Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The post that went on and on and...............

Hello Lovely People! I hope you are all having a cracking start to the week, it's still sunny here!

I haven't succumbed to tights yet, the only down-side to this is I still have to shave my legs on a weekly basis.

I feel I must warn you, this is an un-characteristically long post from me,

we can get through it!

I believe in you

This was after a stern conversation about who is Boss (me) and they shouldn't sit on the laptop because they press buttons and disable my internet
so they did this

These kittens clearly have no respect (or an understanding of what on earth I'm mewing about)

The Bombed Out Church in Liverpool
it's actually called St. Luke's and very precious to us in the City

Missy and I waited for Mr F to pick us up after an Orthodontist appointment

These are the sights around it

Hipster steps of the Bombed out Church
where cool people sit

not cool anymore as I sat there 
some people left

My attempt at the 'Competent Parent' Look for the girls Open Day on Friday
Me; 'Hmmmm, yes, yes, well done Missy/Littlest' 
and 'How lovely' etc etc etc (they both got wonderful reports)

I nod approvingly and look at children with a Proud Parent Face

and then I feel the need to confess to the teacher I was kicked out the choir for miming/being unable to sing

Wins 'Worse Pose Ever'
why thank-you

Look at Jaffa
she's a Queen

 Lets stop shall we and  have a break
d'ya fancy a cup of coffee or something a little stronger?
ok, no problem

we're nearly there

 Saturday DIY
with gloves

this wallpaper melting spray is genius, but will destroy nails

Littlest bedroom needed re-plastering, the artex ceiling had blown spectacularly
no-one wants to wake up to an artex blanket

Decorating done in the Strictly Come Dancing/Freestyle method

I decided I don't like the feature wall in my bedroom
so it went

Sassy B's necklace
We went out for Sushi

Liverpool in the Night

Cookie modelling my old bag, rediscovered during all of this decorating nonsense

Accurate portrayal of how pissed off she is right now
she isn't getting along with the kittens
despite endless loves, cuddles and pampering
she is furious
(I'm worried, and Whiskers is still AWOL) 

Something lovely happened though
I have a modern machine
it works

The Very Nice Youtube Sewing Tutorial Lady says you must spend time together with your new machine

oh you!

*wipes tear* I know...... bobbin

that sewing machine is hilarious

 Newly plastered room

Of course there is plaster everywhere

But, if you made it through, Bravo!
I knew we could do it!

Thank you for your gorgeous comments on my last post too!!!!!!

I have a date with my laptop and some gorgeous Blogger ladies tonight
see you then!


I will be joining in with Sacramento's Share in Style; Autumn


  1. Well you just never stop. When! I'm exhausted just reading about it. And you still manage to look extra gorgeous through it all and HEY Girlfriiend!!!! I just got the SAME sewing machine!!!! Did yours come with an instructional CD? Oh if it did you MUST watch it. It is hysterical! I can't wait to see the lovely creations that appear from your new machine. And KITTY come home, pleeeeeease!

  2. Phew! I'm worn out. Very pleased to see you looking fabulous throughout this epic post despite DIY and kitty invasions. Does nobody live in Liverpool? It looks worryingly empty. Maybe they kept the streets clear when they knew you were coming, like royalty!
    That sewing machine looks the business - can't wait to see some creations!
    Sad that Whiskas is still missing. xxxx

  3. Cute pics and lovely looks Sandra! Kisses.

  4. Oh those kittens!! Whiskers and Cookie are probably just annoyed cause the young ones are so naughty and using their cuteness to get away with it ... it's no fun when you realise you're past your prime.
    That sewing machine certainly looks the business ... and I expect all manner of amazing creations forthwith!!
    Good luck with the rest of the decorating ... I am awaiting the "after" shot with much anticipation ... you've a lot to live up to after the last bedroom decorating foray.

  5. Look at you! So much done, and just in one little-ish post too! The photo of your kittens on the laptop is priceless!! Love your accessories here - the scarf, the necklace, the purse. You look wonderful, and so is Liverpool! Congratulations on your new sewing machine - gosh you are the most tender and caring owner of one! :) Or was it just for the pics? ;) I wonder what will be the first project completed on this beauty.

