Tuesday 22 April 2014

Shoes? what have I done to you?

I hope you are all well! and thank you for your comments on my last post.

The kids are back at school, which means we got up early (or regular time for most people) I feel like I have left my eyes and brain on the pillow.  I am not a natural early riser.  I use the snooze button 3 times every morning. I need 2 cups of coffee in order to remember my name and I absolutely cannot eat first thing.

Sue shared her summer collection of shoes last week, 28 pairs of gorgeous-ness.
I have the biggest crush on Sue's shoes.  Polka dots, Mary Janes, flowers and so much beautiful colour.
I love shoes.
Sue invited us to share our shoes.
So cool,
 until I looked at my shoes, and the horror! I am a shoe murderer. I'm a ruthless destroyer of shoes.
I'm not talking about a little scuff, or a slightly worn heel.  They Were Absolutely Sodding Battered!
So I threw them out!

I have lot's of unsuitable shoes I can't walk in
these are my favourite's

Leopard print, Mary-Jane, peep toe sling backs? why yes please, and a fiver...*grab*

These are my most beloved shoes (£5) ever
My Auntie thought they were fancy dress shoes *gasp, shocked face*
I will wear them when we re-new our vows in August
(I hope to be wearing some clothes too, ha!)
I will not be buried in them though, what a waste!

I gave myself permission to buy 2 new pairs of shoes,
they are included
which mean I now have 7 pairs of practical shoes
Actually, I can't include the odd pair I have kept (just in case I find their partners), and the polka dot bow pair have a battered backside (no good in the rain) ditto the fabric pair.
I have 4 pairs of practical shoes
This is the least impressive shoe share ever *cackle*
Look at Sue's shoes, her's are gorgeous

I keep interrupting extensive bunny love sessions when I go for a cigarette
Spring has most definitely sprung with the bunnies
Luckily they are both female, so no babies
This is my face when I interrupt them, they give a really irritated stare when disturbed haha!

Ahhh, the 'not feeling it' days

So I changed

I am catching up with you all, apologies for my lateness
I had a marathon ironing session yesterday....................
that is not a euphemism hahaha!!




  1. Loving the glitter shoes! Fancy dress? Every day requires some fanciness, surely! Love both outfits but the spots are totally you.
    Marathon ironing session? Way more productive than my Monday, good on ya! xxx

  2. I think you were Born to wear polka dots. I super love your shoes. I really can't wear very many types of shoes these days due to residual nerve damage from f#%king back surgery so I go all nut so when I see some beautiful shoes like yours. Oh oh oh those glittery ones! You are great motivation. I WILL get back into cute shoes. I WILL!!!

  3. I love how you don't have too many pairs of shoes - this gives me hope for my ridiculously small shoe collection. I also feel the need for a comfy yet stylish pair of neutral colour shoes after seeing them in your collection - they look very useful.
    Love the sparkly shoes and some more great headbands (trying to work out if you tied them yourself)

  4. You're beautiful! You look at this outfit unearthly!
    As a model - slim and beautiful! I love your style!
    You are my color inspiration: - *
    This shoes are amazing! I fall in love! :-*

    Katherine Unique

  5. The glitter shoes be still my lustful heart, those are my favorite of yours and they actually look comfy too! Summer is around the corner and this polka dot frock celebrates it's return. A girl can NEVER have too many SHOES!

  6. "I feel like I have left my eyes and brain on the pillow." Hilarious!! Never mind that I love your Blog more every day, your sense of humour gets me every time! Absolutely love the polka dot dress, you look gorgeous x

  7. Wow---look at those shoes... My Goodness---it has been SO long since I wore heels at all.. WELL---I wore a pair when my son got married a couple of years ago... AND--I thought I would die until I could take those 'things' OFF..... These days (in my old, retired age)---I live in tennis shoes!!!! ha

    Enjoy your shoes--and all of your pretty clothes.... Bet you will be gorgeous in your 'glitter' shoes... Hope we get a picture of that special occasion.

  8. I am with you, Sandra - not a morning person as in "at all". Lovely shoe collection you have, and your shiny shoes are just every girl's dream, aren't they? I'd love to see your frocks collection too - it seems you have lots of beautiful numbers! Love this cutest polka dot dress with green cardi and that hair thingy - what a pretty Summery outfit! The top with pretty sleeves is marvelous as well. You, Sandra, have an absolutely unique style, and you really own it. I often wonder how people get to become who they become. You are one very interesting book to read. Hugs! :)

  9. Ooooh glitter shoes. Love them! Nope...you can never have too many pairs of shoes. You look a treat in blue polka dots. Beautiful frock,lovely detailing, just sings spring.xx

  10. LOL ... "that is not a euphemism hahaha!!" ; )

    Okay...I will not show you my collection of shoes because I suddenly feel like a miniature Imelda Marcos. The pair I wear the most? My Uggs. I wear them in the house as slippers. And no, they didn't make it into my wardrobe blog post.

