Saturday, 23 May 2015

Peaches guide to Gameshow Etiquette

Hello Gorgeous! how are you? I hope everything is good.

After a mammoth epic adventure I'm well and truly knackered, but I promise I'll be round soon.  I can't tell you anything about our 'Pointless' appearance *gah* as we signed a contract. However, I can tell you what not to do if you ever want to appear on a game show.

1.  Please remember left and right.   You may need to step to one side as your partner will need to answer a question, I simultaneously forgot how to move as well as forgetting left/right. Dave had no option but to shove me out of the way.
2.  Remember you will be wearing a microphone.  When you whisper to your partner you need to burp, then triumphantly announce you have.  It will not be a private moment.
3.  Deciding to wipe your teeth just as the co-host approaches and having an awkward 'I can't shake your hand/limply clutches co-host's fingers with wrong hand' as I have saliva on my shaking hands hand.
4.  Wear comfortable shoes.......please, please wear comfortable shoes.
5.  Remember to put lipstick on.  The make-up artist lined my lips and filled them.  I was meant to use my lippy, then forgot.
6.  Remain focused.  Those damn lights are shiny and distracting.

We had an amazing time, I confess I'm not a natural in front of the camera, but I laughed, a lot.  Our group were hilarious.  My make-up had to be re-touched 4 times.  My cats-eye wings were constantly on my cheeks.  They were damn fine people.  I thank you.

This is how much luggage I packed for us and also for the children who stayed at our parents for 2, I repeat 2 nights.

2pm - the adventure begins


Tell me again why I can't have a chaise longue, when one of my gifts in life is to recline extremely well,

Filming day
not bricking it AT ALL

The Studio

The journey home,
thank goodness for my daughters Chucks,
 poor swollen ankles,
my feet were in bits

Almost home,

at this point we are exhausted.
At the end of our journey a man gets Dave's attention. he shows Dave his phone.
On it he has written an incredibly sweet tribute to Dave and I. His observation of us as a couple. About our positivity and affection to each other.
His name is Ali, a father of 3 and a very, very nice man.
We thanked him, 
I was truly over-whelmed by such a sweet gesture.

Despite being totally knackered, Dave had a day off work so off out we went.
I'm channeling Cannes,
as you do

The Victoria Gallery and Museum,
also the corner of Liverpool Universtiy,
breath-takingly beautiful

I pledge to Stay Classy and always, ALWAYS take bathroom selfies

A quick chazza visit score, £3.49

My latest project

I'd like to say
A BIG THANK-YOU for all of your kindess and support!!!
you rock my world,


Friday, 15 May 2015

Profanity alert

Dear Readers,
We have received a call and must go to London next week to film!

Dave is thrilled, 


I have agreed to go on a game show, it will ask me questions based on my general knowledge.  You cannot say 'I don't know'. You have to give an answer, any answer.

This week I spoke to a lovely girl from the show, we discuss my interests.
on the application (oooooh, I remember it all now) I had put that I like wicker baskets and nice things,
my strong points??????? I said I'm hoping to wing it
wing it,
on a game show with very clever people,
on the telly,
to be broadcast to an audience,
wing it.

there are rules over what you can and cannot wear,
which has ruled out most of my wardrobe,

Additionally since giving up smoking I have put weight on, 
my dresses have been game girls and let me get away with it until last week when
  Miss Lilac Polka Dot refused to play. Bugger.

I have given up bread for the foreseeable future.
and cake and other 'unhealthy' things like sugary lovliness,
Not alcohol though, fuck that

Now, I have to have 5 outfit options.
I will also have to colour my hair,
shave, false tan, pluck eyebrows, pack, 
the kids will be at my parents.....more packing

At no point have I thought to pick up a general knowledge quiz book.

Wish me luck Darlings,

I'll be round to visit soon

*thank you for your fabulous comments on my last post, you are gorgeous*


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nothing's impossible

Hello there! how are you? I hope you are all doing brilliantly!

I've had a bit of a mahoosive break.  I spent time with my brain and indulged in an awful lot of contemplation *groan* I pondered the Maiden/Mother/Crone philosophy (the stages of a woman's life) I had a go at being sexy, apparently throwing my leg around a door and slapping my bum isn't remotely hot.  Nope, it's all about being confident in yourself.  And if that requires a shit load of make-up, big hair, some fancy clothes and a bucket load of coconut body butter to hydrate my leathery skin, so be it! I'm feeling sassy, and I like it!

Now, I should give you a strong warning.
This post is HUGE
Feel free to skip!......................honestly, it's massive

Table sale bed sheets make the best dresses
No Ironing!

My dedicated helper

Circle skirt 

a buggered bodice

Finished dress with a lined bodice,
I caught a severe bout of wave envy from Sue,
I waved my hair. 
Best. Thing. Ever.

See that thing behind me?
the thing I vowed never to go on,
after 3 large glasses of white wine I was running at it shouting 'YOLO'

*silently squealing*
look at the gap

Apparently on this day there was a severe weather warning for gales, GALES!!
'when you want to come down, press the emergency button'

we saw live music,
this band were bloody brilliant 

My lovely Paloma Faith

At some point long ago, apparently I agreed to go for an audition for a game show called 'Pointless' with Dave
As part of my new gung-ho approach to new adventures, I agreed,
Look, I'm not remotely nervous

The audition was in Manchester

We passed the audition!

I also seem to be growing hair,
I have hair!

Seeing as I may be on the telly I bought some make-up,
There is nothing 'Natural' about this, my face has
 foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, contouring, eyebrow wax and powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner and a wall to lean against to keep your head up from the weight of it all

White eyeliner stops you looking tired apparently,
this was pre-youtube tutorial,
I have used the 80's teen approach here of whacking it on with gusto

my etsy clip on 50's vintage catseye sunnies,
I'm in love with them, even though they are teeeeeeny

New Brighton 

I've thrown a little eye cleanser in and a moment to breathe
 how you doing? you ok?
do you want a nap or a cocktail?
lets have a fancy cocktail!!!!!

I learned how to make sushi!

Liverpool Catholic Cathedral,
Vintage fair in the crypt,
getting into the crypt was an adventure in itself

Vintage kimono from the Bahamas!!
it leaves silver everywhere
it just keeps giving!

I had a romantic moment and picked Dave up from the airport

Meh outfit

we finally got the gardening bug,
it's good for the soul
disclaimer; this isn't our garden, our rabbits would annihilate this

The End!

and wise words from Ms West

I'll be visiting you all shortly!
and thank you for the kind emails while I was away,