Saturday, 23 May 2015

Peaches guide to Gameshow Etiquette

Hello Gorgeous! how are you? I hope everything is good.

After a mammoth epic adventure I'm well and truly knackered, but I promise I'll be round soon.  I can't tell you anything about our 'Pointless' appearance *gah* as we signed a contract. However, I can tell you what not to do if you ever want to appear on a game show.

1.  Please remember left and right.   You may need to step to one side as your partner will need to answer a question, I simultaneously forgot how to move as well as forgetting left/right. Dave had no option but to shove me out of the way.
2.  Remember you will be wearing a microphone.  When you whisper to your partner you need to burp, then triumphantly announce you have.  It will not be a private moment.
3.  Deciding to wipe your teeth just as the co-host approaches and having an awkward 'I can't shake your hand/limply clutches co-host's fingers with wrong hand' as I have saliva on my shaking hands hand.
4.  Wear comfortable shoes.......please, please wear comfortable shoes.
5.  Remember to put lipstick on.  The make-up artist lined my lips and filled them.  I was meant to use my lippy, then forgot.
6.  Remain focused.  Those damn lights are shiny and distracting.

We had an amazing time, I confess I'm not a natural in front of the camera, but I laughed, a lot.  Our group were hilarious.  My make-up had to be re-touched 4 times.  My cats-eye wings were constantly on my cheeks.  They were damn fine people.  I thank you.

This is how much luggage I packed for us and also for the children who stayed at our parents for 2, I repeat 2 nights.

2pm - the adventure begins


Tell me again why I can't have a chaise longue, when one of my gifts in life is to recline extremely well,

Filming day
not bricking it AT ALL

The Studio

The journey home,
thank goodness for my daughters Chucks,
 poor swollen ankles,
my feet were in bits

Almost home,

at this point we are exhausted.
At the end of our journey a man gets Dave's attention. he shows Dave his phone.
On it he has written an incredibly sweet tribute to Dave and I. His observation of us as a couple. About our positivity and affection to each other.
His name is Ali, a father of 3 and a very, very nice man.
We thanked him, 
I was truly over-whelmed by such a sweet gesture.

Despite being totally knackered, Dave had a day off work so off out we went.
I'm channeling Cannes,
as you do

The Victoria Gallery and Museum,
also the corner of Liverpool Universtiy,
breath-takingly beautiful

I pledge to Stay Classy and always, ALWAYS take bathroom selfies

A quick chazza visit score, £3.49

My latest project

I'd like to say
A BIG THANK-YOU for all of your kindess and support!!!
you rock my world,



  1. The chances of me appearing on any tv show are slim to none but thanks for the advise!!! I know you are sworn to secrecy, which must but dam hard, but I cannot wait to hear more!! You and the gorgeous Dave look like you had a grand old time, and of course you have a fan already, well more than one. I need to master the mirror selfies and the bathroom ones, maybe some tips?? xxxxxx

    1. You need no tips you gorgeous woman! x x x

  2. P fricken S: I do believe I am FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your hard earned wisdom, Sandra! I had a good belly laugh! :))) I'm happy you are back, and I do believe you had a GREAT experience. You look absolutely, fantastically GORGEOUS in all of your outfits (Dave, you too!). I just can imagine someone approaching you guys to tell you that you are an amazing couple - because you truly are!

    The library looks breathtaking, thanks for so many wonderful pics! xxxxxx

  4. I was looking forward to reading this post. I'm glad you had a nice experience on the show. I will keep all your advices in mind, if I ever really appear there.

    You two are really adorable...such a sweet couple...and it is so nice that a stranger reminded you of it:) sweet:)

    I'm not suprised you packed that much for the kids...sometimes it is better to overpack!

    love your outfits...and can't wait to see the projects finished.

    have a blessed Sunday....

  5. p.s. by appear there I mean applying or being on a similar game show...pardon my bad sentence structure, it is still early in the morning.

  6. I bet you rocked the place and had a right laugh. I bet Alexander and Richard loved you.
    I agree, you do recline sensationally and put me in mind of and Ingres painting but with yer kit on. You really should have a chaise.
    Can't wait to see you on

  7. I have never seen Pointless (no telly) but I'm glad you had a good time! That building you posted for your photo of London is actually one of my faves, and sort of local to me (it's in my home borough anyway!)

    The Victoria gallery looks amazing, and it's great to see a workman using the cafe too. And you *definitely* need a chaise longue.

