Friday, 28 February 2014

Some dreams come true

I had a dream about finding vintage clothes that fit me, I also have had dreams about getting some dodgy, scabby tattoo's and running a B&B without towels (Val at Muse Fondue spoke about her excellent and much more interesting dream in a recent post)
I have also been itching to go vintage/chazza shopping.

Now, I know me and vintage shopping aren't very successful, it's a size thing, however it doesn't get me down or depress me at all.
On the contrary, I am optimistic that one day I will find some heaven.

This shop was shut
There were showgirl head-dresses in the window
I nearly licked the window,
 I am  desperate for a showgirl head-dress

I have seen the most beautiful garments today 
I ooed and ahhh-ed over some extraordinary pieces 
a fitted blue sheath with an attached chiffon cape
a black fitted peplum jacket with a massive bow to the side of the neck
2 dirndls,2!!
I am also desperate for a dirndl, I love love them!

Public selfie's, I am getting quite brave

I made Mr F take a pic of me
even though he was in his music heaven

He was very sad
this awesome shirt didn't fit

It's a Miss Marple look today
a  detective in knitwear and a warm hat is quite appealing

Mr F happier

The most romantic paracetomol in the world
we both had headaches, I had 2 tablets left
Mr F let me have them

I got this groovy jacket

this looks better in the pic
actually now I look at it, I think I should have got it

I loved this sequinned piece of gorgeous
it wasn't quite right on me

I found her
'red' in Oxfam

it doesn't quite fit and I couldn't give a monkey's
this coat is flaming gorgeous

I don't think it's that old

the groovy jacket and label

I really liked this
it's see through
obviously to be worn with a sturdy vest underneath it

I will be linking in to Anne at 'dress like your favourite cocktail' which is a Long Island Iced Tea

and thank you for your comments on the previous post, I loved them!  I have another sleepover tonight (2 in 2 weeks? wtf) I need to get cracking on with the cleaning *sigh*

I hope you all have a BRILLIANT weekend
till next time lovelies 


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Water is flirtatious

*Cue some sexeh musak*
'Hey baby..... you want me, I know you do?'
Water, stop flirting with me! you are outrageous!

I've been absent, I had a cold/flu virus, I wouldn't recommend it, it was pants.

My second actual day out, Missy had an appointment with the Orthodontist, she gets a double whammy of braces in 2 weeks, she knew it was coming, she inherited mine and Mr F's teeth.

The Bombed Out Church, such a romantic and whimsical name favoured by late night snoggers and those having a takeaway in the wee hours 

(I forgot to mention about Helga's Cathedral @ Helga Von Trollop which inspired me to mention this)

Missy is absent from the pics as she was in her school uniform, poor thing has come down with the virus, she was a bit wobbly so was flung in to Fast Food heaven (for kids), I had a small coke because I am a rebel (actually I don't trust the food in my 44 year old stomach)

At some point when Art Friday resumes I am visiting here, The Bluecoat Chambers

Sadly red lipstick and runny noses do not mix, as I am attempting 'very serious Mum talking about braces' I didn't want to do it with a red grotty smeared face (why am I doing a selfie in the toilets??)

I had a discussion with myself before I left 
I needed to wrap up
I didn't want to
I suppose I won
When I got back my beloved red lippy went back on.

Mr F doing man type manly things, so I like to watch ( leaky washing machine, it was at this point I suggested it may be the filter on the front, I am soooo helpful!)

I am not a fan of food waste, so my bunch of coriander has been whipped up with olive oil, garlic, chilli and basil.  To go on some meat in a couple of days.

pink coleslaw

I hope you are all well, thank you to Anna at who offered me technical support and help with my blog layout, how blooming lovely!! 
Missy's knee is healing well, thank you for all your kind words.

See you soon!!


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Snazzy Butterfly

Can you have a new favourite word? mine is snazzy,  I also like facetious, 'Don't be so facetious, these are actually some seriously snazzy shoes.'

There has been a tiny bit of drama at the household, nothing serious however I have realised I am a little like Cam from Modern Family
Friday, Missy phoned to tell me she fell over, there was 'blood everywhere', like any self respecting parent I didn't believe her and told her I'd meet her at her bus-stop.  I got her home, took the alarmingly large plaster off (the lovely girls on the bus patched her up) and did Mum Face, the 'it's fine, and of course I'm not in the least bit worried' face.
We were in Alder Hey in about 20 minutes.
Her knee is skinless and being medically dressed every few days.
I did a Cam reaction a lot later in the shops.

Monday Mr F had a camera in his stomach
all is well

Cookie posed for photographs

Y'all know I'm cute

She changed her pose with each pic

I thought the bush had blown down because of the recent winds
It wasn't until the next day I thought actually/ maybe it's because our neighbour is an over-zealous pruner
and often prunes our side, stretched determined with his shears of destruction.

My Bow

My Bob
hacked and wonky


Vintage Apron
Nice Clothing Enabler

Finally we went to the Spice shop
Vix made a cracking curry
I forgot to take the recipe, it's a very annoying habit I have
the 'Lets go Now!' shoddy approach
Nonetheless we were helped by the lovely shop owner
look at all these bay leaves for 79p!

We got a chilli plant for £3.50 in the supermarket too
it's smothered in chilli's

My post is a little all over the place, unfortunately so is my brain
Missy is having a friend over for a sleepover tonight
Clean up today
I feel like I'm running around a lot when all I want to do is chill
my internet is playing up something ruthless
grumble, grumble grumble
it's like the old dial up
you know, when the page loads one line at a time
*eye roll*
it's retro internet!
Thank you for all your lovely comments 

and I hope all is well where you are

Friday, 14 February 2014

Lets get cosy

It's cold, fire on, a hot cup of tea, let's go! (and thank you for all being lovely!)

It's Valentines Day
This is inspired by Yvonne's 'Cupids Arrow' (Yvonne's were lovely!) 
They all got 2 tickets to redeem
mainly food based and a hug, which is unlimited

Art Friday
The Walker Art Gallery
I think it's Minerva sitting majestically atop the gallery

I do love a fancy staircase
you couldn't slide down that
it's got those ruddy brass 'slide stoppers' 
your nether regions would be in bits

'Amity' Bernard Fleetwood-Walker
apparently the models didn't really speak to each other which is interesting as it's about innocence of youth and the start of awakenings

Interior at Paddington - Lucien Freud
Took 6 months with near daily sittings
the subject is Harry Diamond (what a fab name!), a London Photographer
he complained that Freud made his legs too short
Freud said they were

Peonies by Charles Edward Perugini
Aesthetic Painting
Painting beautiful compositions rather than a story

couldn't find any information
but I rather like him

Elegant bathroom shots

Winter? appropriately dressed? Moi!

I concede I may need a hat more often

Chocolate getting dried, with snacks
she's like a teeny nativity donkey

Shiner will not come in

I am finding the style of paintings I like
I'm not fond of landscape's, as beautiful as they are
I like people

On the wrong bus home I heard a young girl share her mobile conversation with us all
A Mum and daughter finding it all hilarious
A woman in a mint beret, with brooch and navy wool coat
An elderly gentleman, his eyes worn and tired, a dirty overcoat
I wonder about their stories

I get off the bus at the wrong stop and walk in the gusts and piercing rain
wearing a circle skirt is tricky
I gave up tugging it down in the end
I listened to my music
The Beatles - Dear Prudence
Pavarotti - Nessum Dorma
The Specials - Too much to young
Nicki Minaj - Starships

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend
stay safe in the weather
See you next week!