Friday, 11 April 2014

Faux Naturel

It's Friday! I love Friday! I hope you are all blooming wonderful, and thank you for your lovely comments!

I got my hair professionally chopped.

Home colour, it's faux naturel
I am much happier with it and have found a super dye that eliminated grey

Mr F's tattoo's 
they are a fascinating subject, do you like them, loathe them or indifferent?
of course I love them, I don't have any but subscribe to 'never say never'
Mr F has been having work on his skin done for 14 years
he has plans for more

a slightly Punk Pudsey done for charity

To honour his Father


For his 30th birthday

I am the Dragon
wrapped around our children's names and protecting them all

My face

The Dragon is huge
it wraps around his arms
it has something like 7000 scales
Mr F wants to include extra detail though

People have said lots of things to Mr F about his tattoo's, both positive and negative, but for him the ongoing work is something he loves, the planning and the execution of an idea which is permanently inked on his skin by an artist is art.

 I think I took about 9 billion photo's and ended up with 3 I barely like
C'est la vie!
I am linking in to Anne's 52 Pick-me-up; Back to Front

and Val inspired me to put a dress on back to front

I seem to be so at ease with my cleavage, haha!

Edith Piaf
'Je ne regrette rien'

I love this song
I'm not a fan of regrets either




  1. Hello Sandra,

    Your bob cut looks super chic and so suits your bubbly personality. It feels so good to have one's hair exactly as one wants it to be so I trust that you will have plenty of opportunity over the weekend to show it off.

    I would readily steal the black and white polka dot dress. Such fun and, in my book, monochrome is always in fashion.

    The jury is still out on tattoos......

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, but credit is due to Anne really. And if your cleavage is there, flaunt it, baby!

    I think your hair looks lovely, but it also looks lovely when you do it. I always used to do my own color - so much cheaper, and it's easy.

    I'm not a big tattoo fan. I don't mind little ones here and there, but now it's rare to see skin without tattoos! It's funny to think how all those people will look as OAPs with tattoos.

  3. Loving the sleek new do and that frock certainly makes the best of your assets.
    I love tats, its the story behind them as much as the actual design. The scales on the Mr's dragon really are a work of art. I've got a tribal one on my back (from my Goan rave days) and my eyebrows are inked on, too. I have plans for something elaborate but keep spending my money on travel instead. Have a fab weekend. xxx

  4. you looking pretty !!

  5. You look wonderful, dear! Doesn't it feel good when someone takes care of us (or our hair)? Love the color too - great job!

    Both dresses are so much fun, and you did Anne's challenge great with your floral frock!

    I can't really see you as a dragon, but Mr F knows what he's talking about, I am sure! :) Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. I really like the hair cut, it suits you a lot :) I am thinking of dying my hair black again, haha
    Lovely dresses!
    The dragon tattoo looks nice (and its not you for sure, you are too pretty! :) ). I still have one night shift at work, so can't wait tomorrow morning :)

  7. Your hair looks so sleek and shiny and beautiful and that frock's looking great back to front too xx

  8. Hello on a gorgeous, spring day in TENNESSEE. Wow---after the long and bitter winter we had this year, Spring is even more inviting and lovely.

    Love the new 'hair-do'.... Pretty.... Your hubby has some 'beauties' when it comes to Tatoos... I have never had one --but I'm not opposed to those who do.

    We are now home 'again' --after our 5th trip since the end of February.... Seems as if we visited five different states --although the trips weren't planned for that reason... ha... BUT--as I always say, it's great to be home... I did publish a blog post today--so check it out when you have time. Have a wonderful weekend.


  9. Hello Sandra , your hair looks great ! your as gorgeous as ever, like the dresses and the tattoos, have a good weekend with Best wishes xxx.

  10. I love your floral dress Sandra! Kisses.

  11. You looks great in both of those dresses and with your new hair! You have a cute/sexy kind of vibe like Betty Boop, though now I know you are a dragon lady too! Those tattoos are really well done and so they are works of art. It's nice to see there are no spelling or grammatical errors too. That always makes me cringe.

  12. You're the first blog I've read this morning, it's 8.30 here in NZ, and it's put a smile of my face so that's me set up for the day. Hair's cool, are you sure you got that dress on back to front? Hubby looks fit! Tattoos are all about personal choice, I rather like your hubby's, especially the dragon. One day I might get a wee dragonfly somewhere, just need to choose the right spot, somewhere that wont sag too much and make it turn into some grotesque image that scares small children! Some days I'd like to get one on my forehead saying F*ck off' ;-D

  13. Hello sweets! Great hair and dress! I like tattoos, I have one which symbolizes a bond with my sisters. I think your husband is not afraid of needles!!! I love that song by Edith Piaf too! Nighty night
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  14. Your hair looks fantastic! I honestly never would have known that dress was on backwards had you not said anything.

    I actually like tattoos that are like this...all coloured. That is one HUGE M.F. tattoo though. Yikes. I can't imagine how long that must have taken.

    I love that Edith Piaf song. We used to listen to it in my French lab trying to properly roll our "r"s.


