Monday, 24 November 2014

A Herb Ritts tribute, well kind of..........if you look sideways..... and use your imagination

Hello Wonderful People!

It's a stripped down post from me, and a tribute to the incredible photographer Herb Ritts

It's Share-in-Style; Black and White, and  Anne's 52 week pick me up; Black
I am forever literal.


Bathroom Selfie 4 EVA

Happy Birthday to my littlest

Wearing my  Frank (Usher)

Jaffa and Crumble

Hairy bearded tattoed man kisses kitten

kitten approves


can I have a minute?

 ...........this is all getting a little too tasteful for my liking


I give you this

from the brilliant 
Kath and Kim

lately, when I start dancing, these are the exact moves I am busting
sadly I don't have red leather pants

this never fails 
utter brilliance

*breathes in and smiles*
 Harmony is restored

See you soon you foxy lovelies
I'm comin' for a visit!
let's party!


Saturday, 15 November 2014

A dress called Happy

Good Evening Lovely People!...... or Morning! I hope you are all having a good one!

My blog post is an accurate representation of my week.  My hopes, goals, achievements and epic fails.

For example 1 week ago I had an idea,  I was going to photograph my daily outfits.  I don't know why, for example  I think this outfit is neither inspiring or original,  I even wore the same cardigan and tights a week before.
But, you see, I really really like it when Bloggers post their outfits, I 'ooooh' a lot, I get inspired.  However, faced with dressing myself I get monumentally bored.  But, I challenged myself.

Oh Yeah
daily outfit pics, I can do that

and yes, this is what my internal high-5's look like

as usual
I got distracted

Mr F looking hot

and my cabbage/cauliflower holder

which I managed to break this week
the cauliflower holder, not Mr F

I take way too many pics of these kitties
(I adore them so much)

Our Internet Problems?

A Senior Internet Engineer arrived this week to solve our problems
I have to emphasise 'Senior' because he did
'I'm the Senior Engineer'

I learned 
 'Your radiators affect wi-fi, look it up on the internet'

(I  decided to ignored the irony of this statement due to our internet connection not working properly)

(Now, I may be slightly sarcastic here)

It's true
I was informed

 mirrors affect wi-fi,
and if you have a mirror and a picture opposite each other in the same room as your modem, your radio waves are just going to bounce off each other,  

additionally optimum wi-fi connection is achieved in a detached house with massive gardens/fields around them, because the Senior Engineer lives in one and he has no problems

side note; at this point the Senior Engineer is getting quite animated, he's on a roll.  He is ignoring every reasonable point I am making, because he is a Senior Engineer and.......... no way! he has just discovered we have......

a remote printer?           
now this is very bad for wi-fi

and he just continued........on and on

'your laptop is old'
and the classic
'I'll speak to your husband'

And this was me
(including the Moustache............. I haven't had my personal 'wax time')

(The Senior Engineer returned 2 days later with another Engineer because we were still having problems, Mr F was back from Edinburgh, I stayed in the back room because I really wanted to knock the Senior Engineer out, Mr F suggested there might be a problem with the modem, they changed it, problem is solved)

The week continued

I sat there and played with Crumble
with golden ric-rac

Still no outfit pics

I was sent a catalogue
I spent time studying male model poses and concluded they are vastly different to female model poses

male models do a lot of chin holding and looking intelligent whilst looking wistfully away

It is very hard to replicate
(and yes, I tried)

New material 
I want colour

I  have absolutely no idea if this will work
(below is me wittering on while the kittens are being utterly adorable, occasional comments from Mr F who is working very hard and I was ignoring all household responsibilities filming kittens and making a dress)

I have been posed

Missy took the photo and wanted me to pose with scissors
this is the payoff, she does me a favour 
so I have to pose slightly maniacally with open scissors

in my dress I made
her name is 'Happy'
because sometimes I name my dresses

In Conclusion

Outfit Posts - 28% success 
Kitty Pics - 100% success
Housework - I don't like it
Making a dress - 100% success
No Smoking - 100 % success
Exercise Plan - 100% success

Must try harder with outfit pics


Thank you for your comments on my last post!
You Rock!!!

See you soon


Friday, 7 November 2014

The Glory Days of the Aerobic Glitterati

It's Friday! I hope you have all had a wonderful week, it's much chillier here.  Yesterday I actually put a coat on.

I think the internet is a wonderful thing, until it breaks, which ours has been doing....... lots.  Mr Internet Fix-it-Man has been round to resolve it and then very lengthily explained our internet woes, something to do with a flashing orange light and 1 way traffic which is now more like a motorway  -  I listened robustly for the first 2 minutes,
It's still not working properly though.
Blooming Internet Motorway.

The outfits I made, apart from the very scary skeleton

 Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill) 

Once I completed the make-up/gore,  the Boiler Service Man arrived, we had a lovely, civilised conversation about radiators and our almost knackered boiler, which needs replacing, we should really think about it next year


Sassy B's mini shindig

Toilet roll?
I think one day I'm going to actually take proper photo's

The Truth

The Restaurant Bathroom Selfie 

This stuff appeals to me
It's all very tongue-in-cheek 

I find compromise is important
Mr F wanted to try something different in the bedroom

His suggestion was the radical changing of the duvet cover from white to a lively patterned number

I'm still not convinced

I'm finally done with decorating

I wrote several catchy tunes whilst decorating, K-tel would have been all over me,
there were classics such as;
'I hate decorating'
'Decorating Sucks'
and the catchy

'When will it stop'

Just in case you haven't heard of K-tel

This is the best kitty toy ever

I have become bored of the gym
blah, blah, blah

I have been throwing myself round the backroom in an attempt to become fitter.  I stopped smoking 6 days ago (I'm using the vapes/vapour's as a nicotine replacement)
I need to feel the benefits so I combined it with a non-negotiable 5 day a week fitness plan
Is it easier to breathe? yes, 
The Youtube aerobic people are very lovely 
but I miss the sparkle and glamour of the original Aerobic glitterati 
and all of the neon lycra 

This is what I want to do
........and wear

I could watch these for hours
they are FLAWLESS

I would like to give A Big Thank you for your comments on my last post,
....and we like Cheese!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

See you soon (internet permitting)