Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nothing's impossible

Hello there! how are you? I hope you are all doing brilliantly!

I've had a bit of a mahoosive break.  I spent time with my brain and indulged in an awful lot of contemplation *groan* I pondered the Maiden/Mother/Crone philosophy (the stages of a woman's life) I had a go at being sexy, apparently throwing my leg around a door and slapping my bum isn't remotely hot.  Nope, it's all about being confident in yourself.  And if that requires a shit load of make-up, big hair, some fancy clothes and a bucket load of coconut body butter to hydrate my leathery skin, so be it! I'm feeling sassy, and I like it!

Now, I should give you a strong warning.
This post is HUGE
Feel free to skip!......................honestly, it's massive

Table sale bed sheets make the best dresses
No Ironing!

My dedicated helper

Circle skirt 

a buggered bodice

Finished dress with a lined bodice,
I caught a severe bout of wave envy from Sue,
I waved my hair. 
Best. Thing. Ever.

See that thing behind me?
the thing I vowed never to go on,
after 3 large glasses of white wine I was running at it shouting 'YOLO'

*silently squealing*
look at the gap

Apparently on this day there was a severe weather warning for gales, GALES!!
'when you want to come down, press the emergency button'

we saw live music,
this band were bloody brilliant 

My lovely Paloma Faith

At some point long ago, apparently I agreed to go for an audition for a game show called 'Pointless' with Dave
As part of my new gung-ho approach to new adventures, I agreed,
Look, I'm not remotely nervous

The audition was in Manchester

We passed the audition!

I also seem to be growing hair,
I have hair!

Seeing as I may be on the telly I bought some make-up,
There is nothing 'Natural' about this, my face has
 foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, contouring, eyebrow wax and powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner and a wall to lean against to keep your head up from the weight of it all

White eyeliner stops you looking tired apparently,
this was pre-youtube tutorial,
I have used the 80's teen approach here of whacking it on with gusto

my etsy clip on 50's vintage catseye sunnies,
I'm in love with them, even though they are teeeeeeny

New Brighton 

I've thrown a little eye cleanser in and a moment to breathe
 how you doing? you ok?
do you want a nap or a cocktail?
lets have a fancy cocktail!!!!!

I learned how to make sushi!

Liverpool Catholic Cathedral,
Vintage fair in the crypt,
getting into the crypt was an adventure in itself

Vintage kimono from the Bahamas!!
it leaves silver everywhere
it just keeps giving!

I had a romantic moment and picked Dave up from the airport

Meh outfit

we finally got the gardening bug,
it's good for the soul
disclaimer; this isn't our garden, our rabbits would annihilate this

The End!

and wise words from Ms West

I'll be visiting you all shortly!
and thank you for the kind emails while I was away,



  1. Hooray, you're back and I've missed you!!
    Pointless? I love that show. Funnily enough I've just watched a repeat of Bargain Hunt where one of my friends was in the red team and won.
    Gorgeous dressmaking. It was worth taking an internet break to hone your skills. The dresses are ace and so are you.
    I've seen Paloma a few times. I adore her. xxxxxx

  2. Oooh I love Pointless but I'm never home from work in time to see it :( Fab frocks darling you look amazing as ever. x x

  3. Blimey, you have been busy! Glad you had a good time away from us but it's good to have you back :)

  4. I hope you'll be on TV! The world would never be the same after that! LOL Loved your "freaked out" face! I would have been vomiting. Must look up that show Pointless.

    So happy you decided to come back for a visit : )


  5. Yaaaaaayyyyyy! You are back, I'm so happy! Can't say enough to express how much I've missed you! You look just amazing - refreshed and gorgeous! Loved all your outfits (inlc. "meh" - not, it's not, it's lovely, romantic and classy) and hair, and sunnies, and your make-up - so masterful! I'm so happy to see that you had such full life while absent from Bloglandia. Congratulations on passing the audition, wahoooo! You and Dave will be TV stars soon! Loved the shots from up high (I'm afraid of heights myself), and your sushi look yummy (when my parents visited a couple of years ago, we were obsessed with sushi making, it's so much easier than it seems, isn't it?). Love your new dresses and your unbeatable attitude - nothing is impossible, yes! I smile all the way while reading your blog! You are inspiring, my dear! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I love your sewing skills, I need to make a new dress! But I've been trying to loose a little weight before I do it, so it hasn't gotten done!
    what kind of show is "Pointless"? I would love to see you on tv! :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures Peaches! I wish I could sew, you are so talented!

