Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Blessing's, Birthdays and Babies

Hello there! I hope you are all well!

My blogging break is over, and I will be visiting you all pronto, I have missed you all.

Two of my daughters now have the same size feet as me! so I can borrow and try not to destroy even more shoes. Hurrah!

My current obsession is the Dior 'New Look' Silhouette

I did a lot of this whilst away
'Large, white, medium dry........ don't be shy'
the Renewal of Vows or Blessing made me quite nervous

I love Gretna Green
here's a little information if you wish to read about The Famous Blacksmiths

that's our hotel
about 90 seconds away

Now I normally disapprove of public hair roller displays, but we needed feeding as the Blessing was at 3.30pm

The waiting room

The room hasn't changed,
neither had Mr F

This is Ian, he delivered the Blessing,
He Rocks!
We had no idea what would happen, but the Blessing took half an hour, it was beautiful and romantic
we were read several Celtic Love Poems
a verse of one 

Be circled in love
Keep darkness out, keep light within
Keep fear out, keep peace within
Keep hatred out, keep love within

and another 

Deep Peace of the Running Waves to you.
Deep Peace of the Flowing Air to you.
Deep Peace of the Quiet Earth to you.
Deep Peace of the Shining Stars to You.
Deep Peace of the Son of Peace to You.

of course I whinged and sniffed through most of it

Mr F loved the kilt (so did I, phwoar!!)

The veil was eventually attached to the original tiara I wore

Something Old (Shoes, Bag, Tiara, Petticoat, brooch)
Something New (Dress £35 in the Sale)
Something Borrowed (Littlest's earrings)
Something Blue (nail varnish and ring)

Sassy B had 2 birthday celebrations
Saturday was 'pre-drinks'
........which isn't a party.....even though it it sounds like one
but lots of her friends came round had lots of drinks and music played,
they left around midnight to go out

Monday was her official birthday

Our new additions, two beautiful girls
Jaffa Cake ( 8 weeks old, known as Jaffa, friendly, likes cuddles, is teeny tiny and cries when her sister decides to be very naughty and hides behind the washing machine, attempts to escape through the narrow gap at the top of the fire, decides to go on adventures and plays hide and seek....a lot)

Crumble ( 8 weeks old, even teenier, eats a lot and takes on the bigger cats who currently have the biggest huff, ever.....she is fearless though and is a total, total menace)
We took them for a check up at the Vets on Monday
Crumble has a heart murmur, we are hoping it's minor
(and also got her insured, just in case - the vet was talking heart specialists and x-rays)

we got them on Saturday, it really is like having toddlers again
I am sleeping downstairs to keep an eye on them (Mr F did the first 3 days, collectively we must have had about 16 hours sleep in 4 days)
I am trying to establish a bedtime routine with them
I'm knackered

Mr F is in Edinburgh until Friday due to his new job
 2 children are back in school
and I have no idea when these little menaces can be left alone,

So I will see you all soon..........hopefully
I seem to have lost my camera charger, bugger

Melanie has produced another VOGOFF triumph!! brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!



  1. I have been waiting for this post and it was worth it. You looked GORGEOUS!!!! Actually the entire fam dam scrubbed up pretty good. Beautiful. Then there was a birthday, congrats to eldest, and babies. I was thinking adoption like Brad and Ange, but kittens!! So much has happens to the the FoxyMcGinites!! Welcome back!

  2. Hello Sandra,

    You looked so very beautiful. The blessings ceremony sounds to have been both touching and dignified, what a delightful thing to do and how perfect that you were surrounded by those you love. Wishing you many, many more years of happiness and joy together.

    You must be totally exhausted after all the excitement and preparations. Still, the glasses of chilled white wine must have helped to steady the nerves. And now, just as the routine begins to settle back down, you introduce two bundles of mischief into your life. There will be no rest there!

    Your Dior 'New Look' look is fabulous. The shoes with yellow bows are exactly the same as were in a wardrobe here until they finally collapsed through overwork. They do look wonderfully fun on you!

    Enjoy a well deserved rest if you can. We have absolutely loved sharing your big day!