    I'm dying over those sparkly shoes. I bet if you click your heels together when wearing them you'll get to go on a trip. Hold onto a bunny because you might need one in Oz.


  11. Great shoess and cute looks! Kisses.

  12. I can't possibly share my shoes ... I have become embarrassingly aware of the EXCESSIVE number of shoes I have. I haven't a clue where they came from ... someone must have stashed them in my shoe box ... I simply can't have bought them all ... I can't!!!!

    1. Is that what you tell your husband?? So funny, come on, SHARE YOUR SHOES!!!

    2. I shared … for better or for worse ;0)

  13. Bonita colección de zapatos, me gustan las sandalias de print animal. Besos

  14. Love those sparkle shoes of yours! LOVE! Sure, they are not the most practical but they don't need to be because they are so damn pretty. Can't wait to see what you wear for your renewal of vows. Have you picked a frock yet? Please post photos! XXX

  15. Well, that's a shame it's not a euphemism! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. :)

  16. Hello Sandra,
    Well, Imelda Marcos you are certainly not, but we love the leopard print shoes. Now, those are shoes that can take one anywhere and be noticed....that is if one is not crippled in the process.

    Love the change for dottiness....that certainly would brighten up our day!

  17. Impressive!!! I have animal print boots so that must make us twins!! I cannot stay up on heels, ask the other Sue and she will tell you. I go for a wedge these days, but I have been known to tip over in them too!! Loving your frock with the spots and trim, bloody gorg!

  18. You are a busy woman so you need practical shoes. To build a collection of great shoes takes time but the more you have the longer they last. My favorites are the animal print shoes. I so adore your make up and envie you a bit because you still smoe and ...I quit. Nevermind, did you make the dress? It has great detailing.

  19. I think you look fab in polka dots. Those glittery shoes are so pretty.
    I'm not much of a shoe collector. I have to wear sensible footwear and haven't
    been able to wear heels for a few years. But I can still admire everyone else's :)

    Naughty little bunnies!

    Fancy comig over to do my ironing? Not my favourite job :(

    Have a lovely day xx

  20. I love those sparkly shoes, I must have a pair! All your shoes are fab. I have too many mostly dull boring flats :( xx

  21. Loving the sparklies and the leopard print - we all have taxi shoes we can't walk very far in, don't we? I am not a mad shoe lover, I have more than I need, of course, but I tend to wear the same ones over and over again. Dresses - now that's a different story...
    Oh you do rock the polka dots, Sandra, you look lovely! I am with you on mornings, it'll kill me to have to get up early again once the kids go baextra school next week. Ugh! xxx

  22. I hate ironing marathons, I had one on Tuesday and I was so exhausted, I love your shoes! Especially the leopard booties and the pointy toe white pumps with bow! I see you are rocking your headband, this style truly suits you dear!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  23. Oh I love your shoes Sandra, especially the sparkly pair !, and you looked great in both outfits, have a good week Best wishes xxx

  24. Lovely outfits, and I love so much the glittering shoes!


  25. Dear Sandra! You always exceed my expectations! Love your sense of humor and I agree with you, I do not be a morning person. Love your collection of shoes but I think all girls need shiny shoes every day ... even to go buy milk. Happy week, darling!

  26. Oh those sparkly ones are divine! I love the first blouse, as it looks like something I would wear and you look great in both outfits, but I agree with the people pointing out that polka dots are so you! Yes, that polka dot dress is definitely you and looks amazing even when you are sporting naughty bunny glaring face.

    I am quite new to this idea of having a lot of shoes and I must say I am having a lot of fun with it. I need colours though. It's time for red, blue, green and purple shoes.

  27. love love love shoes i cant walk in! Your collection is sublime! those glitter ones!!! eeek!!!!!

  28. fun shoes. love the leopard ones ... glitter is not my thing ... leopard spots: thumbs up!!! ... and i love the second outfit so much, the dress is fantastic ... especially the details are super lovely.

  29. OMG I love those silver glitter shoes! I also love your chiffon tunic, very cute.

  30. Such pretty shows! Those sparkly ones are my very favorite!

  31. Hello! I bet those leopard print heels look great when you wear them, but hurt like crazy. :)


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