Friday, 30 August 2013

3 interviews and a party

I got me a job! call- centre, 15 hours! perfect!
I had an pre-interview by a recruitment agency, 2 spelling tests, another interview with another company and today was the actual interview, another spelling test, a speed typing test and they still deemed me fit for employment.  I have a mad training week next week, but I am excited.

I really want to thank everyone for your kind words and encouragement, it was truly helpful.

me and the old girl complete another adventure

I do like adventures with clothing/accessories,
 I got this skirt 4 years ago. It was my 40th and Mr Foxy had take me to a picturesque hotel in Wales for the weekend.
We were drinking on the patio area when a minibus arrived.
Lot's of  very scantily dressed people, age 30+, broke free from the back of the bus,
Mr Foxy had gone to the bar, and I was approached by a very flirty woman,
she chatted away and I informed her I wasn't with the party.
She looked a little aghast and left sharpish

I don't know what type of party it was

but we weren't invited
it still makes me snigger
my glitter shoes
I got them for £5 years ago
I LOVE them
they leave a little glitter wherever I go

Tomorrow is party time, not for me.
Our eldest is 19
whaaaaat! seriously!

family are round at 6pm, her friends are round from 8pm
they have pre-drinks and leave to go out at 12
their drinks are in, vodka, amaretto and prosecco

whatever happened to snakebites and mad dog 20/20?
and if you were a bit posh, red witch
(these were all cheap, lager/cider mixes and 20/20 was a sort of  fortified wine, ya know to be a little fancy)

see you soon
thanks again for your continued support
I am genuinely touched


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New glasses and interviews

I have an interview today and tomorrow,  as I haven't had an interview in years, it's probably best I do them at once.

I have new glasses, and as usual, every single time I do this, I fall in love, they have diamante detail, they are tortoiseshell, catseye gorgeousness, and a whiff of Dame Edna Everage, perfect.
I get them home and go off them.  Every time.

Nonetheless, I will soldier on.  My bag, the poor old girl is ancient and in retirement, I really love her.  We got together years ago at a charity second hand bag event.  I have taken her everywhere, sadly her handles are becoming loose and I don't whether places exist to fix this, if anyone has advice, please share.  Until then she is used rarely and carefully.

2 old bags - ba boom!

Formality makes me gurn (pull silly faces), I am going to be on my very best behaviour
and say interesting things
haven't thought of any yet

Must remember not to do this, but really what is wrong with showing some frock-age?
I am wearing sensible Mary-Janes, patent leather with a bow, and battered at the back

I haven't thought of anything else that is important for an interview

I will let you know the summary of my interview's
my mantra is
think before you speak

see you soon my lovelies

Monday, 26 August 2013

The best laid plans of mice and men

I like this a lot

It describes today, a free music festival in Sefton Park.
I thought this was a top day out, a dead cert,  bands we have heard of, stuff to do, picnic, play out, nice weather on a British Bank Holiday. Kids will love it..............................................................................

this is a visual interlude
Probably Wales

.........................................................anyway, there was some fun and bands, I saw a bit of The Christians, Rebecca Ferguson and I heard Soul II Soul as we got lost and it took us an hour and 20 minutes to find the car.

(I would like to say the Festival was amazing, loads to do, lots to see, a few stages holding different bands - I would go again without the Misses or when they were in the mood)

Little Miss-ette had really had enough - I have the scary look of a repressed Mama on the edge 

Genuine evidence of some fun

Also today was our 9th Wedding Anniversary, traditional gifts are Willow and Pottery, fragile looking things that are tough, oh the irony, except I'm not really fragile looking, so more of an Alanis Morresette irony.

We ran away to Gretna Green in Scotland in the original Blacksmith's, it's about 400 years old

As we are traditional, our daughters were bridesmaids
although all the little girls were dressed as bridesmaids
We were part of a tour,
 we didn't see a load of tourists behind the velvet rope

meet Roland, my wig

We have been out for something to eat and all is well, next year we go back to re-new our vows as it will be 10 years, another wedding dress for me as I haven't a hope getting that one back on, I know this as I occasionally get it out to clean in, un-zipped, very good for sweeping the floors.

I hope this hasn't been a difficult read
my brain is quite tired and my stomach is full
which means I am most incoherent

You are all most lovely though
till next time 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Cult of Domesticity

This was real, and happened in Great Britain and the USA in the 19th Century, 'true women' had to encompass 4 virtues;
piety, purity, submissiveness and domesticity
As this was only for rich women, I would not have been a 'true woman'
thank feck for that

A very rare night out/in

Overdressed? what a silly word, I am appropriately dressed

I met up with women I worked with, we had a  great night in.  I drank sangria and white wine.....I woke up to my make up all over my pillow (although that is not unusual, I can't be bothered sometimes)

Good times, and then the crashing boredom of domestic duties for today.  A visit round the supermarket can infuriate me, why do groups of people block aisles? but I also love it, I spot an elderly lady with 3 huge bottles of bleach and an apple pie,  I get advice from lovely people on how to cook scallops (never tried them, so I bought 2, I thought they tasted like cauliflower), I am looking for cooked ribs, a lady overhears me and tells me she is waiting for them, she buys them every week for her Mum, we chat.