  3. Welcome back Sandra ! fabulous pictures you all look gorgeous ,and I love your wedding outfit ! a great post , Best wishes xxx

  4. Oh, you all look so beautiful and it's all so romantic! **sniff, sniff** :)

    And your new little furballs are adorable. I wish I weren't allergic. Now I want one!

  5. Your nails matched Mr F's kilt! And you're left handed. I know, I pick up weird details sometimes. You all looked happy and I loved the before getting ready shots. Especially the girls in curlers, and the skirt fluffed out on the sofa! I also thought the family in front of the joined hands statue was wonderful.
    You don't believe in relaxing do you? Now not one but two kittens! We had one puppy and boy that was enough. But they are so adorable. Teeny tiny kittens snuggled up...awww! Xo JJ

  6. Happy Blessing (is that right? I don't understand matrimony!) You all look blinking gorgeous. I knew your outfit would come together in the end. Mr Foxy looks great in his kilt and I'm delighted you kept the spirit of Liverpool alive with curlers at the breakfast table!!
    Happy Birthday to beautiful eldest - loads of my friends have birthdays this week - must be a good time to be born.
    Totally in love with your new babies. Don't worry about the heart murmur, Stephen Squirrel's got one, too. xxxx

  7. Wow! You all looked amazing! How romantic.

    Your new additions to the family are adorable! Hope they don't cause you too much trouble.


  8. I feel quite teary now, how gorgeous do you look? and I mean all of you and how happy. Congratulations on your blessing and your two new babies x

  9. Kittens!!!! And wedding finery, and gorgeous daughters and dresses!!! It's all too beautiful. What a lovely blessing, and you got married in the same place? How cool is that! I wouldn't be able to do that because we got married at my parents' house, and they've sold it. But maybe we could go talk to the new owners...

    I loved your Haute Housewife in VOGOFF - just brilliant, and so you! Great pics, especially the one with the red phone.

  10. What a beautiful family and a beautiful event. I LOVE the mirror selfie - you're surrounded by a halo of light! Lovely! The kitties are absolutely darling. I'm sure you're exaggerating, those sweet faces couldn't possibly cause trouble. ;) Now I want baby kitten snuggles!

  11. Hi, Welcome back... Thanks for sharing your renewing of vows moments with us... I had no idea that you had an older daughter. Beautiful young lady!!!! SO you raised 3 girls??? I raised 3 boys!!!! Love all of the photos you showed us. Love your dress and love love love your hubby's kilt.... What a wonderful celebration --and what a fabulous place to have it. All 3 girls looked fantastic... I just loved it all. CONGRATS.

    1. Forgot to say congrats also on the 2 new kitties in the family.... Now your hubby can say that he has 6 females in his life!!!!!!!!

  12. Congratulations on the blessing, you all look gorgeous! The dress, tiara and veil are lovely, Mr F is rocking the kilt, and the girls are coiffed to perfection!
    I cannot believe you have a 20 year old daughter, you look like sisters! Happy birthday to SB.
    Ahhhh, new babies! So adorable. And so troublesome - just like the human variety... But worth the hassle!
    Good to see you back, Sandra, and I enjoyed your Vogoff piece very much! xxxx

  13. You look so gorgeous!!!!!!!! All of you!!!!! And masses of exclamation marks are required. I am so happy for you that you were able to do this and have a lovely time. It's so beautiful. Happy Birthday belatedly to Sassy B! What a stunner she is. Ahhh the kittens. They melt the heart, they are sweet and irresistible and exactly like toddlers. I hope Crumble's is okay with the heart murmur. I have one too and I am just fine.
    Love ya. You are so full of life coming to your blog is like opening a window onto sunshine.

  14. Great celebrations dear, i love your romantic look! Kisses.

  15. Your white dress is v pretty but my fave is that beachy skirt. The mirror selfie is lovely, and actually I love the pic with the hair in rollers :)

    And KITTINZ! *squees*

  16. Wow! you all look amazing for your ceremony! I would love to get my hubby in a kilt, he is part Scottish after all. Those new kittens are so cute, hope you get some sleep soon! :)

  17. So much happiness in one post!! Congratulations to all of you on creating such a beautiful family - in every sense of the word! You all look gorgeous and so happy together! Love your dress and the headpiece, and the black and yellow outfit very much! How great that you have now 3 times more shoes. :) Mr F is sexy in his kilt! Justin always wanted to get a kilt for himself, I think it's time to do it. :) In every way you are so very inspiring. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls and such adorable little kittens - there will be so much fun in your home, it really is like raising toddlers, you are so right! We still laugh when we remember our kittens' mischief like spinning the little Xmas tree (and falling asleep in the branches). Lots of cute shots too!