    As always, great seeing your lovely daughters and all the renovations of your fun house. Hope your Whiskers will find the way home too!! Hugs! xxxxx

  6. Loving that blue on you and in general; what a great colour! The kittens probably sit on the laptop because it's warm. The photo of your girls with the kitten is adorable, and I hope Whiskers turns up soon. xx

  7. Oh My---I know one lady who is going to love that Brother Sewing Machine.... NEAT!!!!

    My favorite outfit of yours today is the black blouse and tannish /whitish skirt. Looks great on YOU.

    Sounds like the kitties are keeping you busy!!!!! Sorry that Cookie is still not FRIENDS with the babies.... Hopefully, she will come around soon. I hope Whiskers comes home soon!


  8. Wow! Sounds like a crazy week, but I think you looked fabulous for the school meeting! I sure hope Whiskers shows up soon, but the kittens are so cute! :)

  9. Gasp, gasp wheeze! Such a marathon! Kitties on the keyboard...perfection! Needs framing! You look extra great in swing skirts. Love your tweed purse! And your convo with the sewing machine..priceless! I know sewing machines are hilarious aren't they? I hope you are very happy together. Looks like a great start! Oh and that tulle(?) skirt is amazing on you. Thanks for your lovely comment on my Autumn post. Love you! Xo JJ

  10. You sashay through life and Liverpool with such aplomb! Redecorating, sewing, raising those beautiful girls and kittens - so elegant, so talented, so bloody hilarious!

  11. Awwww I love those kittinz. I hope Whiskers comes home, though, and awww poor Cookie feeling neglected. And ooh shiny new machine, I hope your old one doesn't feel too neglected either :)

    Liverpool looks so architecturally interesting, I love that funny tower with the winged ladies, and I had no idea you had such a fancy Chinatown gate, it makes the one in London look quite dull.

  12. My deares Peaches in polka dots, you are funny, beautiful,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I would love to meet you so very much

  13. I love how you share details of your everyday life, it makes me feel very close to you. Except if I were there, I would be sneezing all the time... I'm allergic to cats, which I adore and would love to have in my home!!! Sorry for Whiskers, but you know how they come back after a long time! I just love the outfit you wore for sushi dinner. In my house there's no wallpaper, guess why? Sending you tons of love my friend!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  14. Made it through to the end, go me!
    Oh those darling kitty pusses, "helping" in their own cute fashion... Look at Cookie's cross face. I'm sad that Whiskers hasn't returned...Yet.
    I've been to the bombed out church, we stayed further down the road in Chinatown when we came to Liverpool for the weekend.
    Love the frockage, the new sewing machine, the DIY, the posing, the proud parenting, everything. Keep it up, you, you're doing fab at being The Boss!
    PS. Are you still on for Walsall on the 18th? xxxx

  15. Oh my goodness you are so adorable, hilarious and BUSY! Sandra I would have to say you are COMPETENT! You are so uncool you are cooler than the cool people who are trying so damn hard to be uncool in a cool sort of way. Know what I mean? Sophie used to walk all over my key board when she was a kitten. She deleted things, sent things and typed messages in secret code. Poor Cookie. And I am so sorry about Whiskers. Maybe he has convinced another family that he is mistreated and unloved and has been adopted as a much spoiled only child.
    Of course I read the whole thing and of course you are the most fabulous woman in the blogosphere so how could I not!? I need my regular dose of oohhs and ahhhs and giggles but my goodness women I am exhausted just thinking about everything you get done. I mean, you go out and face the world with lips and eyebrows! Fabulous ones. I am much too tired to have lips and eyebrows.

    Enjoy your new machine. I am not on intimate terms with mine but I should be. I did buy some more bobbins recently though. It's a start.

  16. With a little therapy I managed to make it to the end. Bwa-ha-ha! You are hilarious. You found the perfect clips. I love your dancing-on-walls redecorating style. They need an Olympic event for that - you'd get gold. Love your blue dotted dress. Kitties on keyboards, in purses, in loving arms, how can we resist. I love your modern machine too. Time to get medieval with it. Make sure you get a Seam Ripper, it's my best friend. Thanks for the building shots too - I love architecture.

