Thursday, 26 February 2015

I'm older than Shirley Valentine, what the what now!

Hello all! How are you? I hope you are having a brilliant week so far.

Last week I discovered I'm older than Shirley Valentine.  It was quite the shocker.  But then, these things happen, I am not Dorian Gray and I don't have an ageing portrait of myself in the attic. Instead, I seem to be ageing spectacularly all over my neck.

I first saw Shirley Valentine, the play at The Everyman in Liverpool over 20 years ago, I have seen the film a million times, I just love her! I find her inspiring.  Shirley also reminds me of my Mum, with her wit, her perm and her ultimate determination to live her life.  Like Shirley, my Mum loves to travel and goes away with 'the girls' at least once a year.  It is a sight-seeing, relaxing, party extravaganza.  This year they are off to Benidorm.
 My Mum no longer has a perm though, but then, neither would Shirley.

Like Shirley, I talk to the wall.
Don't I wall?

Inspiration truly has many faces,
 I have a love of Drag 
I love the transformation,
the creation,
'When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do' RuPaul

Courtney Act,
Sod sanitary products, these are the only wings I'm interested in

For those days when I can't be bothered,
and ladies, there are plenty of those,
I think of these gals
I can transform how I feel,
Eyebrows, lips and some hair and I always feel more me

I Love Latrice Royale

If I'm just going to the shop for some necessities,
it's important to me to maintain my standards

Secure the fakery down with every clip you can find,
very necessary,
it's a gusty day today,
this is pre-shopping hair

Miss Jinxx Monsoon

apres shopping hair,
thankfully it stayed on.

Eldest has naturally curly hair,
She grew beautiful coiled springs of golden hair at 18 months old,
of course she hated it as she grew older,
I suppose our relationship with our hair is a complicated one, like everything else we have to find our own peace with it.

my poor babies are having their 'special operation' tomorrow,
absolutely necessary, they are desperate now to venture outside
they are growing up so fast
(my hormones are driving me crazy, it takes one emotionally loaded TV advert and I'm face first weeping in tissues, baby mere-cats, kidnapped robots, anything sets me off)

before you go,
shall we have a cup of tea and a cherry and almond scone/rock cake/what on earth have I made?

Now, I leave you with a little Shirley 

and I'll see you soon you Lovely lot!


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Presenting the King and Queen of Washington State

Hello Lovelies!
remember I promised you serious fabulousness on my last post!

Now Dave, the husband formally known as Mr F, which meant Mr Foxy, because that was his name on my mobile phone for a long time.  One time I asked a male colleague to update a new SIM on my phone, he clocked 2 names - Mr Foxy (old number) and Dave (new number).  He looked at me, gave me the side eye and waited for me to explain myself.  Of course I didn't.  I smiled back enigmatically and said nothing.

Back-story to the Dave/Mr F explanation over.  Dave was in Seattle on a business trip.  I once had a 3 day stay in Manchester for training in a sales job.  I'm not kidding when I say part of the job was to dance in a Supermarket entrance.  If you ever have a minute, Youtube Phoenix Nights, 'Come and buy your black bin bags, they're on offer till December', you'll get the gist.

The Fisherman's Terminal in Ballard, Seattle
Now, Seattle you say!

Natalia and Justin
Gorgeous Natalia's blog is 'In the Writer's Closet' (click Natalia for the link)
I'm sure you all know Natalia! 
but, please if you haven't visited Natalia I recommend you do.  Immediately!

Natalia emailed me when she read my blog and discovered Dave was in Seattle.  
I was thrilled to receive her email. I know Natalia is a busy woman and was delighted when she suggested a meet up with Dave accompanied by Justin, her husband.

I contacted Dave, who was overwhelmed by their generosity.  Of course he wanted to meet them!

Now, I'm going to pass you over to Dave!

