Monday, 1 June 2015

Red dress blues

Hello there! how are you? it's June! how did that happen?

After free-styling my dresses I have come to the painful conclusion I need to buy a dress pattern.  I have bought one before, a 'very easy to sew' in the wrong size (they have different sizes! who knew?) and I spent days flummoxed over the complicated everything, but then, I can't read maps, nor can I follow instructions.  Actually I don't have a sense of direction either, once upon a time my brother and I drove to a part of Liverpool we weren't familiar with, got lost and almost ended up in North kidding.

Look at Austin Powers face behind me!
perfect timing,

My absolute nemesis is making a dress bodice

my darting gave me pneumatic boobs 

they were ironed out and this is the final dress,
hat chazzed for 1 whole pound and an old belt
(petticoat has been pinched from youngest daughter who doesn't wear it so technically it's mine)

'posing cat  school of excellence'

loves bags

Queen Cookie,
likes to lick human noses, 
gets quite whiffy after eating cat food. 

My 3 friends
meet coriander/lime/ chilli salsa, pesto and chimichurri,
and my new julienne stripper

possibly the reasons why my waist hasn't shrunk,
despite not eating bread (so, so cruel)
I'm whacking that stuff on everything else.
I like food.

Also currently obsessed with Rachel Khoo,
she is divine,
 I can watch food programmes all day long
I like looking at food, I like eating food and I like thinking of food.

Half-term and our 1 day out!
1 day!
teenage sloth has permeated the house,
activities include 'chilling'
..............actually that's pretty much it

Some of my knitwear,
gone to the loft,
Summer will be arriving soon!

Giving my hair and skin a break,
wearing 2 types of fake hair here

Love me some fresh flowers

My clip-ons

Chazzed - immaculate, brand new and £6.50!!!!!!!!!!1

Ms Rachel Khoo,
even her kitchen is fabulous

Finally, a big Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post!!!

see you soon!!


  1. That's a very nice outfit. Dress, belt and hat suits you very good!
    LG Carolin

  2. you look seriously stunning in that red dress! I love how perfect it looks on you, especially when paired with that belt...and the red hat is quite lovely....outfit as a whole looks a bit retro to me and I love such I'm always enamored with red.... red is such a dynamic colour!

    I'm a foodie so I get you...I try to take photographs of my dishes ( I work from home so I cook at least two daily) but I'm so impatient I hardly ever manage to do it....I loveeee to eat!

    your cats are super cute...nice to get to know a bit more about them...cats usually have such distinct personalities and that may be why I will always be their fan.

    6 pounds for converse...that's a good price. Here they cost more like 50 pounds which I think is ridiculous for a piece of denim and rubber so I had no problem picking up a cheep copycat version in outlet store.

    thank you for your visit and sweet comment.

  3. I don't know how to use a sewing machine so I can't offer any technical advice, but I would suggest reading lots of sewing blogs, especially as quite a few patterns require an FBA (full bust adjustment) and there are lots of experienced people on the internet these days (gawd bless niche blogging!) -- check out

    What's your julienne peeler like? Mine is rubbish so I've been looking out for a new one.

    Your kitties are sooooo cuuuute.

    1. Hi Anna! thanks for the sewing advice, necessary and needed! my julienne peeler was from amazon, it's called an oxo good grips easy peeler, it's sharp! does carrots really well, not so much cucumber and white cabbage though, thats all I've tried so far (extra crunchy stuff for wraps) but it's pretty sturdy, actually that's an awful review isn't it! check amazon though, loads of reviews for lots of julienne strippers x x x

  4. So teenagers in the northern hemisphere spend all their time "chilling" too?!?
    What are you doing today? Chilling. How about tomorrow? Chilling. What did you do at the party? Chilled. Got any homework? Nah, just chilling.
    We're so chilled around here I think we could well be bringing on another ice age!

  5. That dress is fantastic. When I get stuck I google the problem and there's always some amazing YouTube tutorial to talk me through my cock up or I just chuck the pattern at Jon and he tries to explain.
    Great bargain with the converse & the hat. The cats are so gorgeous, all grown-up and snooty looking. xxx

  6. Love the frock - you do look smashing in red! I am in the process of making a jumpsuit which I suspect will look a total bugger, and I had to adjust the bust darts, they were far too high for my 50 year old post-breast feeding knockers. TMI? Sorry!
    Lime, coriander and chilli are three of my very favourite ingredients too. And your kitties are delightful little creatures - what is it with cats and bags or boxes?
    Oh how I love finding Converse at bargain prices in the chazzas - best price ever? £1.49. Yes, really, I was chuffed to bits! xxx

  7. Groovy baaaaby. Excellent job on the red dress. Patterns - love 'em, hate 'em. Each pattern should come with a YouTube tutorial. How hard would that be to make?! But I'm glad you got your hydraulics in gear in the bust area. Your cats are posing masters - I'm hunting for a new bag as I type. I'm glad your house is chill.

  8. OMG I watched that whole video and now I need to go and make those! And watch her program.

    Great find on the Converse.

    I'm looking for some hair pieces since yours always looks brilliant. Problem is I have to have them dyed to my colour. Pain-in-the-butt.

    I hope your kitties were awarded treats for posing like pros. The first photo needs to be on a commercial.

    Love the finished dress with all the accoutrements. Quite sassy.


  9. Fabulous dress, petal. Looks lovely on and the colour is lush. Great Converse find and as for those cats...bloody gorgeous they are.
    Do love Rachel Khoo. Possible that I have a crush on her and her kitchen.