  15. I adore tattoo's. Love them!!!! I have a few planned when I can afford them and my husband is currently working on getting one of his old and ghastly ones fixed. Your husbands pieces are very cool - the dragon is AMAZING! Your new hair suits you - such a great length, and the idea of the dress backwards is fab. Must try it. Have a great weekend! XXX

  16. I wouldn't have realised your dress was back to front if you hadn't told me ... I'm observant like that ;0)
    Your hair looks lovely ... it's nice to get a little pampered every now and then.
    Now tattoos ... I don't have any ... but I never minded them ... until EVERYONE started getting them. Mr F's have a meaning which is good. I get irked ... out of all proportion ... at some peoples tattoos. Like suburban Mums with no ethnic back ground who have never travelled further than the next suburb getting a tribal tattoo. Or people that get words misspelt. Or words that they don't know the meaning of. Or the name of their boyfriend/girlfriend that they've been with for 3 weeks ... and complained about for the entire time. But most if all ... more than any of the rest ... I get irked ... out of all proportion ... when someone cries poor ... doesn't look after themselves or their children properly ... and then turns up with a new tattoo.
    PHEW ... rant over ... I bet you're soooo glad you asked ;0)

  17. I love tattoos, as you've probably gathered by now! I've only got two so far, but there are so many I want and intend to get... I'm just slowed down by my injuries. I have a few in mind, and I'm dying to get my star tattoo improved (again). Your hubby's dragon tattoo is incredible! He must've been in the chair four hours! I know they're not to everybody's taste, but it does irritate me when people are so rude and critical about the fact somebody has them. It's just skin at the end of the day!

    I love your new hair- it looks gorgeous! Great colour! I love the polka dot dress you're wearing, too, and the floral one is fabulous! xx

  18. I am more than impressed with Mr Fs Tatts!! Love that you are the dragon, and such a pretty one too!! Never thought of wearing a frock back to front, might have to experiment with that. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  19. I am pretty impressed with those tatts for sure! and I love the blue frock of yours too :D

  20. Mr. F's dragon tattoo reminds me a bit of the spouse's ... a tree with he and I in the bark of the trunk, and out of the branches are gryphons and such with our offspring's names sprouting out of it. I don't describe it very well ... it's actually very pretty, as is Mr. F's! It's nice when they have personal stories behind them. :)

  21. Dear the tattos are amazing and you flowers drees a sweet dream... I love it!!!!! Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  22. that dragon tattoo around your kids names is GORGEOUS! i love them but have none and my husband loathes them! i tried to get one done last year on my thumb (which is huge and bulbous) to honour my dad who also had identical thumbs, but no tattoo parlour would do it as it was on my hands and the rule is not on hands for the 1st tattoo! and you as always are a delight, your hair is so lovely...i just went brown again!! my natural colour to give my hair a much needed rest xxx

  23. Your hair looks gorgeous, I like the cut. The dress with flowers is so pretty. You look wonderful in the polka dot one too.

  24. The color looks great on you and it warms your face. It will be easy to maintain, too. As for your husbands tattoos I have only but respect for his ongoing project. Tattoos have been with us since the begining. I wonder how you don't have one yet! I don't either because I've never found one I coud commit for ever.

  25. I have no tattoos but my hubby has two: a coloured tiger on one arm after his beloved grandfather died and a phoenix on the other arm after his first wife died, which is why I call him The Phoenix, because he always bounces back. In my 20s I said I'd get inked if I still wanted to by 30. It didn't happen and probably never will, but I closely admire people who go in for beautiful, intricate designs like your hubby has. Oooh your hair is lovely! My 11yo cut and coloured mine yesterday, clever girl :). xoxo

  26. Fantastic hair cut! You look beautiful in both dresses.I also love the shape of your eyebrows, wish I could get mine so perfect! Have a great week :))

  27. I'm having a dickens of a time trying to leave a comment! This is my fourth attempt!! Geez!!

  28. Your hair looks gorgeous! Is that dress really back to front? I wouldn't have realised, but the cleavage looks rather splendid!
    Mr F's tattoos are amazing. I rather like the idea of being a dragon (it's the Chinese symbol of my birth year). I have one little tattoo on my shoulder and quite fancy another... But what? And where?
    PS. Had a ball this weekend in Liverpool. I didn't suggest meeting up because I knew we would have a full-on touristy agenda with the kids and my sis and her man, but since I didn't get the chance to hit the vintage shops, I'm hoping to come over again by myself, and I'd love to meet up then! Enjoyed the Walker gallery this afternoon, saw sulky Helen of Troy and the Amity couple and thought of you! xxxx

  29. I definitely have to try the back to front.
    You are wonderfulllllllllllllllll
    hank you so much for joining share-in-Style. Such an honour!!!

  30. Beautiful pictures!! Love your flowered dress!


  31. I love the dragon around Mr F's arm!!! Gorgeous!
    I do like tattoos, and have a few. But I am a firm advocate of being very careful about choosing one, and especially about choosing a tattoist!
    The two frocks in this post are divoon!!! And so is the new haircut! WOOF!

  32. The back to front dress looks good on you. Mr F's tattoos look pretty cool.

  33. Your hair looks great! And I love tattoos... on other people.

  34. I love the new hair, I recently had mine cut into a longer bob, and am hating it. :( it means soooooo much more work. before I could wash and go, and now nope. it's wash and frizz. Mr F's tattoos are fab, i would never get one myself, but I do like looking at them. My hubby has three. Which i really like, he got some strange looks in Japan for them though, as tattoos are associated with bad people!


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