Saturday, 13 June 2015

Moderation in moderation

Hello Lovely People! how are you? how have you been?

I am living a healthy lifestyle right now and am currently walking round with a face like a slapped arse.  Blah blah 'personal health responsibility' 'more salad' blah blah 'sensible choices' blah  'wants to live as long as possible' blah, blah BLAH! the only problem is I now want to have a debauched week in Aya Napa, stay up for as long as possible partying, which if I'm honest will be at the very latest, 1 am.  I have never even been to Aya Napa.  I went to a Butlin's Holiday Camp with the girls one time and the highlight was Black Lace, no horse riding because we were too fat and sleeping on a couch opposite my friends friend who snored like a marching army and had an imaginary boyfriend.

So my friends,
there is no more of this
*sad face*
disclaimer; when I say no more, we all know Saturday is obviously exempt
because ya know, Saturday

I'm handling it like a PRO

Water is so refreshing


Wearing daughters sports jacket which looks like a bolero,
a 'sports-a-lero'?


discalimer; I realise my sarcasm here maybe over-riding and exhaustive, please accept my apologies

I don't eat hamburgers, yet meaty cheesy goodness is calling me

I have even started a skincare routine,
my rough towel exfoliation and body butter on my face was making my skin cry

'Dave? DAVE? how do I know if I need mature skin moisturiser'


This is a brilliant sketch

The Uncensored Version

We had real, actual sunshine!
I can't sit in the sun,
I managed 4 whole minutes

Shall we?

My favourite look right now,
a sturdy black bra under delicate straps and a hair scarf to hide my bad hair do,
I'm so right now

I wanna dance,
like this...... obs
and always, always in a public place

The black sturdy bra is invisible, for a change

I will stand in the rain,
it really is one of my favourite things

I had a spot,
I didn't squeeze it,
I excavated it,

For anyone who may NOT have heard of Black Lace,

you will thank me

 if that was all a little too much,
here are some goslings

Take care AWESOME people,
thank you for your comments on my last post,
I always, always cherish them



Sources are from the internet, if they belong to you please get in touch for credit


  1. Cute potos and lovely looks Sandra! Kisses.

  2. That sketch was brilliant and your post hilarious, as always. I hope you're indulging this Saturday in a few glasses of something-or-other. Not water! :D

  3. Dear! You dont need so fitness! You are so beautiful, and funny and so elegant! Kissssss

  4. Gawd I love that mustard colour print dress,seriously If I actually had some boobs I'd nick it off you it's fab! I was going to be so good in June but well you do it for me how about that? no point in us both suffering right? x x

  5. Ooh, I love the yellow dress, and the navy skirt; they're gorgeous! I can't sit in the sun for long, either. I hate being too hot and burn so easily. xx

  6. Well.....I had never heard of Black Lace before and I just have to say that leather pants and aloha shirts = EEEK! You are so very Right Now. Look at you all gorgeous and summery. And I am so happy that you get Amy Schumer in the UK.

  7. I didn't know you were back blogging Sandra!!! You look beautiful, in great shape and smooth skin. Don't overdo it with the exfoliating towel, max once a week!! Tons of love doll!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  8. I love it allllll!
    You find the best stuff. Hope your Saturday was amazing.
    I love your hair back and with the plait.
    I hear you about the sun. Cute hat! Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. healthy habits can really make a difference, but they make life a lot less fun....don't they?
    I really like your outfit photos, with and without that bra showing...that pale yellow dress is gorgeous!!!

    Let me know how your new hair skin routine is working out...towel expoliation is your old routine? I sometimes do hard towel expoliation...right now I'm only using natural soap from olive oil to clean my face ...and instead of a cream I use a mix of olive and coconut oil.
    thank you for introducing me with black lace...they have a cool sound:)

    1. introducing me to Black lace*
      I always make typos:)

      anyhow, to answer you comments, I guess our weddings can be compared with Greek, Italian or just any Mediterranean weddings. Now when I think of it, from what I seen on TV, there are many cultures that have even more complex wedding rituals but all in all, I would day that the weddings here differ from the western ones mainly in that the celebration lasts longer.