  10. I love your dress. You did an excellent job. And Rachel Khoo. Isn't she just the best? Actually I think you two have a very similar style. I'm eagerly awaiting YOUR television show!

  11. I've never made a dress bodice, I'm a bit afraid to try! I think you did a pretty good job, for not having a pattern. My daughter is jealous of those converse, she would love a red pair!

  12. I love your fantastic red dress! Kisses Sandra.

  13. Your kittens have definitely graduated from the Cat School with excellence. They are perfect cats! :) Your red dress is gorgeous, love both stylings - especially with that amazing hat! You look like a dream!! Now just need some warm weather and a nice stroll by the marina, or perhaps a yacht ride? :)

    I think you'll conquer the world of sewing, my dear, you are so talented in so many ways. Look what you've done already - I always admire your self-sewn skirts and dresses!

    I'm like you with food, big time. :)

    Thank you for the kindest words, Sandra. We enjoyed meeting Dave so much - I just wish you lived closer! Say hi to dear Mr F, and hugs to you both!

    ps I also put away my Winter clothes just recently. Summertime!!!!! xxxxx

  14. Just watched this great video! How charming and unpretentious - love it, will be watching more of her!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Red suits you so well ,how clever are you making your own clothes! , how gorgeous are your kitties.and I love Rachael too ! Love her clothes she wears so retro ! Best wishes xxx

  16. The dress looks amazing on you! Loving your hair, too. xx

  17. Patterns ... I always think I know how to sew it better and disregard their instructions right up to the point when I've totally screwed it up and have to take it all apart and re-sew it the way the way the pattern suggested I should have done it in the first place. Smug so and so's. Yours turned out great, and looks wonderful with that petticoat! Technically, I believe you are right. ;)

    You really put your sweaters away for the summer? I can't be bothered for the one month I don't wear one. LOL

  18. Sewing can be a bitch can't it. I usually pin, try on, adjust, then sew as my bod is all out of proportion. I woke up one morning and I was 50, yeah I blame it on that age, and I had gained weight in places weight shouldn't be gained in, all in one nights sleep!!. So making a dress to float over those bits can be hair pulling scissor throwing swearing like a truckie moments. I haven't sewn much of anything of late, and I shall smack myself later! BUT, you look utterly fabulous in your frock, all ready for SUMMER. Must be on it's way as we have officially hit WINTER. xxx

  19. Looking gorgeous in red!

    I daren't hide my woollens away just yet. It's blooming freezing today, too.

    Loving your kitties. My Cobweb's getting on a bit now, her sight and hearing aren't as sharp as they once were, pretty much like mine (well they do say pets take after their owners). xx

  20. You look beautiful Sandra! And you are talented, do continue making your own dresses..maybe one day you can open up a shop selling retro outfits! :) P.S. I'd like some pesto please!!

  21. Lady in red! You always look gorgeous Sandra, and in fact your style is rather similar. I am always agog that she can cook anything in her tiny kitchen. Those pussy cats are just adorable. Always up to something. Oooh, I like the look of those jars full of flavour. I love food too. Xxxx

  22. Doh! Similar to Rachel Koo! Xxx

  23. i WISH i COULD SEND YOU WARM SUMMER , ahhhhhhhhhhh
    I dread summer too hot for me and too many tourists about.
    Thank you so much for keeping in touch, my lovely

  24. Your dress turned out beautifully in the end. You do suit that style, and very glam with the hat and glasses!
    Love your converses. What a great find.
    Your cats are such all cats are until you want them to. Well done on catching them looking cute and not licking their bum!
    Haven't the little ones grown!
    Wishing you sun...any day now :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  25. The red dress looks gorgeous! Well done.
    I love coriander ... so I have to try out this salsa!

  26. I love food too! And bread is my favourite food though I too mainly avoid it. I would eat too much of it and then there is my gluten intolerance issue. Anyhow, enough of that. The fur babies are adorable and that is the very best posing I have seen in a long time. You look fantastic in the red dress and I admire your ability to make dresses for yourself. I would have to alter the pattern to fit me properly and that intimidates me. I'd have to lengthen it all and I'd have to size up for my bust and then bring in the waist and hips. Or I could just sew a tent because it all seems like too much work to me. So, just keep on being fabulous because I like admiring you. xoxo

  27. Peaches, are you copying me by any chance? You know I'm a red addict...anything red I see I have to have it! Ha-ha, I'm teasing you. You look gorgeous in red, it really suits you. I wish you lived closer, I would cook for you everything you wanted. I love to cook and feed people but I myself don't eat much. I've always been like that. My mother used to say that I drove her crazy when I was a child because I wouldn't eat. She would spend hours trying to make me eat a morsel of bread with a piece of cheese...we didn't have much those days here in Sicily.

  28. Peaches, are you copying me by any chance? You know I'm a red addict...anything red I see I have to have it! Ha-ha, I'm teasing you. You look gorgeous in red, it really suits you. I wish you lived closer, I would cook for you everything you wanted. I love to cook and feed people but I myself don't eat much. I've always been like that. My mother used to say that I drove her crazy when I was a child because I wouldn't eat. She would spend hours trying to make me eat a morsel of bread with a piece of cheese...we didn't have much those days here in Sicily.

  29. Good job on the dress, you look great in red.Cats eh! Into everything, dogs have owners, but cats have staff!


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