  8. How clever are you at making dresses ,love the post great pictures ,love the longer hair. So missed you Sandra glad to see you back , PS thank you for your lovely comments best wishes x

  9. Great pics and cute dresses. I love your hair and make-up! Kisses.

  10. Sandra! There you are! It's good to have you back, I don't mind how long your post is, or anything!
    Loving the curls, and I laughed over how many beauty products you use - I must day you look flawlessly lovely so you're doing a fab job with them!
    Fab homemade frocks, great gung-ho spirit (even if the big wheel was too much of a test of it...) AND a Pointless appearance in the offing - I'm very excited! xxx

  11. Hello, hello! So happy to see you again. Your sewing feats amaze and delight! My favourite photo is you with the coffee and your hair blowing. That was maybe not the one you were aiming for but I love it. Well done with heights too. I would love to go on that thing.
    You gonna be a schtar!! Heh. Awesome. I hope you can play your star clip on YouTube.

  12. Welcome back! Good God, you've been a busy bee! I'm loving all the dresses and your make up looks fab. I wish my eyebrows looked as good as yours! You will certainly be the most fabulous Pointless guest / contestant ever. How exciting! xx

  13. Welcome back. I am slightly obsessed with pointless! Good luck! Your handmade dresses are fab xx

  14. I missed you! You look fabulous! And scared before the audition. And cold in New Brighton. :)

    Your sewing skills are still amazing, and now I want to make a coat with a shimmering spiderweb on it like Mae's, dammit. ;)

  15. You are so gorgeous! Glad the break did some good for your brain.
    Your sewing is going from strength to strength! So many cool things to comment on. Love your silver giving kimono, the cat eye sunnies shot, and the coffee in the hair shot!
    Good luck with the TV show...not that you need it, obviously.
    Gungho attitude is amazing. Hope it helps! So Jazzy Jack

  16. More!!!! I want more!!!!
    Welcome back gorgeous I have missed you terribly!!
    Wave envy and sheet couture, you are on a roll darling!!
    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. nothing is impossible! you got that right! both of the dresses you made are amazing...and your little helper is so cute!!!!

    I really like the fact you're having fun with your hair...I saw one really cute curly hairdo there.

    Kudos for taking that ride..I always loved those kind of things....heights make me feel relaxed.

    Lovely make up look...sometimes natural is overrated;) I'm trying to use more make up lately...and congrats for passing the audition (cute polka dot ensemble).

    Those sunnies are fabulous...I love them too!

    Thank you for your visit and I'm happy to see you again:)

  18. Welcome back!

    I adore your handmade dresses, especially the last, that fabric is gorgeous!

    So many wonderful images and adventures.

    Wow! Please let us know when you'll appear on pointless, that's so exciting.

    Have a perfect weekend xx

  19. Hurrah you're back … so many exciting happenings in your part. I really think you need to do a beauty vlog … you're looking ravishing! Tell more about this tv audition … are you about to become rich and famous?

  20. Hi there, Just stopping by to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to you. I’m sure you are having a fabulous day. I celebrated yesterday when one of my sons and his beautiful wife came to see us….

    As you probably know, we’ve been out-of-town this past week and I haven’t done any blogging much at all. I hope you enjoyed my two Tulip blog posts while we were gone——and be sure and tune in tomorrow morning to find out what we’ve been doing this past week….

    Enjoyed your post today and was glad to hear from you. Sounds and looks like you have had a great break time --with lots of things going on. At first, I thought it WAS your garden....Wooooo.


  21. I've been thinking about you, wondering where the heck you've been! And now that I know... I'm not thinking about you any more. Wait, that came out wrong...

  22. Huzzah! It's yerself, you gawjuss gal! Loads going on in your neck of the woods. Love your makes and your Paloma. Can I borrow her every now and then though? She is fecking magnificent.The camera loves you , darliong but of all teh photos of you here, I especially like you windswept beside the sea!

  23. So I'm reading the posts I've missed from the latest backwards, so when I asked Whhaaatttttttttttt Shhooooooow? Please disregard it as I now know! :D That wasn't a long post, I reckon you could do better than that hahah! I've been a bit slack on the blogging front lately and then when I get my arse in gear it turns out to be a very long post :D


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