I'd been in Seattle for a whole week and I'd seen most of the sights I wanted to see - the Space Needle, the EMP Museum, Safeco Field - but what I hadn't managed to do was enjoy a really great meal with a local flavour with some really great company.  And that's where Natalia and Justin came in!!  I spent hours with this pair of intelligent, witty and fascinating people and can honestly say that it felt like minutes.  I'll admit that I was nervous whilst travelling on the bus - what happens if we had nothing to talk about? - but from the instant I met them, I felt completely at home, like a little piece of Liverpool transferred to the Pacific North West.  It's rare to feel so completely at home with people you've never met before, especially when you are 5,000 miles away from home, but that's Natalia & Justin for you!  They even gave me lift back to the city!  Thank you to you both!

I've never been a fan of seafood but I was directed to Boston Chowder (even though I then ordered the Manhattan one by mistake) - I've never had Chowder but I'll tell you this - I'll be having it again! Absolutely delicious - I could have had 3 bowls of it (but that would have been gluttonous).  After that, I had a Bay Shrimp and Crab Omelette that had to be seen to be believed.  A glass of coke and some water helped to wash it all down.  The restaurant was excellent and I had a thoroughly excellent time.  Shall we do it again next Sunday?

Thanks Dave!
Dave cited his time with Natalia and Justin as the highlight of his trip, he was truly smitten with this wonderful couple.
Now back to me!

The King and Queen of Washington State

The Restaurant was located in here,
it's called Chinook's
(don't you love how I'm saying this like I was there!)

Beautiful Natalia 

I love this photo of Justin

Outfit awesomeness modelled by Beautiful Natalia

And after all of that loveliness
there was more!
Natalia sent me this!!!!

A beautiful note and an incredible intricately crafted Birch Box heart shaped box containing earrings made by Russian artisans, 
'a very old art, common in Central Russia (Siberia)....Jasper is on the box'
I may have fainted

Thank you so much Natalia!
Do I have to share the earrings with my daughters!!!
the detail is breathtaking 
I hope my pics do them some justice

Thank you again to Natalia and Justin for taking care of my hairy husband and for my beautiful gifts!
You are beyond awesome!
You know if you are ever in Liverpool you have a place to stay.

The Global Blogging Sisterhood is a wonderful thing isn't it?

It truly warms my heart to be part of our incredible community.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Posting while cooking should be banned

Hello Lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!

My younger children are off, it's half term! I seem to have agreed to a sleepover despite having no recollection of the conversation.  Kids are very clever.  They will ask questions/make requests/bother me when I am doing important things like trying to think or when I am immersed in domestic nonsense. It's all typical kid stuff.  I remember some of my tactics when I was a child, I was an absolute horror!

Awww! My Mum created a romantic date for us Gals!

Fixing drawers on a Saturday night,
I know how to party, ha!

what I wore 

wearing clothes

and hats

Off to visit the Eldest at University for coffee,
curly hair clearly makes me ridiculously happy

'Fame' the movie seemed to have completely impacted my opinion of Uni canteen life,
which is daft,
this isn't a performing arts Uni,
or the 80's,
nonetheless I was desperate to see someone in spandex, it didn't happen
the students oozed elegant insouciance 

Joining in with Sacramento - Share-in-Style; Japanese Inspiration

Bag of goodies for the sleepover
so much sugar
bad, bad idea

Now I have to go, Littlest's friend is round in 40 minutes,
the house is a disaster!!
and I've written this post whilst cooking,
the kitchen is a fright, I use every utensil/pan/surface area
I got skills!
(am excited about my next post, just to let you know, it involves serious fabulousness, I'm not saying anymore!)

Friday, 13 February 2015


Hello Awesome and Wonderful People! I hope your week has been magnificent!

I have had a lovely week! So has Mr F, Seattle is a fabulous city, he absolutely loves it and has been having a blast!  of course we are all missing him, Skype has been used daily.

I must sat you are a wise bunch.
I stayed up late for my first night alone and watched EatLovePray, not a bad film.  I decided to create my own philosophy - EatSleepNetflix.  I've sodded off the exercise regime, watched my type of TV, had tea and toast in my bed, stayed up late...a lot, avoided as much housework as possible, had drinkies with my favourite dips (with extra garlic) and napped like a toddler. In all it's been perfectly indulgent.
Of course I have been looking after the children, that would be very amiss of me! but on my 'me time' I decided I am on holiday.  Somewhere fancy.

