Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mr Sinatra

.......I'm quite partial to him.
Today started as a 'meh' day - hormones (meh), and a 'nearly job' (double meh)

 I am on a career break, much needed after 5 years and 2 months of working as a Teaching Assistant in a High School, I worked with lots of students with many different needs, also gained an NVQ III after working weekends/most evenings for about 5 months (and with help of one particularly wonderful colleague, legend!) I worked with students who were wickedly funny, astute, wise, sometimes distracted and drove me mad! I adored them and I miss them, they taught me so much and gave me great hope for our future.

One day maybe I will talk more about it, but I know I'm a lucky person, I have had a break and a chance to breathe again.

I'm also someone who gets fed up feeling 'meh'

A superhero arrived in the nick of time

with her trusty musical sidekick

Suddenly all was clear

That's life
You are right Frank
it all comes out in the wash
so, I raise my glass of water and say Hurrah!

Hurrah, I am still employable!
Hurrah! to superheroes and trusty musical sidekicks all over the world 
and Hurrah to all you lovely lot who are supporting my fledgling blog

also I would like to introduce you to my eldest, she suggested/insisted I put this approved photo on
 my children are not shy

I hope you are all well 
you are indeed a lovely lot
till next time

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Gentle Sounds of Bill McGuffie

.......is a real LP, it was advertised on the back of my Hawaiian LP I bought yesterday....I had to share

I was hanging out with Dolly (Parton), having a hula when the eldest wanted to put her hair extensions in my hair, fake hair makes me happy - when I'm older my ambition is to have a cupboard full of wigs, I can't think of anything more exciting!



I had a great night with hubs, we drank mango absolut vodka and we had too much fun (and too 
much vodka)
my arch of twinkles
twinkles makes me happy too!

today I look like this, grim, I decided me and mango vodka can no longer hang out socially anymore

the weather looked like this, naturally we went out for a BBQ

I'm very fond of these people

this is at Otterspool Prom, I like being by the sea

when it rains, play in it!! my eldest is about to body surf here, she's nearly 19! she knows how to enjoy herself, Missy and the youngest Miss-ette were rain dancing

It has been a wonderful day

I'm off now to actually do real cleaning........ think of me :(

see you soon my lovelies

Saturday, 27 July 2013

oooooh I do like a good charity shop

I do................., today we went to Prescot town centre, its 7 miles away from Liverpool.

the journey begins (i'm a little excited despite my surly face)

I dyed my hair purple last night, I'm not sure exactly where the purple is, I then decided as I was a darker colour to style my hair like Hedy Lamarr - that didn't work either!

Charity shops!!
Missy wanted 5 inch wedges, luckily there were no diva demands (as if!), she was happy with a book and some thread art, my youngest couldn't find anything.

we found historical stuff
   apparently Prescot had the only documented free standing Elizabethan theatre outside of London, the local nobles were patrons of Shakespeare
built 1614 

the charity shop here were good to us, I got 1 cardi and 2 jumpers for £4.50, a yellow 1980's Binatone phone for £2.99, 2 vinyl LP's for £1 (Dolly Parton and 'songs of the islands' by Kana Kapiolani & his Hawaiins) happy mama!

I leave you with these images
we looked, there wasn't any around, so so disappointed

I loved this 
I have an immature/smutty sense of humour (long may it continue!!)

I also discovered a book, I didn't photograph it
apparently as I am getting on a bit I have a fight on my hands
I have to fight ageing 

it was a miserable book,  although I then imagined myself in a Zena outfit for general day to day wear and felt much better, I'm off now to hula dance, I am wearing a kaftan and am ready to roll.

Have an amazing day, you lovelies
see you soon

Thursday, 25 July 2013

So, what school are you going to?

...............my daughter said, gingham is go-to summer schoolwear here, but you see I love gingham, even the word!. This dress is one of my favourite's, its loose and perfect in the heat.  I optimistically put a petticoat on and flounced about until I melted and my pin curl exploded.

wow, that belt really doesn't match

a selfie (oh yeah, Mama said 'selfie')

serious Mama face

dress; Laredoute
Belt- dotty perkins
feet - my own

Do you have a favourite dress/outfit? One that may not be everyone's cup of tea but to you is perfect

until next time my lovelies

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Come in we're open!

My children broke up from school today and naturally I have put them to work! After an alarming amount of photo's punctuated by pleas of 'be natural', 'be sassy', 'please don't do that' etc and of course a sit down and a cup of coffee, I decided I had at best 3 photos that were passable and  hopefully not going to frighten people, children or pets.

Of course, my kitchen is a messy fright but I have been wilting under the oppressive (in my mind it's Tennesee Williams sultry ' A streetcar named desire') heat.

I don't wear shoes much

thank you for visiting!!

brooch-table sale
feet - need a pedicure

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

After much indecision, apathy and general 'who would want to read this?' I decided if anything I will make my husband and children indulge me and read my awesome (ahem,  I jest haha) adventures.
There will be outfits, pets and general life stuff and I am expecting my children to be overwhelmed with pride, particularly the older ones and because of my blogspot address  I will be entitled to a VIP lifestyle which will include luxuries such as a nice cup of coffee made for me by someone else.   I am giddy with anticipation, welcome aboard you lovely lot.