be there and DO post the photographs!

    On a serious note, it is never too late in life to learn new things and it is good when one's achievements are recognised. As a teaching assistant we are sure that you give endless encouragement to young people to do just that. Well done!

  2. Wonderful post Sandra !, had me smiling while i was reading it glad to see you back, wow what a lot of goodies you have got, and the photo booth pictures are great, yes i had my highlights done last week, i'm not ready to go grey just yet Lol !!!,
    Have a good week Best wishes xxxxx

  3. Congrats and love your cape!

  4. congrats on being a qualified apprentice to you ... and congrats to be a qualified 11th year old lady to your lovely daughter.

    your outfit is absolutely great. the cropped jacked with the tiny head piece is to die for. ...oh and i have tulips from aldis sitting in my flat i bought over a week ago and they still look (kind of) fresh. ;)

  5. Nice to see you out and about - that cape is wonderful xx

  6. Get you with a certificate and a fancy £3 cape and everything. How exciting.
    Capes can't come in sizes, can they? how one earth do you measure them? Either way it's a bargain and looks blinking gorgeous. xxx

  7. You look fantastic in this cape, my dear! What a find!! I'd wear it too. :) I also had a similar experience with sizing lately. Sometimes, sizes just really don't matter!
    Fun photos with your girls. You are such a pretty family!

  8. Well now that you're an apprentice and all I'm surprised you're still here blogging with us lowly types. Good on ya for mixing with "the people" ; )

    Maybe you were feeling "backed up" when you bought the can of prunes.

    Love that half cape! Even if it does look a bit like it is swallowing your head.


  9. I knew you were qualified, lol
    I adore your home because there is always a party going.
    and what about being size 10. I know, hahahahha
    I never pay attention to size i try them anyway.
    Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. You're qualified! It's always good to be qualified for something, isn't it?
    You had a massive shopping spree then, good for you! Your little cape/jacket is lovely (even with added lippy). Eleven dresses? Seriously - ELEVEN? Amazing! And prunes... Yeah, that's odd!
    I keep wondering about hiring a photo booth for our end of year school disco - might have to look into prices, they do seem great fun.
    Hope you're OK, Sandra, and out the other side of your sad time. xxx

  11. I'm shaking my head and smiling at that last one, appropos of nothing! I guess you never know when you might need prunes.

    Congratulations on being an apprentice! Wouldn't it be fun to be The Sorcerer's Apprentice, just like Mickey Mouse? Or maybe not, because I remember a lot of spilled water and uncontrollable mops.

    Fabulous cape - perfect on you and you alone. And the party looks like fun! Paloma Faith, ahhhhh she's amazing! Being a bowler, my favorite song and video is New York.

    Glad you're feeling better, Sandra.

  12. Congratulations on your NVQ! I can't believe you forgot what you'd qualified in! Haha! Love the cape, and what a great haul! I miss the days of buying so much at once. Your hair always looks lovely! And those photo booths always look like so much fun! xx

  13. I love the photo booth pics of you and your girls, how much fun could be had in a photo booth??? Hmmmm!! Good shopping lovely, and I agree on the sizing thing, its a sham!! I always thought S = Sue but apparently not. As for the prunes are they 2 minute prunes? The sort that you have to leave the bathroom door open because they only take 2 minutes to work!!

  14. LOL ... Congratulations on your graduation ... even if you didn't know what you were graduating as!!!
    Fabulous shopping haul ... but shame on you for leaving the glittery gold ankle boots behind.
    I'm sure the prunes seemed like a very good idea at the time ... even if you can't remember what the good idea was :0)

  15. Prunes ! Gah! My mother used to feed me those daily to 'keep things regular'. To this day, I can't look at a prune without gagging. LOL

    I like the looks of that b&w dress! Do you think it's too late to go back for the boots?

    1. Aw yeah, the shop is about 45 mins away, we go every now and again, I must learn to pick things up when I see it! x x x

  16. It's lovely to have you back :)

    Congratulations on your achievement! I do hope you'll go to the ceremony, it sounds exciting!

    So many new clothes, well done. I desperately need some new clobber.

    I agree with the Insomniac above...you should definitely try going back for the boots!

    The photo-booth does look like fun, they have them at vintage events down here, but I've never been in one, although I'm sure there all lots of pics of Amber clowning around in one somewhere.

    Have a perfect day lovely Sandra xx

  17. The photo booth looked like so much fun. Congrats on the NVQ. That't the kind of thing i would do. Forget I'm qualified in something. Oooh I need to see progress on the seeds :D

  18. Being qualified is definitely better than being certifiable! Congratulations and enjoy the event! That cape is so fabulous and really frames your pretty face. There is so much fun in this post my thoughts are all over the place....
    I chop my own hair too, I like prunes, photo-booth looks loads of fun, sizing is totally wacky and means trying on masses of clothes but then it looks like you did 'cause you got all those dresses! Yay for the dresses!

  19. Congratulations and enjoy the event, i love your cape! Kisses.

  20. Qualified at being fabulous! Congrats on the apprenticeship - will you be using the qualification? You should also get some kind of qualification for cape wearing because that new one is an absolute gem and you wear it with panache and flair! I am still too scared to visit the hairdresser, even though I reeeeaaaaalllllly need to go. My greys and split ends are out of control! XXX


  21. Congratulations qualifications!
    Wonderful shopping and so cheap, wow!
    Beautiful black-and-white jacket :)

  22. I just popped by from Sue's (You can call me)(You can call me Sue that is)(I wasn't saying 'You can call me' that would be too weird)(But you can if ya want :-D ) anyway...to say hello! Just had a read up on some of your posts and laughed out loud so loud I made the cat fall off his chair! Eejit!

  23. I didn't understand exactly what you trIned in, but congrats! Where did you find all the goodies at those prices??? You look super in that cape!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  24. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! the prunes are still in the cupboard x x x

  25. A-mah-zing cape! (Not so amazed by the prunes ;)

  26. What a CUTE post :) and your blog is so fab and fun.

    Check out my new post....How you decorate a small space to look bigger :)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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