Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The post that went on and on and...............

Hello Lovely People! I hope you are all having a cracking start to the week, it's still sunny here!

I haven't succumbed to tights yet, the only down-side to this is I still have to shave my legs on a weekly basis.

I feel I must warn you, this is an un-characteristically long post from me,

we can get through it!

I believe in you

This was after a stern conversation about who is Boss (me) and they shouldn't sit on the laptop because they press buttons and disable my internet
so they did this

These kittens clearly have no respect (or an understanding of what on earth I'm mewing about)

The Bombed Out Church in Liverpool
it's actually called St. Luke's and very precious to us in the City

Missy and I waited for Mr F to pick us up after an Orthodontist appointment

These are the sights around it

Hipster steps of the Bombed out Church
where cool people sit

not cool anymore as I sat there 
some people left

My attempt at the 'Competent Parent' Look for the girls Open Day on Friday
Me; 'Hmmmm, yes, yes, well done Missy/Littlest' 
and 'How lovely' etc etc etc (they both got wonderful reports)

I nod approvingly and look at children with a Proud Parent Face

and then I feel the need to confess to the teacher I was kicked out the choir for miming/being unable to sing

Wins 'Worse Pose Ever'
why thank-you

Look at Jaffa
she's a Queen

 Lets stop shall we and  have a break
d'ya fancy a cup of coffee or something a little stronger?
ok, no problem

we're nearly there

 Saturday DIY
with gloves

this wallpaper melting spray is genius, but will destroy nails

Littlest bedroom needed re-plastering, the artex ceiling had blown spectacularly
no-one wants to wake up to an artex blanket

Decorating done in the Strictly Come Dancing/Freestyle method

I decided I don't like the feature wall in my bedroom
so it went

Sassy B's necklace
We went out for Sushi

Liverpool in the Night

Cookie modelling my old bag, rediscovered during all of this decorating nonsense

Accurate portrayal of how pissed off she is right now
she isn't getting along with the kittens
despite endless loves, cuddles and pampering
she is furious
(I'm worried, and Whiskers is still AWOL) 

Something lovely happened though
I have a modern machine
it works

The Very Nice Youtube Sewing Tutorial Lady says you must spend time together with your new machine

oh you!

*wipes tear* I know...... bobbin

that sewing machine is hilarious

 Newly plastered room

Of course there is plaster everywhere

But, if you made it through, Bravo!
I knew we could do it!

Thank you for your gorgeous comments on my last post too!!!!!!

I have a date with my laptop and some gorgeous Blogger ladies tonight
see you then!


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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Food crush

Hello, I hope you are all marvellous!

I'm having a food crush over pineapple cottage cheese at the moment, and oat cakes.  This summer was a smoked aubergine dip (aubergine has to be charred on the hob, imagine genuine terror every time making them, gorgeous though)

I seem to have a little problem with my laptop at the moment, it's nothing serious

Little Jaffa is becoming more of a minx,
poor Cookie wanders round complaining 
imagine Victor Meldrew mewing constantly

Cookie has been getting spoiled, I even bought her some Sheba!!
(mini pot of catfood, costs more per gramme than gold)

We had to create a mini-office as the dining table wasn't working
we cleared a corner (hurrah for Freecycle, we got rid of the bulky unit within 2 hours)

Mr F action shot

I'm sorry, I can't help it
I follow them round taking pictures
those poor babies

The new office-ette/ bijou office/stuff rammed in a corner

Out and about in Chazza's today

Canvas pic for Mr F's naughty corner
a ******mas decoration (I'm sorry, it's too early to even mention the word)
jacket, shoes, blouse scarf and a necklace
all under a tenner! 

The jacket has been washed
I have a perverse pleasure watching how much grime comes out during the cleaning process,
it's like squeezing spots
*I know, gross*

what I wore

the only shoes I can wear right now
I 'borrowed' a pair of my daughters the other day
which turned out to be the most evil ankle skin destroyers ever

I can't walk in these silver lovelies
........but that's not important
I can sit down in them brilliantly and casually lounge whilst drinking coffee though - win-win!!

