Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Separates, I understand you now

Writing a blog when children are around is a tricky process.  I have been deprived 'thinking time.'  So, hold onto your pants, this may get bumpy!
We have been to the Doctors this morning, Missy is clearly fine and will be back in school tomorrow.  When a child has a parent to themselves you never know what questions a child will ask, this morning we have covered 'Was I an accident? because you know ******* was, etc' answer; yes you were wanted.
Question 'Can I start a blog or something?' answer; I'll think about it.
Question 'What did you want to be when you were little?' answer; I played at being a teacher and I liked to press buttons, so probably a cashier  - I didn't have any ambition to be anything really' etc etc etc

Mr F is in Brighton, which sounds marvelous but he's working.  He's home much later and has been gone since silly 'o' clock Monday morning.  The house is eerily tidy and I have had very little sleep.  It seems I may have missed Mr F.  He is the romantic partner, he proposed marriage to me after about 8 weeks together, I accepted.  Then changed my mind.  It took me a long time to get hitched as I thought marriage would change things.  It may have, I seem to have grown even more fond of the little bugger.

The left side of the garden is blooming
(the right side is a wasteland)

Chocolate the big rabbit is the boss in the garden, yes, Moonshine is sitting on a plate

Emergency Scones from the freezer

I thought I would show my shoes

I adore this skirt, from Ebay for a couple of pounds last year.
It's a skirt.
My abilities to match separates is beyond woeful.
I love to see others mix and match textures and pattern.
When I do it I tend to look as if I have been rolling in the laundry basket.

I realise I suit simple.

I don't even own a normal white bra.

Old books I have

The Right Heart, Kind Words and cobwebs
all bloody good

I will see you soon
and hope 'the music of kind words' whispers and soothes if you need it


Friday, 25 April 2014

Just hanging with my Bro lookin' at some Art

Hello all of you lovely people, I hope you are well.  It's Friday! come on!!! I have actually done an Art Friday, although realistically they should be known as 'The constant erratic Art posts'

I said 'we can't call you P', he said 'it was fine', so here is P.
My Baby Brother.
He's 2 years younger than me and he will always be my baby brother.

We whipped to The Tate
P talks about Art in ways that make my brain hurt
He understands concepts
and stuff

Our sense of humour has never matured though
we are still ridiculously juvenile

I'm becoming rather obsessed with a bathroom selfie
I have borrowed Little Miss-ette's satchel

edit; it turns out I was allowed to take pics in The Tate, I wasn't allowed last time, go figure?!

Eileen Agar
Fish Basket
The surrealism defies practicality

Henri Matisse
The Inattentive Reader

Albert Gleizes
Portrait of Jacques Nayral
This was a deliberate act to subvert traditional portraiture due to the public outcry over cubism. Both the sitter and the artist shared the philosophies of Henri Bergson

Pablo Picasso
Bowl of fruit, violin and bottle

we found the violin, I was most upset as I can normally spot a bottle anywhere

Jackson Pollock
Summertime; Number 9a

My brother enjoyed the photography

Ufan Lee
'By physicality I don't just mean the body itself but......the body and the relationship between space and air and so forth'
The grains in the paint provide a physical presence on the canvas 

No flash

which was very bad
we had been told no flashing on this floor
Edit; I am linking in with fabulous Sacramento's Share in Style Accessories
which will be my gloves

After an hour and a half we were fuzzy brained and called it a day
I am notoriously inattentive 
and I wanted a cigarette

'You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough'  Mae West

 'Find out who you are and do it on purpose'  Dolly Parton

Today you are you! that is truer than true! there is no-one alive who is you-er than you!  Dr Seuss

Nina Simone
'I put a spell on you'
I was lucky enough to see her at The Liverpool Philarmonic

Have a wonderful weekend
and thank you for your flaming brilliant comments on my last post
till next time


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shoes? what have I done to you?

I hope you are all well! and thank you for your comments on my last post.

The kids are back at school, which means we got up early (or regular time for most people) I feel like I have left my eyes and brain on the pillow.  I am not a natural early riser.  I use the snooze button 3 times every morning. I need 2 cups of coffee in order to remember my name and I absolutely cannot eat first thing.

Sue shared her summer collection of shoes last week, 28 pairs of gorgeous-ness.
I have the biggest crush on Sue's shoes.  Polka dots, Mary Janes, flowers and so much beautiful colour.
I love shoes.
Sue invited us to share our shoes.
So cool,
 until I looked at my shoes, and the horror! I am a shoe murderer. I'm a ruthless destroyer of shoes.
I'm not talking about a little scuff, or a slightly worn heel.  They Were Absolutely Sodding Battered!
So I threw them out!

I have lot's of unsuitable shoes I can't walk in
these are my favourite's

Leopard print, Mary-Jane, peep toe sling backs? why yes please, and a fiver...*grab*

These are my most beloved shoes (£5) ever
My Auntie thought they were fancy dress shoes *gasp, shocked face*
I will wear them when we re-new our vows in August
(I hope to be wearing some clothes too, ha!)
I will not be buried in them though, what a waste!

I gave myself permission to buy 2 new pairs of shoes,
they are included
which mean I now have 7 pairs of practical shoes
Actually, I can't include the odd pair I have kept (just in case I find their partners), and the polka dot bow pair have a battered backside (no good in the rain) ditto the fabric pair.
I have 4 pairs of practical shoes
This is the least impressive shoe share ever *cackle*
Look at Sue's shoes, her's are gorgeous

I keep interrupting extensive bunny love sessions when I go for a cigarette
Spring has most definitely sprung with the bunnies
Luckily they are both female, so no babies
This is my face when I interrupt them, they give a really irritated stare when disturbed haha!

Ahhh, the 'not feeling it' days

So I changed

I am catching up with you all, apologies for my lateness
I had a marathon ironing session yesterday....................
that is not a euphemism hahaha!!



Friday, 18 April 2014

Delusional hair scarf

I hope you are having a lovely Friday! it's the Bank Holiday weekend and I'm having a Gin and Tonic!

Old pics discovered in my Mum and Dads loft on Wednesday
My family
My Eldest brothers mobile disco (he's in shorts, he's still in shorts)
My Mum and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary
we may have been drinking something fancy like Pomagne or Charlemaigne 
I still remember some of my brothers playlist
'Stars on 45'
'Simply the Best' Tina Turner
'The Whole of the moon' The Waterboys
and it was my job to start the dancing
before the buffet

The 'oh dear'? 
I seem to have left some important information on it, ahem

Beach Day
Of course we came with a bottle of water
no sunscreen or food though

Before we left I did my hair in a scarf
this is what I was hoping/dreaming for
off I went, happy in the knowledge I felt like a Flapper in the sunshine
This is what I did

It was much later it occurred to me that this is what I actually achieved

Rectified, eventually
(nothing against Tupac of course!)

First time I saw this I thought it was called
The Lady Garden Centre
I really wanted to go 
I had visions of a Brazilian topiary or at least some deftly pruned shrubs

Bargain £1 worth of strawberries

have a wonderful weekend!
Sue! I haven't forgot to share my shoes!
it's grim haha! all will be clear! 

see you all next week you flaming wonderful bunch!

In honour of Colonel Hogg's
My brothers disco
Stars on 45