Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blooming heck

Hello there, it's been a while,  terribly sorry about that.

I'm in a funk right now, I'm so funky Rick James could slap some bass on me, play my tune and depress us all.
I haven't visited you, which is pretty bad form.  It is unusual and frankly ridiculous.  I'm riding this out, I'm fine. I'm just not the greatest communicator at times.

Poor Cookie had a massive eye infection,
it required an injection and oral medicine,

I turned 46

Miss middle child turned 14,
in those bags are anime cos-play items that now means she can defeat titans anytime anyplace

Vintage clip-on sunglasses, immaculately kept since the 50's, come into my possession, last a few weeks and die, this is why I can't have nice things

I watched the wrong tutorial on how to carry a clutch bag

I've been passing off nutella jars as legitimate glasswear for years,
I clearly am a visionary,
I predict watering cans as the next big thing

We said goodbye to our beautiful Chocolate,
we were all utterly devastated,
she was our family,
 she owned the garden and trained us humans well,
she was the most affectionate rabbit grande dame I ever met,
I'm so glad I did

Moonshine has been coping fairly well, the cats have been looking after her too

I'll be back in touch soon,


  1. Hello stranger, you've been missed. ♥

    I'm deeply sorry to hear about Chocolate, and hope Cookie's eye is healing well.

    Belated birthday wishes to yourself and your daughter.

    Have a wonderful week xx

  2. Lots of folks seem to be taking a blog breather at the moment (including me!), sometimes you just need to for a while. Hope you feel better soon, lovely.

  3. Sorry to hear about your rabbit and I hope Cookie is well again soon. Your Nutella jar glassware will soon be all the rage; I predict!

  4. Wateringcans! Thanks! I'll get right on it! Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter!!! Happy to see you!!! So sorry about Chocolate, I'm glad that the kittens (now almost Cats!) look after Moonshine! Love the portrait of you and Mr F - say hello for us! Hope everything is well with you guys, and miss you. xxxxx

  6. I swear it's in the air, chin up chick. I hope you had a wonderful birthday xx

  7. Hello Sandra Happy birthday to you and your daughter , so sorry to hear about Chocolate ,hope you are all keeping well ! best wishes to you all xxx

  8. Great pics dear Sandra! Kissers.

  9. Best wishes for your and your daughters birthday and I am very sorry about your poor bunny.
    LG Carolin

  10. 46 you say, why I would say 26, maybe even 36 but not 46! Happy bloody Birthday Darling!!! You are excused from blogging as you have been busy with birthdays and pet loss, so all is understandable. You are missed tho.

  11. I hope you get through your rough patch alright, Sandra - lots of stuff going on in your life, good and bad. Miss your posts! <3

    'And this is why I can't have nice things' ... LOL

  12. Oh Sandra, I'm sorry you are in a funk. Poor Chocolate. Poor you. And I know how cats feel about eye drops and tablets, so you have my sympathies there too. Life may be kicking your arse at the moment, but I'm sure it'll pass. And happy birthday! xxxx

  13. Oh no ... so sorry to hear about Chocolate and so sorry you're feeling a bit down.
    On the upside a very happy birthday to you and Miss Middle Child ... you've caught back up to me so we can be twins again :0)

  14. If nothing else were on The List but a cat requiring trips to the vet and eye meds, you would be entitled to a major funk. You are strong, you can do stuff -- and you will perservere! Be very kind to yourself, Sandra. (Eating Nutella for energy and to increase your stock of glassware is an excellent idea.)

  15. Happy Birthdays all round. 46? You don't look a day over 25! I've been a bit Antisocial myself. That's life. I also have nutella jars as glasses in the cupboard. SNAP. RIP Chocolate, we love them so, don't we? Nothing makes it better other than time to grieve and heal xxxx

  16. happy birthday! are you sure its 46? such young face!!!
    poor cat and i´m so sorry about the little chocolate. i hope you and the kitty will recover soon - i miss your gorgeous posts!
    i never buy expensive sunglasses - only drugstore stuff - good ones would get lost or broken within minutes.....
    fab clutch :-)

  17. Hello sweetie, I am so sorry about your royal funkiness. And about Chocolate. I have been crap at posting and visiting too, though I am trying. It feels like running against the wind sometimes. Belated Happy Birthday! You look young and gorgeous and somewhere around 25. I love your blog-your humour, your way with words and the way you approach life, your style and your smile. You are awesome. Nutella jars are perfect as drinks glasses. You are brilliant! I break sunglasses too. I only buy cheap ones because I know I will destroy them. Look after yourself however you need to and know that you are adored. xoxoxo

  18. Very belated birthday greetings to you and Miss middle child. You don't look 46 young lady, whatever you are doing, keep on doing it. Sorry to hear about Chocolate, glad the cats are looking out for Moonshine. Big hugs xx

  19. Hello Dear, I havent been here for ages, hope you are doing fine *hugs*

  20. Missing you and your witty stories about your wonderful family. Hoping you will come back soon, you are dearly missed.


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