      The weddings last until the early hours in the morning and the celebration is usually a whole day got to the bride or groom house early in the morning (depending on who invited you) and then the whole party from groom house goes to the brides house...with much singing, dancing and generally also drinking involved...the ceremony itself is usually in the afternoon..... after the church, we go to the hotel or a special wedding saloon (saloons are usually needed because the weddings can number up to 500 guests) and then it is celebration until morning...and it is bad manners leaving before 3 am :)so that is what usually makes me tired. We don't really have a wedding night, if I remember my own wedding well, we returned home at 7 am:)

  10. I know what you mean about spots, I've got Mount Vesuvius developing on my lower face at the moment, it feels worthy of conversation. Health kick alert! Sandra's on it! What a fab sports-a-lero. The last thing you want to be when you're being virtuous is overlooked. I want to know more about your braided updo, it's real purdy. Xxxx

  11. You are just too fabulous … seriously … you are :0)

  12. LOL!!!

    It was extra special to see a bunch of fruit dancing and singing. Thanks for that.


  13. Oh, I love Amy Shumer, I saw that sketch on facebook and just loved it! You're looking great by the way, especially in that yellow dress! :)

  14. Oh yes, how do we know when to use mature skin moisturiser?

    I love your dresses, and the hair braid is gorgeous. I'm going to 'borrow' the idea.

    The weather is just perfect lately, but like you, I can't stay in it too long. I'm naturally auburn and burn like crazy!

    Have a wonderful week! xx

  15. Oh good, being healthy is soooooo dull! Please don't turn into a teetotal vegan fitness fanatic, I might cry...yes, I know it isn't big or clever to be a drunken lazy arse who stuffs my face with chips, but sometimes, it's the only thing to do.
    You look pretty damn gorgeous as you are, so just ease into the health kick gently, slap some concealer on your spit, and get the wine open, OK?
    Black Lace - all your readers who have never had that pleasure will be thanking you. Or not!
    PS. More Butlins memories please, that sounds like a hilarious trip! xxx

  16. Oh Sandra you gorgeous woman ! this is a brilliant blog post , I should be watching my cholesterol but how much boring food can one woman take ! I just love CHOCOLATE ! have a fab week best wishes xxx

  17. Oi, I need to be doing the healthier living thing too but dangit I just love gin and coffee SO much!

  18. Salad and wine, that's my kind of diet! I feel you with the spots, bloody hormones. I move the mirror a bit further away so I can't see them when I get dressed.
    Love you in that yellow dress. xxx

  19. How you make me laugh!! Diet and exercise, such rude words really, sounds so un fun to me. Does walking to the letterbox and not having a morning tea count?? You dear Peaches are far too gorgeous for such things, do as you please and be happy!!

  20. OMG - i remember that song - but never saw that video! hilarious!!!
    love the yellow dress on you - and the red sunhat! i never made i diet in my life. i´m sure thats the reason i will never need one! and growing up without junkfood - behind the iron curtain - seems to help too with the health.......
    but you should see MY hot weather garden outfits - or better not ;-P

  21. Have I mentioned yet I'm so glad you're back?! Also: Saturdays totally don't count.

  22. Hey Sandra, your post made me laugh as they often do, good to hear you are on form - stay gorgeous xx

  23. You are in fantastic shape Peaches, and your skin is great. I have very dry skin so I use lots of oil on it, but it's dry around my lips and around my eyes, the wrong places. Your post is so funny...I would love to jump into the Trevi Fountain right now, it's so hot here in Sicily.

  24. You are in fantastic shape Peaches, and your skin is great. I have very dry skin so I use lots of oil on it, but it's dry around my lips and around my eyes, the wrong places. Your post is so funny...I would love to jump into the Trevi Fountain right now, it's so hot here in Sicily.

  25. When I read this the first time I was deep in work territory and I laughed and laughed. Whew! Thank you so much! That sketch is truly brilliant. Where's my boat?
    Your facial excavations are not even noticeable. And your outfit selections are super-duper. The pink sport-o-lero and the yellow dress and the showing-bra look. The dance move looks so easy so why oh why do I look like a dork when I do it?
    I agree. Saturdays are free days.

  26. Thank you for my early, well not quite soooo early, morning laugh! That sketch is brilliant lol. And YOU! You look fab and so does the over the shoulder boulder holder! xxx

  27. I wish you a great weekend:) at weekends rules don't apply, so you can forget about moderation:)

  28. LOL-you always make me laugh and want to hug you and then break out the wine. Deprivation doesn't work, so let yourself have what you want on the weekends. Then it's something to look forward to. If I deprive myself I end up binging because I become so obsessed with the stuff I think I can't have. You look very cute in the sport-o-lero and I love that yellow dress! xoxo

  29. Love this compliation of your humour, gifs and style!

  30. Haha, always have a good laugh reading your posts :)) Hope you're enjoying the summer hun, take care

  31. P.S. You do have gorgeous skin and I love that mustard dress on you!


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