Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Common sense was never my forte

It really isn't, my poor Mum laments over my absolute lack of common sense, I also have appalling geographical knowledge.  I confess 3 years ago I looked at a map and saw where India was.  Part of my job means I should have a vague idea of where places are in the UK *blank stare* what! Luckily Mr F is both sensible and knows where places are. We are Yin and Yang.

 Torville and Deans 30 year anniversary of 'Bolero'

Chocolate and Moonshine's tribute

Mummy's Little Helper is not always gin based

My poor sewing machine
last year the rubber belt broke, as I am an idiot I didn't even consider there could be other rubber belts,
so off it went into the whiffy shed,
 10 months later it dawned on me that you may be able to buy a rubber belt
Sadly when I brought it in it seems to have fell apart, wtf! wtf!

Can-Can dancing
well, just flashing my petticoat

I loathe tie backs on dresses, just blooming pointless things for me!
I am 44 and have only just realised I can tie on the front


New felt head piece
and shocking grey hair
I haven't dyed my hair in 5 looooooong months
it's condition was ghastly but is now restored so I can kill it again

Flower Bush
in our garden


I know the name of a flower hurrah!!!!!!!

he is fierce

I feel like I have forgotten something
sometimes I think about what will go on my blog
and I never ever write it
I really do have a dreadful attention span!

I hope you are all well and having a wonderful week
 see you soon 



  1. Whiskers looks VERY serious. I fear he may be judging you, Sandra. "No common sense", he's thinking... "And as for those rabbits doing the Bolero - really, what were they thinking?"
    Love your Forties-inspired frock and headpiece, made all the saucier for a flash of ruffle-y petticoat!
    Try taking your sewing machine for a repairs and a service, it would might be cheaper than getting a new one, as it looks to be a sturdy beast of a machine.
    That yellow flowering shrub isn't forsythia, is it? I'm not great with plant identification either. Your pink flowers look like camellia. See, you've got pretty things growing in your garden without even knowing it! xxx

  2. LOL you know the name of a flower : ) I think that first one is a camellia bush...I adore those.

    The dress is super cute, especially with the petticoat. I agree that ties on the back drive me nuts. They aren't comfortable at all when you sit.

    Your rabbits are cuteness overload. I wonder if my husband would notice if I brought one home ; ) My pug might notice before the husband.


  3. Just what exactly are those rabbits doing??? Whatever it is it's very synchronised … which I find tremendously impressive.
    Is that what those ties are for??? I always thought they were to tie my shopping bags and/or children to ;0)
    At 44 we've earn't the right to do whatever we please with them.

  4. Torville and Dean always make me think of The Captain and Tenille. But now I'll think of Chocolate and Moonshine instead!

  5. Whiskers looks very stern, did you forget to feed him? I've no idea what's going on with those rabbits but do you think you should contact Torville and Dean? they were on BBC Breakfast this morning and apparently about to start touring. You could be rich!
    That dress is gorgeous with the addition of the petticoat and tie-front thingy.
    I've no idea about plants or birds but ain't that the wonder of Google? I've identified some frisky birds (longtailed tits) this morning by just typing in "small British garden bird". xxx

  6. Oh, that dress looks amazing on you.
    I tend to tie mine in the front too.

    Whiskers is gorgeous, even though he looks mighty pissed off at something
    (having a camera in his face if he's anything like Cobweb)

    It's lovely seing all your gorgeous pictures.
    Your little helper is such a cutie
    and your bunnies are adorable :)

    Have a lovely day xx

  7. Great photos, Sandra. I especially love the one of you 5th from the bottom.... Fabulous --and I love that hair piece.... Love your kitties and the spring colors are beautiful. We have that exact same Daffodil in our yard. Love the colors.

    Have a great day. We are busy working in the yard. After the weeding, we are now mulching... Oh how I love spring.

  8. You can tie them in the front? Who says you have no common sense? I think Whiskers is just angry that he doesn't have a partner. And I'm pretty certain that he needs a flower headband like yours. You look beautiful as always. Pretty sweet day around your house!

  9. Eeekkk Whiskers has that look of 'I'm going to miss you up'
    So in love with that famous polka dot dress sweet........I always tie dresses like that in the front it's so much more flattering....yes.
    Sending much happiness pretty lady.
    Love v

  10. Oh that was 'Mess' you up........hmmm stupid correction v

  11. Great post Sandra ! I love your cats such sweethearts !, you look gorgeous in that dress my dear Best wishes xxxxx

  12. Fabulous polka dot dress! Kisses.

  13. Ooh, I love the dress! You look fabulous and I really can't believe you're 44! You look at least ten years younger! What's your secret? Lol. The pink flowers are gorgeous. I think the yellow one is a forsythia. And if you contact the brand manufacturer of your sewing machine, they'll probably be able to send you out a washer or two for free. xx

  14. You have flowers in your garden!!! Well done you!! I hate ties at the back too, I always feel like a sack of spuds when I am tied up, but I am liking the frontwards tie!!! Maybe I won't cut any more ties off my frocks. I get lost in my own town so take that, and Hamilton isn't big, but the new areas are like lego land where everything looks the same and it is so confusing. Lovin' the felt headpiece.

  15. I tie mine at the front most of the time too. I have one dress which has really short ties and I am thinking of adding snaps to it and covering then with a decorative button so I can wear the tie wrapped to the front sort of like a belt. Love your can -can dress and enjoyed all your photos. You are so cute! Torville and Dean have been put to shame by Chocolate and Moonshine!

  16. Such a cute bunny picture! :)

    This dress looks so beautiful on you - I love this shade of blue with red buttons and your new headpiece! And the fit is fantastic, you look so sexy!

    Shame on your sewing mashing, I hope you can get it repaired. I gave mine away, so I probably will end up buying a new one when I finally feel ready to actually sew something. :)

  17. Chocolate and Moonshine doing Torville and Dean ... that's priceless! And everybody in your household looks fantastic in polka-dots!

    Did some more thrift shopping yesterday but still no luck on a cowboy shirt. Would he be adverse to a new one do you think? As long as it had lots of gaudy embroidery? Because I definitely know where to find those! :)

  18. Hey!
    Please, send me your name and what country do you live?
    Your bush looks like the burning bush of the Bible :)

  19. oh i always enjoy your blog, common sense was never mine neither :D i loooov that polka dot dress you are wearing here and the felt headpiece is so adorable too. in my garden i have the same bush, i don´t know what name it has exactly even if my mum always tried to teach me gardening ^^
    have a great weekend!

  20. I'm with you. I have zero sense of direction! GPS has changed my life.

  21. I love the way you create posts! Thank you to share them with us!
    Your words are so ... inspiring! Thank you that you are!
    You are my inspiration! I'm always be with you honey! :-**

    I show 125 DIY Easter Ideas - maybe you will find there something for yourself? :-)

    Katherine Unique

  22. Ι love love love your dress. Such a great fit and color! I sometimes tie it in the front too. I also like the way you do your brows.

  23. WOW soo AMAZING :) you have such good taste...and I LOVE that cat haha

    Check out my new post....How to decorate your home with cute fabrics :)

    I wish you a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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