I was flagging a bit and found this

FRUGO- contains chokeberry and pitahaya - never heard of either but it was a little like prune juice
revived me no end

I wore this today and proceeded to drip butter from my scallop down the front.
I'm such a catch
I refused to go to a restaurant on a first date with Mr Foxy because of these things
Instead I said 'why don't we go and see George of the Jungle?'
It wasn't on as it was a matinee and probably aimed at children
We saw 'I know what you did last summer' turgid stuff
I threw popcorn at my face (which Mr Foxy delicately removed) and we got told off for talking
We left early
I showed off and jumped down some steps and fell over

and, I got a second date

This is how I look, clearly unable to contain my excitement over the thrill of cleaning
or maybe not

I am off to battle

See you all, have a great weekend, I hope you have fun/chill/sleep
whatever you want 
I hope you get it

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

You don't need plus fours when you have cowboy boots

I have a belief that all of us have talents, something we do for the first time and we are brilliant at.

 The first time I played golf at a driving range I realised golf isn't my talent (as well as pottery, any sport, cooking, gardening, hair, singing, acting - this list goes on) however this doesn't diminish my optimism at all.  This year at our local park we had an archery taster session, I was there, kids were good and I bounced up obviously ready to show my awesome powers, I had to ask the poor embarrassed man what I need to do about my huge bosom which kept getting in the way, predictably  I was rubbish.

My current attempt at crochet

It's meant to be square

Saturday, charity shopping, my flipping hair was playing up, the bag I got in Wales (yup, charity shop)that I fell in love with 

Monday, a farm, what is wrong with my hair? the handle fell of my bag, bugger,  Missy looking divine in her 50's effect charity shop number

Today we went the driving range, my cowboy boots I love, my automatic nerf gun I love too, my hair has been attacked and forced into straight submission 
I love my cowboy boots, they are a size 4, once upon a time I believed all new shoes were sore and had to be really really broken in, it never occurred that maybe I actually was a size 5

and I am allowed to vote

Tasty golf shot

On a positive note to the world, I have produced an intelligent lot.  My eldest passed her 'A' LEVELS, blinking nora I am so proud, she's off to University in September (staying at home) and is the first woman ever in my family to do so.  She has also learned to use a tin opener this week (she won't be happy I shared that!!!)

do share your talents, I am always in awe of talented people
I think it would be lovely to turn your hand to something
(so to speak)

See you soon you awesome bunch of lovliness

Saturday, 17 August 2013

It all ended on Aberystwyth Promenade on Friday

Possibly a little foreboding on Monday morning that we couldn't get tickets online for the 'Green Man - the day tickets were for residents - so we decided we would turn up on the day and hope for the best, cute children, me frocked up and pleading smiles....... and fingers crossed.

We set off.

After some stomach churning single track mountain roads, where a look down to a sheer drop rendered me a little 'nervous', we arrived.  An un-marked road led to another narrower un-marked road, the sat-nav had expired and given up.  We found it because of a wind farm generator.

The people were actually lovely, their farm seemed a little un-kempt but still off we went to find the yurt.

the flies were no extra charge

plaited animal hair

the yurt

It was a little, ahem, filthy, really fecking filthy, and had a stinky yurt -stink that impregnated every fibre.

I have camped lots before, I expect bugs, uncomfortable nights, mud and rain.  I also hope for clean facilities.

 I did the usual clean it up malarkey and invented the 'nature shower', we were secluded enough to use our state of the art shower/bath

So we all decided to have fun, get on with it and enjoy the surroundings.  Wales is a beautiful country and has spectacular scenery, our neighbours were very friendly goats who came to see us every day at about 5pm.  We built fires and trounced about.  Some excellent charity shops gave us goodies (4 brooches in all for £3.50, a fab bag for £1.99 for me)

Our view, gorgeous, and at night we saw shooting stars and constellations

the camera photo-shopped me

Mr Foxy and the orb

Little Miss-ette and Missy got the big bed

We did lots more, but I don't want to overload you with pics 

But this is where it ended
Aberystwyth on Friday
 Missy became upset over the thought of returning to the yurt, I got it, I hope I'm not going to bum everyone out but it really had gotten to us.

So we packed up and left at 8.30pm

No 'Green-man' and no Vix
Bugger and Feck

I hope I haven't depressed you all,
you don't deserve it 
much love


Sunday, 11 August 2013

See you in a week!

Exciting times,

 I am almost finished packing, tomorrow we go to the yurt in Wales, The Green Man festival is on, the most fabulous Vix is taking the awesome Kinky Melon Retro Boutique to the festival and we are phoning The Green Man tomorrow to try and get a day ticket for Sunday - I'm a squealing like a little happy muddy piggy.

