Friday, 18 April 2014

Delusional hair scarf

I hope you are having a lovely Friday! it's the Bank Holiday weekend and I'm having a Gin and Tonic!

Old pics discovered in my Mum and Dads loft on Wednesday
My family
My Eldest brothers mobile disco (he's in shorts, he's still in shorts)
My Mum and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary
we may have been drinking something fancy like Pomagne or Charlemaigne 
I still remember some of my brothers playlist
'Stars on 45'
'Simply the Best' Tina Turner
'The Whole of the moon' The Waterboys
and it was my job to start the dancing
before the buffet

The 'oh dear'? 
I seem to have left some important information on it, ahem

Beach Day
Of course we came with a bottle of water
no sunscreen or food though

Before we left I did my hair in a scarf
this is what I was hoping/dreaming for
off I went, happy in the knowledge I felt like a Flapper in the sunshine
This is what I did

It was much later it occurred to me that this is what I actually achieved

Rectified, eventually
(nothing against Tupac of course!)

First time I saw this I thought it was called
The Lady Garden Centre
I really wanted to go 
I had visions of a Brazilian topiary or at least some deftly pruned shrubs

Bargain £1 worth of strawberries

have a wonderful weekend!
Sue! I haven't forgot to share my shoes!
it's grim haha! all will be clear! 

see you all next week you flaming wonderful bunch!

In honour of Colonel Hogg's
My brothers disco
Stars on 45



  1. I love strawberries... When I can get them here, I put them on my yogurt --along with some Blueberries each morning for breakfast... YUM... Bet your 'fresh' ones tasted fantastic.

    Sounds like you all had a great time at the beach.. That sand looked so soft... We are going to the beach in May --and I am READY.... Love the beach!

    Good old photos of your family... I could pick you out easily in that first photo.... Loved it.

    Your scarf looked great and NO, you did not look like Tupac...ha


  2. What a fun time! I love old family photos and the memories they instantly evoke. The beach is so gorgeous and I imagined myself sitting in the hot sand just like your girls, burying my legs. You are waaaaaay cuter than Tupac, and you absolutely pull off a sassy head scarf. I have yet to dare leave the house with a scarf on my head. I have horrible, tragic, scarred me for life memories of wearing head scarves when I was eleven.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. One year we went to the Wickerman Festival, and I had a fab idea. Bought a gorgeous big scarf and creatively arranged it on my head in, what I thought, was a very stylish fashion, all set to go listen to a band and eat porridge (LOVE a good festival!). Imagine my disappointment when, not only would the girls not let me leave the tent, hubby couldn't stop laughing and compared me to Ena Sharples... Having looked back at a photo I'm quite glad they confiscated it!

    You, however, look fab! Great post!

  4. Oh you rock the headscarf luv, me I look like a fecking refugee! "I go back to Bosnia now"
    I'm a grooving to the music and spinning on my chair (nearly fell off) That's all my era, Oh the BCR's 'scream, swoon' lmao :D Those sand dunes and beach looks lovely. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Cute pictures and great family! Kisses dear.

  6. Darling, I never thought of Tupac for a second, I thought you rocked it alllll the way.
    Argh, easter...I've been sick, so no choccie, no fun for ME! Certainly no beach; how lovely it looks there! Pissing down rain here, the beaches would have been ghastly!

  7. LOL! You had me laughing with your Tupac impersonation! Too funny!

    Loved the old pics.


  8. Is that you in the black frock and hat? How fabulous, get you - grooving on down to Stars on 45! ("Remember twist and shout...") Isn't your mum a glamour puss?
    Get away with you, you don't look like Tupac, you daft bugger! Love your frock, the scarf, the bluest sky, the beach, and the waves. And your lovely family, of course. And strawberries! xxx

  9. Look at the size of your brother's pants ... they could have rented those out to house entire communities. You may have been Tupac ... but they were definitely channelling MC Hammer.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :0)

  10. I love those old photos! You still have a dazzling smile (and I bet you always get the dancing started!). Your scarf looks very cool, all references to Tupac aside.

    But there is no way you're in the UK with those blue skies! Unbelievable! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I just laughed out load at your comparison to Tupac! So funny! Don't worry, you wear the head scarf much better than he did. (No offence, Tupac, RIP.) You always look fabulous, and I'm very jealous of your trip to the beach in the sunshine. Lucky thing! I miss the seaside. You really haven't aged since those old photos were taken; and I can see you loved dressing up back then as much as you do now! xx

  12. You went to the beach like me!!! Loved your headscarf and your interpretations of it, see i thought it just looked super. How gorgeous were you in your black and white photo, not that you aren't gorgeous anymore. We have shitty old rain today but it is still warm, not a mix I normal go for but holiday is holiday so could be a video kind of afternoon. Happy four day break to you and yours!!

  13. Tupac. You silly rabbit. You look quite gorgeous and all Lulu flappery. Oh disco. I hated it at the time but now when I hear it I just start dancing. I have some sort of delayed disco syndrome. Aren't your girls just beautiful!!!!

  14. Oh I needed that laugh! What with Tupac head scarves, mobile disco awesomeness and lady gardens, I have had a jolly giggle thanks to you. Have a wonderful Easter to you and your gorgeous family. XXX

  15. Wow, that mobile disco looked like fun! I love looking at old photos. Hope you all have a fab Easter. I think I'd end up looking like Tupac in a scarf too! It did make me laugh. I've also seen the same garden centre as you and also misread it as the lady garden centre. Those Strawberries look amazing, I really want some strawberries now! xxx

  16. Hello love!! I love both versions of the headscarf styling, more 50s than flapper though :-) wow is that you in that black dress and hat in the flashback pictures?? How on earth didn't you get sunburnt? Wishing you a happy Easter doll!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  17. I remember whizzing around the roller skating rink to Stars on 45, I would wait for it all evening and was the highlight of the session. The Whole of the Moon is still a wonderful song, thank you for sharing the lovely photos :). Your family beach pics are fabulous, there's something so magical about sand dunes, they're so quiet, then suddenly the ROAR of the ocean as it gets closer. What a beautiful day and I adore your headscarf SO MUCH!!! xoxoxoxo

  18. Those beach shots are fabulous. Loving the headband xx

  19. Looking as gorgeous then as you do now! The beach looks wonderful, you obviously had better bank Holiday weather up there than we did, its been effing freezing! Love your headscarf, not a bit Tupac, you daft cat! xxxx

  20. You are always so much fun! I would say no ... you don´t look like Tupac, absolutely not! You´re a funny, smart and sexy lady. Love your beach day, and your family photos. Have a wonderful week, darling! And don´t forget join us the next Share in Style, next Saturday. Lot of kisses.

  21. What a gorgeous woman you are, Sandra! I love your old photos - such an impressive look you created with that hat and maxi dress and gloves, just wow! And yet, I love Sandra that I know now- the one who always cracks me up with a great spontaneous joke in your blog or your comments on other blogs, the one who flaunts the prettiest feminine dresses with flowers and butterflies on them, and the one who is way to adorable to compare herself with that guy. You are such a marvel, my dear. Beach and fun time with your beloved ones... what else we need for happiness! :)

  22. Your girls are just like you GORGEOUS and proud mama.

  23. Great pictures of the beach ,love the scarf in the hair, suits you, Best wishesxxxx

  24. oh god!!! stars on 45 was my favourite song EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Beach days are the best. You look amazing, Tupac!


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