    I read your story in VOGOFF, it was inspired - bravo dear Sandra!! xxxx

  18. Congratulations, how gorgeous you all looked. Your girls are just stunning aren't they. no one else asked, is he or is he not 'traditionally' dressed in that kilt? ;-) How cute are the kittens......when can you leave them?...Never!! hahha! :D Lovely post and good to see you back xx

  19. Congratulations on the blessing! You all looked gorgeous! I love your wedding outfit, and the prom dresses your youngest two wore are so pretty. Your oldest looks so glamorous. And your two new kittens are adorable! xx

  20. Congratulations on the Blessing And on having the most gorgeous family!!! So much loveliness and that includes your hubby! I've been on a bit of a blogging break but I just had to check in to say Hi and to tell you how much I enjoyed your appearance in Vogoff. Absolutely perfect!!!

  21. So much happening in this post ... congrats on the vow renewal, you all look absolutely drop dead gorgeous ... the whole lot of you.
    Happy Birthday Sassy B ... who is looking particularly stunning and sassy for the celebration ... of course she has 2 parties ... when you're young and hot you can have as many as you like ;0)
    And welcome to the latest furry members of the family ... too, too cute :0)

  22. How sweet you all look at the blessing ceremony! Did you make the dresses for the girls? Your hubby looks hot in his kilt and I gotta ask was he wearing anything underneath:) I love how very angelic you look in your dress and how feisty the girls are. It looks like you all had a blast and that is the only thing that matters!

  23. Oh <3 I love that you renewed your vows, you look absolutely stunning, your sweetheart very dashing, and you girls are so beautiful! Congratulations x

    The new additions to your home are just gorgeous! Nala has a heart murmur too. I do hope your little cutie will be okay xx

  24. congratulations! the photos are full with love and fun!
    your dress looks wonderfull on you! :)

  25. Welcome back gorgeous!!!! I see you had a great time with your beautiful family! You look so stunning, I'm very proud of you! Amazing outfits everybody, I love the photo with the hair rollers ehehe! So happy you are back, I missed you terribly my friend!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook / International Giveaway

  26. How lovely! I've gone a bit teary reading this and looking at you all being so gorgeous. I love the blessing and you all look beautiful.
    And kittens too. I must go now...I've come over all

  27. I'm stopping by for an extra welcome back hug :-)

  28. Welcome back!!!
    OMG! you look fantastic! the printed skirt looks awesome and the white dress is so vintage, so new look, so Dior, so perfect!
    what a lovely family!
    thanks for sharing such beautiful moments with us ;)

  29. I bless you all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You are soooooooooooo AMAZING and I cannot get over the fact that you have three girls who look like your sisters, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  30. Congrats and you all look beautiful and fabulous!
    I got my wedding pictures this week, i wonder if my hubby will let me put one of his our us, he's camera shy and all, you know what i mean? Hubby in a kilt is so handsome and what a wonderful place you went-
    So you got 2 new kitties and got one insured for its health problem, poor thing
    My cat has some medical problems and it will costly, cataracts poor thing
    I was thinking about insurance, is it worth it? I read some info on line and they warn about the fine prints on the insurance documents -
    And like Sacramento said, you all look like sisters, gorgeous sisters


  31. The photos of your Renewal of Vows are beautiful. What a great idea to do this. Your family is beaming. Thanks for showing us. The photos of your daughters in curlers are priceless. Ha! And you in your vintage dress and Mr. F in his kilt are stunning.
    Oh, lovely little kittehs. What a handful but so worth the effort in love.
    Thanks so much for being part of VOGOFF. Your Haute Housewife piece was incredible and really helped pull together this issue. Thanks again! I've missed many of your posts and an happy to finally catch up!

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