  17. I forgive you only because of the hilarious PDA with the sewing machine! You have been seriously busy haven't you?

  18. LOL.

    You are really getting comfortable with that sewing machine.

    All that decorating is making me tired just looking at it.

    Loving that yellow skirt with the stripes and big scarf. You really make being the perfect housewife and mother look so easy ; )


  19. I love stripping wall paper, I just hate having to clean up the mess!! You are so busy being a decorator at the moment, glad you still get out even if it is for parent teacher interviews stuff. I remember going to that at my boys high school, it was like speed dating!! I was so tempted to pretend that it was speed dating but I just don't think the teachers of an all boys school would have got it. I have a little Brother sewing machine and she is a sweetie, you have to love your machine and tell her how fabulous she is, you will get results!

  20. Oh my God, how i lovelovelovelovelovelovelove your cats! They are everywhere, and they are lovely! Of course as well as you in your outfits! Congratulations on your Miss Sewing Machine, I would love to have one and learn how to sew! I will, one day:))

  21. Love your style, and your girls are so cute too!

  22. Ah well, I thoroughly enjoyed your epic post! Got through it not trouble. Must have been all the eye candy. Pookie Kittiy babies! Love 'em, although I do feel terribly sorry for Cookie. Look at that face! Can't wait to see what the new machine is going to turn out. Should be good. Thanks for the pictures of your hometown, it's on my list of places to visit one of these years. You look utterly wonderful in that sushi outfit. Gorgeous! Xxxxxxxx p.s come back missing puddy cat...

  23. Bleedin' hell, I'm knackered. Your a burst of energy you are. Of course they aren't going to take any notice of you...they are cats and therefore rule you. I love that they are both squished on the laptop together. Look at Cookies face. What an expression! I hope Whiskers comes back soon.
    Ah, sewing machine lurve. Think of the things you can do together.

  24. haha! great post!
    i love the new wall!
    happy weekend,

  25. You are the queen of renovations, aren't you? You will show us the room after it's done i hope?
    Those cats aren't they precious? You know what they say about cats? You live in their house, they make the rules
    Great sewing machine, i should spend time with mine, but it's not as gorgeous as yours, mine lacks the wow factor, so bonding is difficult, when we need is communication!
    I love your yellow skirt and blue dress, those are great colors for you
    Glad you can stalk me on Instagram
    I'm going through bloggin withdrawls! Blogging is highly addictive i kid you not
    But you know never say never i guess, you never know!
    And i didn't submit to tights either, what a nuisance hey?

    Take care


  26. Thank you for the hugs, just popped in to hug you back!!

  27. oh your kitties are like mine they just don´t care about rules and love to sit on my laptop as well;) and i loooove your outfits, especially the blue polka dotted dress and i can see you and your sewing machine love each other ;)
    kisses, mary

  28. So sorry to hear Whiskers is missing, I think I agree with Shawna, he has probably moved in with another family with tales of daring newcomers upsetting his routine.

    Great to catch up with the goings on at yours and what a fab new sewing machine, you must have quite a collection now xx

  29. Preciosos gatitos, y tu estas guapísima con el vestido azul. Besitos

  30. Oh, dear Lady ... my eyes went straight to the sewing machine ... no, no .... this antique sewing machine !!! OMG !! Love, love it !!
      I was looking forward to having time to revisit blogs and you never disappoint ... Love your sense of humor!

  31. on and on and on and on ... but fun!

  32. Oh my you have been very busy Sandra ! love the post and all your outfits , I love those pink shoes, I want a pair !!! dear Sandra thank you so much for the kind words you left me on my stepdad passing , I was very touched xxx

  33. Nothing better than a big, long, huuuuge post to welcome you back after a bloggy break! You look fab, you make me feel so lazy, and I honest to god think you should be on the stage, you're so funny! x

  34. Dear Sandra, just thought I'd drop you a line to say I miss your posts and hope everything is well with you and your family. Have a wonderful weekend! xxxx


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