I learned last month one should never, ever use wax strips not designed for your face
I used a bikini wax strip, the rip was eye- melting
my upper lip was numb for 3 days and I had a very attractive facial rash
I was hopeful it may have ripped out the follicles
sadly no

mine magically reappear when I check my lipstick in the car and I'm without tweezers
it's as if they know

I'll have to go
I have a single black jigsaw piece with a sad face on my laptop dash

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week! 
I loved your comments on my last post!
see you soon 


Friday, 19 September 2014

The 'don't judge me' library book

Many years ago I had a serious Mills and Boon habit.  I loved them.  Not the medical ones, or historical ones, noooooo,  I liked the Chad/Brad/ Max stories full of rippling muscles, a steely glare, heaving bosoms and many, many questionable plots.

Then I always, always  loaned one extra book which was never read, it would be something very, very clever,  it was my 'don't judge me' book (as in; Why yes! I do love a dodgy, fictional romantic novel, but I also am an avid lover of 'insert clever book here' *then pull a subject-closed face*)

I imagine the librarian was never fooled by this nonsense.

Mr F is back and has employed a full time, cuteness desk helper

Today I visited The Central Library

I like libraries, Mr F says they are 'egalitarian', I looked it up and agree.

I am an appalling reader though, just dreadful, my book of choice tends to be shallow nonsense,
which is absolutely fine
but I want to learn more 

I was sorely tempted to ask where the 'Mills and Boon' section was, 

The Velvet Rope
I was desperate to have a nose up there, but the power of the Velvet Rope stopped me in my tracks

I should have picked this up

I enjoyed a sharp gust from these air vents

I got 'Wicked Lady' because I thought the author was a tad harsh in his description, I want to find out more (I expect the book will be biased though)
Proust - the 'don't judge me' book (I read 2 and a half pages on the train home and had to put it down as it gave me a headache but I do like his writing, for example 'The alleged ''sensitivity'' of neurotic people is matched by their egotism' ouch!)
The Vintage Tea Party is a recipe and cocktail book with pretty pictures

What I wore

*Excited Voice*
We have Paloma tickets for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*goes off to run in a circle*

Thank you for your comments on my last post
you make me laugh,
 you make me feel wonderful,
isn't is just brilliant being part of this Blogging Sisterhood!!!

It's Friday, it's the weekend!!!!
D'ya fancy a dance?
lets do it!!!!!!!!!!

Ricky Martin - Livin' the Vida Loca


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nothing half a can of hairspray can't fix

I'm having a few moments, a few wobbles.  Mr F is away again, and last week it hit me, well.....thwacked the living daylights out of me, it's actually all a bit difficult, and I don't like admitting it. Because I am a sod like that.

Whiskers has gone AWOL, vets have been informed, details left everywhere and Mr F conducted a search party, I'm hoping Whiskers has had a massive hissy fit over the kittens and will be back when he has cooled down *fingers crossed*
Broken retainers, lack of tech know how to fix internet issues on one upset child's laptop,  Sassy B convinced there is something paranormal or a mouse under her bed, ....you get where I'm going, it's all actually nothing insurmountable really.

I just need to collect myself........a lot.

The weekend

Matte black nail polish is my favourite (at the moment that is.... next week it will probably be orange)

Sassy B taking the kittens for their first vaccinations

Little Jaffa is the sweetest kitten, loves cuddles or sitting by/on you.....her purrs are bigger than her

Crumble/ Miss Mischief
I adore her

 Today I did my hair

It didn't move

New city bikes and The Walker Art Gallery
it has been calling me

although there seemed to be a theme with my Art Observations today

Love and Passion

Pain and Anguish

The Funeral of Shelley - Louis Edouard Fournier

Distracted by a Historical Very Attractive Man


Then I take pictures in the bathroom......with enormous pencils

Hello! New Chazzed Bag, £12!!! exclamations for the price!!
I'm so tight I wouldn't normally, but I loved the patent and rose gold combination
and it's Zandra Rhodes, I have a designer bag
How Fancy!

So, onwards and upwards.  In the Grand Scheme of Things this really is all of a nonsense.  

except for the paranormal/mouse situation under Sassy B's bed
and Mr Whiskers disappearance 

Thank You for all of Your Lovely Comments on my last post too,
You are Awesome!


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