Thursday, 29 January 2015

Vile Mangy Lurgy-itis

Hello you Lovely Lot!

Vile Mangy Lurgy-itis (VML) has struck me down. It really should be a medical term, symptoms include feeling bleurgh and the 'thinking' part of your brain shutting down.  Which is quite unfair really as thinking is actually very important.  As a result this is what has been going on in my head.


It's like white noise in there.

Bourbon? on a school night? after a jog? VML symptoms?

*worst. decision. ever*

The Fake Hair Fear 

This is what happens when I deal with a very snotty, condescending and patronising Supervisor when  getting a travel insurance quote for my Mama's holiday.

It is Game On and I will take you down.

I have instructed my children to inform me of any facial/chin/neck hair situations I may miss.

Mr F nails the outdoor 'let's get rid of VML' look

I nailed 'Grim'

See you soon and thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post 


Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Searching

Hello Lovely People!! I hope you are all doing well.

Sometimes in life you gotta put them big boots on, and get on with it........yep, that's my Philosophical approach this week.  Lets face it Readers, I'm no Plato.

Parents who have an opportunity to actually GO OUT 
I tried on my daughters heels
which I wore very successfully for 10 whole minutes

This outing has put us on new dizzying heights of going out in the evening twice in 6 months

Demonstrating we really don't get out much
for reference; I had a large glass of white wine and a pint of Hobgoblin, Mr F had 3 pints of Real Ale stuff.............. we are pathetic

Literal Demonstration

My parents came round for their bi-annual sorting out of financial stuff
I'm in charge of it
My parents do not like telephones (unless it's family calling)
My Dad on the phone is adorable
My Mum provides a hilarious running commentary while I'm on the phone
this is how it rolls, in this instance Home insurance quote;
Operator-'Have your parents had any criminal convictions?'
Me - 'What!, no, they haven't, and they are not criminals'
My Mum, who is on the couch listening then shrieks 'what are they talking about, Criminals? *reaches a piercing level which sets all the dogs off in the neighbour-hood*

and yes, that's my phone cover

Fuzzy pics
'cos you all know I'm crap at taking them

We had about 25 minutes of snow

MIL has asked us to look after a very special grave from now on,
it took 2 days to find it,
instructions - when you get there, it's on the left,  the picture below is the 'left'
(The grave contains Mr F's brother who died just before his first birthday from complications from Measles and encephalitis, it is unbearably sad.  He is buried with his Grandparents.)
I appreciate and understand the relevance and importance of being asked.  
MIL is taking care of business.

I took quite a few pics for reference
I then looked through them, 
Then I see Orbs and completely freaked myself out
Mr F reckons it is rain, they are not on any other pics

I believe in ghosts
I've seen a couple

The beading on the left cardigan is exquisite, the buttons need some attention, but 2 beautiful pieces of knitwear for under 8 quid! Viva la Chazza's!

£12 worth of fines
because I am an idiot

The cemetery where Mr F's brother is also contains my maternal Grandfathers family
I have been once and remember a rather grand Memorial
I couldn't find it
I'm researching possibilities 
It's a long story about my Grandad,
 not mine to tell though

It was ruddy freezing
armlets and a cape?
bits of bare flesh

 Irony of ending a post called 'The Searching' is my internet connection is currently searching for Internet Access............

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, You Are Gorgeous!
and thank you for reading!

See you soon

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hedonism, gaudiness and Zsa-Zsa

Hello Lovely People!

Thank you so much for your comments and concern regarding my MIL (mother-in-law), you are all wonderful!.  She now has a new shoulder and is recovering, a care package has been organised and apart from visits, we are almost back to normal.

I love that you all loved the Playboy bus too (last post), now I could tell you what it was really like or I could leave it to your vivid and glorious imaginations.  I will say that this, the Playboy bus was ever so slightly disappointing as it didn't have the two dancing poles it had on my Dad's 70th birthday bus. Apparently it had something to do with people using them inappropriately, or as I like to say correctly.

I have a deep love of fake hair piece's
(with my Liverpool accent I have to say 'hairpiece' very, very carefully, I say 'hair' like 'her and 'piece' like 'peas')
 excessive sparkles 
and a polo neck
it's the 'whack it on approach'
can you lift your head and neck easily?
then you aren't wearing enough,wear more darling, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picmonkey nonsense 

What do you mean it doesn't snow in your house?

Always skilled at taking crap photo's

Mr F loathes, I mean loathes these booties
I think they are just adorable!

Kitsch cocktails
(if it stains your white gloss paint, and tastes like cough medicine you are on the right track)

However this is where I'm at right now
this isn't like a normal bowl however, more like a trough 
it's bigger than my head

my 3 followers

I'm back on the excercise wagon
A Hedonistic lifestyle does not suit me at all
it's a damn shame

and if you are considering an excercise regime
I highly recommend this
Zsa-Zsa Gabor - It's Simple, Darling
you will need 2 very buff helpers of course
and a wind machine,
This is 8 minutes that will enhance your life

it seems I've been doing it ALL wrong
thank you Ms Gabor

I do hope you are all having a FABULOUS week
gosh darn it, you are magnificent!
how do you do it?

see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Happy New Year to you all!!

I hope your 2015 has started wonderfully well and is treating you brilliantly.

A quick one from me, my Mother-in-Law (MIL) is currently recovering from falling over twice over the festive period, she wasn't partying she insists, I have my doubts ; ) - it's a little hectic at the moment but luckily nothing is very serious (she may disagree with me, actually she would disagree with me!)
MIL is expecting an operation on her broken shoulder soon, there is a lot to do.
She remains to be magnificent and accepting goodies and treats (we decided if she had lots of treats she could do a little bartering for special treatment)

I'm not being glib or rude.  I find in any situation where a loved one is poorly, the last thing you want is a sombre face.  Listen, love, reassure and try and laugh. Sometimes you just need to laugh at nonsense, it releases emotions that need to be freed.  I learned this from my family.

I'm going to be a little late replying, respond and posting for a bit.  Hope you don't mind.

This was New Years Day
with my family, 
we have no shame

See you soon!