    1. I'm so chuffed to have captured that building! crazy I was near where you live though, would have been brilliant to bump into you! x x x

  8. I will definitely keep all your advice in mind should I ever make my game show debut … chances of this occurring are extremely slim … though I must admit I did apply to be on the Bargain Hunt Aussie special a few years ago, and never even heard back … how rude ;0)
    When does your show hit the telly screens? Im hanging out to find out how you did :0)

    1. Aussie Bargain Hunt should be ashamed!! you would have been blooming brilliant! our show airs in 6 months, I expect to be watching behind a cushion x x x

  9. You look so gorgeous with your hair in curls and your pretty face. Jealous!
    How amazing to have this experience. Well done on saying yes. Do you feel braver now?
    Chaise longues are you! What a draper you are. Amazing! All we need is an attendant man at your feet. Oh and maybe someone fanning you! Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks Jazzy! braver? yes! but I don't think I'd do it again hehe! yes please to an attendant man, should be mandatory with all chaise purchases! x x x

  10. Looking fabulous! My friend Liz went to Liverpool for the first time this week and was only telling me last night how gorgeous the Walker Gallery was. Freaky coincidence!
    Love the story about Ali. How touching!
    When do we get to see you fabulous pair on the TV? I'm dying to watch it.

  11. Amazing pictures Sandra! Kisses.

  12. Be sure to put a clip of the show on YouTube when it airs so we can all see it!!!

  13. This sounds like quite the experience! How I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

    You hair looked amazing BTW.


  14. The love vibe between you and Dave must be blinding! What a sweet thing Ali did.
    Or maybe he just recognized your startling star power after your television debut. Hahaha! That sounds like so much fun. Your list of what-not-to-dos are hilarious and I hope I'll be able to witness them in action on YouTube some day.
    I look forward to seeing your latest project as well. You look amazing in red.

  15. Wow---that sounds like so much fun for both you and hubby... What a great experience. Can I call you my 'celebrity' friend now???????

    Great group of pictures.

    1. Aw Betsy! you can, as long as I can call you my Legend from Tennessee! x x x

  16. Channeling Cannes ... you crack me up. :)

  17. Oh and I forgot to say how stunning you look in that picture, too. Absolutely stunning. :)

    1. Thank you, I'm blushing! *wish I had a blushing emoji!* x x x

  18. OMG! SOOOO exciting! Don't forget to tell us when the episode is going to be shown. Ha, I'd have been bricking it too! And I think we should all have a make-up lady following us around to touch us up. Yeah, that doesn't sound quite right, but you know what I mean...
    Always classy, darling, much like the Victoria Gallery, which we missed on our trip last year. No matter, it will be there for the next visit, won't it?
    You're rocking the black and white at the moment, but come on, don't be a tease, show us that red beauty you're working on! xxx

  19. I bet Xander and Richard were great weren't they? I like the way they banter with each other, really funny. I bet it's just impossible to answer any questions isn't it? Don't your brains turn to mush? Can't wait to see you on it. Ali sounds adorable, what a lovely thing to do. You and Dave are obviously mad about each other. Xxxx

  20. how wonderful Sandra ,can't wait to see the programme ! , I must say I do love your hair like that ,very pretty have a good week best wishes xxx

  21. My best friend Jenny has a chaise it was a present to herself years ago and she loves it, sadly I'm too long for it and cannot recline in the manner I would like too.

    I bet you were fabulous, I would have panicked and shaken hands with the soggy lipsticky hand!

  22. Thank you ladies for all your fabulous comments!! you are all gorgeous - the show will air in 6 months *gasp* I expect to be horrifically pished watching it! also I have clear evidence I should have a chaise now, I thank you! x x x

  23. I've never know a celebrity before! I'm so excited for you and I'm glad you had such a great time! I bet you were the cutest couple there! :)

  24. You look lovely, Sandra. This is all very exciting, I can hardly wait to see you both on Pointless :) xx

  25. Hello gorgeous! I suppose I am going to have to wait years and years to find your show on the internet. Damn! You look fantastic reclining and I love that reclining outfit. AND the Cannes Channeling pic-I need to add that to my must paint it stash. I painted you first and as I keep painting women I get a bit more confident and so I really want to paint you again.
    I too want a chaise but honestly I would have to get rid of the sofa or a table or my bed or something. There is no extra unfilled chaise-space in my flat at the moment.
    What a sweet story about the tribute a stranger made to you and Dave. You must radiate love. Do puppies and kittens and rainbows spontaneously appear around you? xoxo

  26. thank you for your recent visit and a sweet comment you left me:)!

  27. What show?? Whaaaaaaaaaatttt shoooooow? Secrets are no fun, ask me mum she can't keep 'em, she's bluddy useless. :D You look bluddy gorgeous luv, and OH ain't arf bad either :D


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