Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Oh Baby, It's been a blast!!! let's do it again!

Hello you Lovely, Lovely People!

As I write this, rather uncomfortably in my boob squeezing/armpit chafing dress, I was pondering the AWESOMENESS of you all,  so I feel it appropriate to say this to you beautiful people who read my blog and take the time to comment, you are an intelligent, hilarious and damn fine bunch, I'm very fond of you all.
*why no! I haven't been drinking........ yet, wink*

So, I offer a curtsy, and say a Big Thank You for reading my Blog
even though you know I don't post anything remotely intelligent/useful/thought provoking (Mr F describes it as 'frothy' - quite accurate ha!)
you still come back to visit me *goes misty eyed*

(professionally taught to cursty in Primary School where I also learned to Cha-Cha-Cha)


Here's to a wonderful night wherever you are and whatever you are doing
I will be celebrating my Nephews 21st in my parents house
 *fingers crossed the karaoke's out*

I give you a song to dance to
Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feelin'

So, I'll see you Next Year, you Foxy Bunch!!!!


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

On the Naughty List....................again!!!!

Naughty Peaches!
It's Christmas Eve! 
What are you doing?
There are chores to be finished
and you are sat there drinking

But wait! Who is this familiar Red Cloaked Legend admiring Peaches baubles?

Why It's SANTA!!!
and he's checking the 'Naughty or Nice' List,  who is in trouble???!!!

He delivers the festive news to a very shocked Peaches
'You are on the Naughty List.......again, now for you to redeem your naughty ways, get your flaming house sorted, and you'll get some Santa praise'
Ooh Matron!!!!!!
sneaky referral to Carry on Doctor



Merry Christmas All of you Foxy Lovelies!!!!! 

*Blows Big Kisses From Under The Mistletoe*


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Peaches' guide to the Work Christmas Party

Hello Lovelies!

Oh I know! there's lots of guides around at the moment! and I decided to have one too.

Mine is all about the Work Christmas Party.

And maybe ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek *shocked face*

(And probably because I am not going to any Work Christmas Parties this year)

You may consider these as guidelines, I wouldn't,as these are hard and fast rules
I have attended many Christmas parties over the years and one memorable event where Mr F's company had decided to invite 'the other half' of the employees for the first time ever.  Funnily enough, it was the only time they did it.

Anyhoo, let's get on with it!

No. 1 -  Always know how to arrive, 
you know you are the star of the workplace

No.2 - Glitter is absolutely essential
head to toe is always preferable,
 do it

No. 3 - Dance
(actually this is how I dance)

but this is how I want to dance
(but this can also be how you arrive, please see No.1))

No.4 - the Christmas Party Outfit should be memorable
having a high kicking entourage in a co-ordinating  ensemble is a must
....and FYI if I was ever going to wear shorts, it would be these

if you can't manage the entourage *sad face*
feathers will suffice, and, really, when you think about it, it will be divine with all of the glitter

No. 5 - know the letch and master 'the look'

'you wish'

then brush them off

you don't owe them anything, you are FABULOUS

all pictures should be severely edited (preferably by a free service such as Picmonkey)
even if at some point the warm lager or  faux Champagne has decided to freely evict itself in the festivities, you will always look magnificent

 I leave you fore-warned and fore-armed

now go have fun!


see you soon!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Get your blog on woman!!

Hello Lovely People!! I hope you are all doing blooming wonderfully!

It's been a little busy, bizarrely since I no longer work and am a full time housewife I am even busier, how does that even work?..... Really, I should be relaxing excessively......and eating cake. A lot of cake.


Of course, it's our house, which means I don't seem to have a 'normal' or even 'regular' week.  Mr F had to go into the loft to retrieve the Christmas decorations, we have been visited apparently by an army of rats.  Who left a whole lot of  fecal evidence.  The unpacking of the decorations was met with a whack-a-mole approach and genuine terror.  Edit; the exterminator came round the next day, only because it was £50 cheaper and I'm tight, he confirmed there has been an infestation of rats *clutches chest in a Scarlett O'Hara manner*  he also informs us that mice can get through a hole the size of a pencil and kindly leaves lots of deadly poison.

I'm still wearing clothes though, and remembering to photograph them
Happy Dress
(there is a slight possibility the camera is on it's last legs,  of course it is haha!)

left over material created a little sister
I'm a little obsessed with skirts at the moment and have decided to make them
they are all MASSIVE and very full
I like it! 

This one is fully elasticated and could fit me and a football team in it

this one (like happy's little sister) has a front waistband and elasticated back
I haven't made a waistband before
or an elasticated back
or a skirt for that matter

But then I haven't even posed with a mahoosive pom-pom before

more skirt fabric
Littlest has claimed the middle, I have already made the left

I'm still in the chazza's
a cashmere jumper for under £4!
table sale gloves and pretty earrings

mastering the art of appalling hair and fuzzy photo's whilst showing absurd amounts of dust on the almost broken record player

The unthinkable happened

Our bedroom carpet was replaced
which meant everything bar the emptied wardrobes had to be evicted from the bedroom
Dear Readers...................
emptying it was truly awful
(Mr F politely informs me he did most/all of the work, I'd like to add that occasional supervising is a very difficult and exhausting task)

But on the positive side
we re-arranged the room
to make it more me-friendly

I bought a onesie 
and currently like  a couple of 1 Direction songs too
who am I?
Mr F does says I look like a ribena berry in it though

the kittens favourite place

Our wonky tree

Cookie loves Papa bear
Mama bear is not happy whatsoever

I'm laundering Santa's outfit 
*fingers crossed, I hope he visits*
excited squeal 

I mounted Santa on Rudolph

I still have to return my books to the library, I already owe a £6 fine! what's even worse is I haven't read the books, I realise Proust isn't my bag at all (if I have to re-read a sentence in anything I'm not a fan, it's taught me if anything that being as shallow as a puddle isn't a bad thing, my family who are all avid readers accept me for who a I am *wink*)
I'm still not smoking.
And still exercising 5 days a week.  My backside is like steel! Ha!

Joining in with Sacramento and Share-in-Style - Free 
and Anne: Crazy legs

see you soon Lovely People