Some of the pom-poms in our bedroom, I created my own haven.
Theme; Mardi Gras

Bag full of goodies for the cinema with my girls,

my outfit choices this week have been, at best, dreadful.
I appalled myself

one must maintain standards and brush hair daily

my sweetest Cookie and nap partner
has a human nose licking habit and insists on a 2 hand stroke

Someone *cough* Jaffa*
has been peeing behind the TV on a daily basis and also came into season on Saturday with the most hideous caterwauling that didn't stop for 3 days in total.
I didn't realise at first, after 24 hours of checking her, following her, holding her, making sure she was eating and pooping

She rather grandly started 'presenting' in the bedroom

The Vets were phoned on Monday for spaying,

Jo, is right, Hubby goes away, something goes awry) 
Crumble is doing wonderfully well, although her and Cookie were not amused with all of this nonsense from Jaffa.
(reassurance, the kittens have not been outside, there will be no new kitten arrivals)

Usual rubbish outfit pics and matching rubbish outfit

Viva Black nail varnish

The orthodontist today is our 3rd dental visit this week
Littlest had upper jaw braces fitted on Tuesday (lower to be fitted in 5 weeks)
Middle daughter has had 2 extractions yesterday
Today, spacers were fitted

Tomorrow, my daughters and I were going out for a Galantine's Celebration
It was all organised,
But my Mum in a Bridget Jones' moment has decided she will host Valentines Day.

Bless her,
I think this is what she is thinking 

Right, my lovelies!
I'm going to have to love you and leave you,
I'm coming round for a quick visit, I've got Vodka! is Friday night

See you Soon

Saturday, 7 February 2015

14 day carnations

Hello All! I hope you are well!

Mr F is in Seattle, which is nice! he does a fair old bit of travel as part of his job.  We were so organised we finished packing approximately 2 hours before he had to leave (ahem).  I suppose we were in denial over the trip which, so far is his longest away from home.   He bought me 14 day carnations, the length of his trip.  He's a romantic sod.

I'm dealing with it wonderfully well.

'Are you going to miss Dad?'

There has been maniacal lipstick application

Coherent conversation

A bientot Mr F!
I know you will be reading this!!

You know my motto
however for the period I'll refer to;
'Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re'
my school motto
resolute in action, gentle in manner

and for you Mr F
Luceat lux vestra 

'While my guitar gently weeps'
The White Album
The Beatles

Thank you all for all comments on my last post
they are always much appreciated


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Happiness is a half wig

Hello all of you Lovelies! I hope you are all wonderful!

You are a thoughtful and kind bunch, thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post *MWAH*  
you are Divine!

What I wore for the orthodontist today, not for me of course.  I did have braces though, I was gifted with too many teeth, actually Mr F was too.  Our poor children have inherited our teeth........ bless them.  It's extractions ahoy at the moment.
Edit; I forgot to mention, because I forget things, like sometimes I find what I need in the fridge, I digress, we are lucky the girls braces are funded by the NHS, i.e. free, thank goodness.

Posing Academy Lesson No.1
Be Natural

Posing Academy Lesson No. 2
Oh who am I kidding?
 I'm an old ham, 
point a camera at me and I turn into William Shatner

Chocolate the rabbit
'Feed me'

A small corner of our house

Beautiful sunshine and filthy windows

100% synthetic, it's as fake as my eyebrows

My hair is rather pitiful, it falls out and misbehaves constantly. 
Which is why I like to buy it instead.

Box fresh hair

Linking in with Sacramento Share-in-style; Tartan/Plaid
Anne @ Spy Girl - 52 Pick-me-up; Hat Trick

I made this,
I know!!
it looks so.......... professional (I jest)
it's a comfort fit for my ginormous head

I'm rather fond of an extravagant finale 

My Hammy 
William Shatner - Common People
(this is actually rather good, it's on my playlist)

I'm on my way round to visit
See you soon!
I'm bringing wine
let me know and let's have a party!