I got a present from Mr Foxy yesterday, this does it for me, 'Atmosphere' is one of my favourite songs


On the back is a message from Russ
'I hope these tracks give your party a happy atmosphere, C.U. Love Russ Abbot'

Mr Foxy says I am sullying his music collection 

My Mum had a pre-birthday party as we are going away, it's her birthday on Wednesday, she is an amazing ball of energy and hates getting her picture taken

My Dad photo-bombed 

'Mum, can I put a picture of you on my blog?', this caused a whole lot of confusion mainly because I haven't told them I have a blog, and also because my Mum doesn't know what a blog is.
My Mum saw the Beatles in the original Cavern Club, you would have to get there early to get a good spot, there was always half an hour of jazz before they came on.  The brick walls streamed with sweat and alcohol wasn't allowed.  She did 'the stomp' and had a thing for Paul McCartney.  My brothers are called John and Paul, she used to say if I was a boy she would call me Ringo

We like bouncy castles, my cousin Michael and some of my family

We all go on the bouncy castle, its the Law.
There was a karaoke there, my sweetest football star relative sang beautifully, I murdered 'Purple Rain', 'That's Life' and 'Hallelujah'

My Dad asked me to stop singing

Very important holiday things

this isn't everything

Shoes! Minnie Mouse-ish with polka dot bows

Its cool enough for a petticoat, I was most happy
I will be back with photo's
My hair will be in a variety of distressing 'hairstyles' as there is NO electricity
my pin-curling abilities are at best dire

We are going to be making wicker baskets and  thatching sadly we can't forge a bronze sword as it's not on when we are there -Bugger, bugger, bugger

 See you all, you lovely amazing lot

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Procrastination is the thief of time

........apparently, but I get easily bored and am skilled in diverting my attention to other very important things, like photographing my pets and plucking my prickly eyebrows, and alliteration.

After seeing a nice nurse in a mobile unit at the Flower show on Sunday, she took my blood pressure ( I  gave her permission)and then she gave me that 'look', so me, 'is it high high?' (I am so medical), she insisted I saw my doctor asap and wrote down some numbers which meant nothing to me.  I then did the intelligent thing and googled the numbers at home.  Doctor was very nice, I saw him the next day, apparently alcohol and cigarettes are not good for you, so I promptly reduced my caffeine intake.  I am being churlish, I actually am having to be responsible *rolls eyes* pah

I don't know, really haven't a clue

Distracting myself from this nonsense, I decided my bosom needed some support, after picking up a few brassiere's, my bosom seems to be back in the 90's, I have spent time looking at my chest in a variety of angles and am very pleased.


I decided to cut my hair, my eldest shrieking 'why don't you go the hairdresser?', the little miss-ette did a grand job on the back.

Cookie posing, she shuts her eyes and looks at you, deliberately to be extra cute, she is adorable

Whisky (Sunday name Whiskers), he is a grumpy old man and can be easily annoyed, but when I sit on the end of the decking, he joins me and checks in 

Chocolate (on the right), she is the sweetest rabbit, she will visit often and enjoys being stroked, Shiner (Sunday name Moonshine) and her are best friends, shiner is less sociable, but she's cool

Her summer fur is all splodgy


I keep forgetting things, like where my clothes are from and stuff
But my dresses are all pretty much the same (Lindybop)
I did a clever thing and have sold almost all my old clothes from my old life
I don't have loads, but I will
I search vintage fairs, charity shops all over the place
in order to find the ones waiting for me
and I will

till next time my lovelies

Sunday, 4 August 2013

My hair is its own island

Its been a busy weekend, me and Mr Foxy sneaked out on Friday to 'discuss' our holiday- nothing to discuss, we are staying in a yurt in Wales, it's going to rain, the toilets are 50 metres away from the yurt, (compost toilets, don't even know what they are), solar showers, cooking facilities on a bus, it's our usual type of holiday.  Problem is this year I wouldn't mind a bit of electricity.

So sneaky, we so bad
Cookie (I'm trying to get her to pose)
She left, offended

Saturday, the car keys got lost (double -pah) while we were out, shamefully whilst we were looking for the keys I slipped into a charity shop to buy a pair of shoes (£2, couldn't leave them) I was dressed (in my warped mind)inspired by Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde but as there was a little drama I didn't get a photo.

my hair, every once in a blue moon, just works, it behaves and actually looks like I want it.  I was a little bit chuffed (hairdressers are even at a loss with it, once I went and a rather fabulous manageress type ordered my hairdresser to GIVE IT VOLUME, I left with a small cloud on my head and never went back) I cut my hair, which is probably why its a bit messy.
 I thought this dress was appropriate for today

it was the Knowsley Flower show, the usual stuff, dog shows, kids performing karate, morris dancers, rain, getting over charged by food vendors (me 'how much?' complain, complain)
Margi Clarke (Liverpool actress)
Nan scarf and a shocking bag

I'm off to start the packing
its extensive
everything from a tin opener to socks
and it takes a week

I have to love and leave you
take care