Monday, 18 August 2014

Peaches Intermission

Hello there Lovelies! I hope you are all blooming marvellous!

I am having a little break from blogging, for about 10 days, I thought I would let you know, please excuse me if I don't comment  It's 6 days to Gretna Green and our wedding vow renewal and predictably I am not remotely organised/ready/packed.  I haven't a clue what we are all taking, I haven't cut/dyed my hair, the underskirt of my dress needs unpicking (no petticoat room at the moment) the suitcases are still in the loft and my Dad doesn't know he's on cat and rabbit feeding duties yet ....all perfectly normal.

My Mum is like the Queen and had two Birthday Celebrations last week,
a deflating bouncy castle was hilarious to all of the Grandchildren

One of Sassy B's internet disaster dresses, there has been 2
(the only bridesmaid rule I had was the girls had to wear something that they loved and will wear again, she hated both)

Which meant we were out today shopping for her outfit
I realised when you shop with Sassy B, you really have to forget the concept of time,
find a couch, drink water and wait patiently

My infernal head piece 
I can't get it right
still unfinished

I will be linking in with fabulous Sacramento and The Share-in Style, Summer
Pictures taken indoors
as it was freezing (ok, not exactly freezing, but I am nesh)

I am also linking in with awesome Anne 52 pick me up; Goddess
I'm hoping for Divine help this week 

I'll see you soon!
Take care and I leave you with one of our songs on our playlist
School of Rock - it's a long way to the top 
I do like Jack Black

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Stop!........... Mama time.......

I do adore my family, I'm actually very fond of them but yesterday I informed Mr F I needed some Mama time (also known as sitting down with a cup of tea/coffee and catching up with you all in Blogland)
(if my children do read this of course I love you all very, very much, I lub oo, love you Te'rever, love you forever)
As it get's very busy in the Summer holidays with the kids insisting we 'do stuff', uniform shopping (which can be a wholly unbearable experience) blah blah blah, I can get a little stroppy and demand some time by myself, it's absolutely necessary! at times I need quiet like I need oxygen (oh, the drama!)

That's one of the Anthony Gormley 'Another Place' sculptures on the right
quite eerie but brilliant
and Wales, also in the distance
Liverpool is about 40 minutes away 
Wales is like a second home

The Brilliant London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Our version

I give you the cheapest Olympics in anyone's back garden
thrilling games such as the 'apple and spoon race',
'throw the ball in a bucket'
'throw the hoop on the umbrella stand'
and many other thrilling games

we sneer at danger

the 'lash the mallet' was a roaring success
(Disclaimer; first aid should have attended, unfortunately my First Aid certificate ran out years ago and was unable to provide medical assistance to Mr F who pulled a muscle however Little Miss who put her hands in prickly weeds was given piriton, allergy medicine)

Missy was the winner
Little Miss and Mr F joint second
I was the judge (I had a whistle and everything!)

Only because they are the cutest socks

Continuing the 'Cheap' theme
this whole outfit cost very little
a £1 skirt and a top made from an old dress (the bottom is now an underskirt)

I'm way into being festooned with flowers

and for Sue
my hand-cranked dress/top creation, which is now an undergarment for windy days
which technically means I am flaunting myself in my scanties
 it's scandalous

I had to adorn it though
the very idea of being unadorned made me feel positively faint

Sassy B taking the youngest to a fancy, swanky burger place
it's her turn,
the younger ones are growing at a rate of knots 
both their feet have grown 1 size in the last few weeks

Thank you for your concern and sweet comments regarding Little Miss's broken arm
she has been a trouper and is doing marvellously, Missy's tummy bug was a 24 hour one,
my maniacal bleaching of bathrooms may have prevented further outbreaks

I do hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week
.....hang on, it's Wednesday!
where is the time going??
Have fun and I'll see you soon, you delicious bunch! 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hyacinth goes to the gym

It seems when you put me in unusual-for-me clothing (gym stuff), an unusual environment (the gym) and an introduction by a professional to gym equipment I turn into Hyacinth Bucket.

Hyacinth Bucket
Keeping up Appearances

For Example; the instructor
1.'this piece of machinery is very good for the bum, it works larger muscles and burns more calories'
2.'women find this hard to do as they don't have great upper body strength'
3.'this is great for bingo wings'

me, replying
1. I'm not prepared to run
2. really? *tries equipment*, I think this is actually quite easy (I'm a contrary mare)
3. gives haughty/appalled look to instructor and watches while he uncomfortably looks for me to smile, I didn't

I couldn't help it, the poor man probably has a very successful banter with women of a certain age coming to the gym for the first time in a while (*cough* decades for me) and I just stood there stiffly, not amused, my bingo wings are not to be discussed in public! where is the decorum here? and where was my sense of humour? pah!
Nonetheless, I have been back and with a sense of humour, you need one, it's brutal!

Mr F's top
Sassy B's leggings 
Sassy B's trainers
I'm lunging

it turns out flying a kite is an extreme sport
poor Little Miss ran backwards, fell and broke her arm
it's a buckle fracture and doesn't require a cast, she has a kick ass splint instead

with a glamorous sling

We're off to Gretna soon
I needed something to wear for breakfast

I used binding on the neckline.......binding!!
Me and Ms Hand crank are bonding, she likes binding

I'm making my headpiece

Belated birthday shoes from Sassy B

Charity shopping

And this happened

In a charity shop, I spotted 2 actual vintage dresses
too small
Mr F picked this up, how did I miss it?
Off I trotted expecting it to be too small
it's a vintage size 16
and how this fits I don't know!! 
but it does
it was £5.50!
vintage does fit all sizes

it has 3 seam tears, which is so easily repaired

these cardi's were chazzed
the top one is M&S for £4.99
my dress was 51p more, crazy!

we are at home
Missy has a vomitting bug
this is the summer holidays with children
broken arms and sickness

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
and thank you for all of your gorgeous comments on my last post too!!

and for Mr F - the finder of fabulous
Kate Bush - running up that hill
he's very, very, very fond of Ms Bush
.........Kate, that is

Monday, 4 August 2014

Share-in Style - Flowers with Elena

Share-in-Style - Flowers

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by the very beautiful and lovely Elena to be her partner for this weeks Share in Style, it takes place every other Monday. It's a special place where we can all have a fabulous get together and a little party to celebrate the wonderful community we are a part of.  Everyone is invited to join in the fun! Hurrah!

I am if nothing, literal
Flowers, right! grab the vase out of the front room and let's do this
I have gone for a subtle floral look
the vase may be a little impractical when out and about though

my blasted bra strap clearly wanted to join in too

I am still itching from this, 
but I decided to be the bush

The clothes
I never really talk about them at length! but, today I am
headpiece - I made it from a great felt tutorial at Brooke's blog
dress - Lindybop
shoes - charity shop
Flower pins - I have had them forever
vase - from the front room

Lovely, sweet Elena, from 'My name is Peggy Sue'
her outfits are always so dreamy, delicious, pretty and so feminine

Feel free to join in! *I am experiencing a few technical issues with the link, sharing can be done via ElenaSacramento or Rosy, apologies*