Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mini Break

Hello lovelies!

It's a quick one from me,
I am having a little break from this wonderful Blogging world.

I'm keen to have structure and order back in my life.  Since giving up work I have developed a 'nap' habit, I think I need to get myself back into the living world, I need more fresh air, more challenges and less Netflix.
I'm hoping the old phrase 'a change is as good as a rest' will be the ticket.

Stay Foxy and I'll see you soon! 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Electric Avenue

Hello All! I hope you are having a lovely start to the week!

After a Mothers Day weekend bonanza of fun, it's all back to normal here.  Good job really. Although I haven't been a party animal since 1992, even then I was prone to the occasional falling asleep on a speaker.  This was back in the day, when nightclubs shut the bar at 2 am.  When there were slow dances (slowies) at the end of the night and the towel went on the bar, meaning no more drinks. Which was a good thing, there was only so many snakebites you could drink.  I was never fancy.

I decided to do a tour of song covers on Sunday,
Hey Dave!
Let's rock down to......
(I'm appallingly easily pleased)

 I got bored after half an hour though

This isn't a song cover

There's a Super Lambanana in there

I saw the Eldest off to visit a friend

Lime Street Station

What's that you are reading there?
Why it's Vix, in a magazine spread!


One of my Mothers Day presents, awwww

My photographer complaining bitterly,
ok, he may have kindly took photo's of me wrapped up warmly and prancing round the garden for hours, demanding more,
but still,
don't kill my groove, man
Dave says 'and don't kill your man'
but you are wearing lounge pants for goodness sake!!!


Crumbly Baby Outside,
chillin' with the bunnies,
and slightly terrified of Chocolate (left bunny)
Our gardens lush
(it's not, I'm being vile - I'm desperate for colour!!.......and a good tidy)

If you have 'Electric Avenue' - Eddy Grant appreciation

or an earworm
I give you an alternative
Blondie - Heart of Glass
Oh Debbie, so perfect!

Stay Cool Awesome People

see you soon!
 I'm getting a glass of wine and I'll be round in a bit
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

You make my Blog cool

Hello Lovely People! It's Thursday............ How? thank you for all of your gorgeous comments about the kitties, they are back on form and back to laser-pen fun.  Remember laser pens have to be used responsibly, do not point them at planes, helicopters or your husbands legs/lower area because you think it's really, really funny.  Apparently it's not.
But, hey! you  make my Blog cool.

Monday marked the 5th anniversary of Dave's Dad's passing
He's on the left,
he really was that cool,
he loved, was loved and will always be missed
He is making my Blog cool.


in her ring of comfort
.................................that doesn't sound at all right, does it?

Cookie knows how to light herself,
'Darling, always light me from below' 

That's how I always walk,
yep, that's me on the left

de-bobbling and gluing 

I'm going to have to boil wash this baby and re-dye it,
I'm not sure if I can re-dye it another colour though.

Some chazzed goodness

This is the 
'I can't take a decent photo; so here, look at my £2 chazzed chocolate fondue set'
chocolate fondue......................
*looks up into the distance*

Me, with my actual real hair for once
and a stroppy face

This is what I wear when I make lemon drizzle cake,
no lipstick however,
I'm about to go face first into cake mixture,

I pimonkey-ed it and gave myself a terrible facial rash,

This is the first brand new coat I have bought in years
£15 in the sale, weird fitting thing, look at the arms!

Eldest was going to throw these shoes out
are you kidding me?

I also discovered last week I have a phobia,
Trypophobia - a fear of holes
I thought I just had an over-reacting aversion to holes,
Missy gave me the name
it's not all holes
just the creepy, horrible, vile skin crawling type
I then decided to cure myself by de-sensitizing myself,
which is possibly the worst idea I have ever had in my entire life.

So, if I have given anyone the creeps,
accept my apologies

This should help

Cute Kittens

Adorable Puppies

Also I'd like to mention Carol S,
 thank you for your +1's on Google!
you make my Blog cool too.

You know I need help when I'm still using the word 'Cool'

see you soon!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A study in Hair

Hello All! I hope you are all well and having a fabulous week so far!

The kittens operations went well *breathes huge sigh of relief* However we did have 'Cone' issues. the kittens were discharged on Friday with those ruddy awful plastic neck cones and we were given strict instructions to leave them on for 14 days.
Within 10 minutes of arriving home Jaffa had released herself from hers and poor Crumble was unable to function with hers on.   Half an hour of chasing Jaffa stressed her out completely.  The vets were phoned and I was informed I had to put the cone back on her..... ahem, how? so I made a decision, leave the cone off and watch her like a hawk.  The next day, after finding Crumble face down on the bathroom floor,  I took hers off too.
The difference in Crumble was immediate.  She was happy.
I know this may be controversial to remove the cones.  But, so far so good.
Although Jaffa has removed one stitch (the wound is still healthy and intact)

I decided to create Herb Ritts inspired Photographs 
(apologies to Mr Ritts)

I was undecided over whether to publish them,
it all felt rather indulgent,

but then I thought
Sod it!
I like them!

I'm eating a poisoned paper weight
don't do it!
it makes you terribly queasy 


and the most hideously awkward to photograph outfit I have ever worn,

I'm linking in with Sacramento - Share in Style, Free


Anne - 52 Pick me up, Dots,

I'll be round shortly,
I'm off on 'kitty wound watch' again

See you Soon!!
and a Big Thank You for all of your wonderful comments!
you guys!!!