Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Separates, I understand you now

Writing a blog when children are around is a tricky process.  I have been deprived 'thinking time.'  So, hold onto your pants, this may get bumpy!
We have been to the Doctors this morning, Missy is clearly fine and will be back in school tomorrow.  When a child has a parent to themselves you never know what questions a child will ask, this morning we have covered 'Was I an accident? because you know ******* was, etc' answer; yes you were wanted.
Question 'Can I start a blog or something?' answer; I'll think about it.
Question 'What did you want to be when you were little?' answer; I played at being a teacher and I liked to press buttons, so probably a cashier  - I didn't have any ambition to be anything really' etc etc etc

Mr F is in Brighton, which sounds marvelous but he's working.  He's home much later and has been gone since silly 'o' clock Monday morning.  The house is eerily tidy and I have had very little sleep.  It seems I may have missed Mr F.  He is the romantic partner, he proposed marriage to me after about 8 weeks together, I accepted.  Then changed my mind.  It took me a long time to get hitched as I thought marriage would change things.  It may have, I seem to have grown even more fond of the little bugger.

The left side of the garden is blooming
(the right side is a wasteland)

Chocolate the big rabbit is the boss in the garden, yes, Moonshine is sitting on a plate

Emergency Scones from the freezer

I thought I would show my shoes

I adore this skirt, from Ebay for a couple of pounds last year.
It's a skirt.
My abilities to match separates is beyond woeful.
I love to see others mix and match textures and pattern.
When I do it I tend to look as if I have been rolling in the laundry basket.

I realise I suit simple.

I don't even own a normal white bra.

Old books I have

The Right Heart, Kind Words and cobwebs
all bloody good

I will see you soon
and hope 'the music of kind words' whispers and soothes if you need it



  1. I LOVED those old books and poems! How delightful and positive. You would be hard pressed to find someone writing something as positive and wonderful like that on their Facebook update.

    I like the outfit with the yellow top the best and love the details of the scarf and brooch. I need to wear brooches more often. You look lovely.

    Well done with the questions. : )


  2. ...and all that on no sleep! You are a natural :-) I adore your rabbits how cool are they! I've decided to embrace my inner homeliness and celebrate the cobwebs. I doubt you could ever look like you've rolled in the laundry basket. You look fab!

  3. I'm always excited when the spouse goes on a trip ... aha, the bed all to myself, I say. That lasts for one night and then I start missing having the covers hogged and being smacked in the head by a random stretch. :)

    I have a hard time with patterns, too. Most I can manage is a plaid shirt occasionally. Otherwise it's all black, all the time. Even the bra, although I REALLY like that polka dot one you're wearing! LOL

  4. Love the skirt with the yellow top. I'll think about it is what my answer will be when I don't want to be bothered at that moment but don't you just love how they back with another question after that? Hmmmm, the joys of parenthood, but it's all worth it!!!

  5. Hello Sandra,

    If this is what you get up to on no sleep we dread to think how you would be after a full and deep night's slumber. It must be truly awesome!

    Your Clematis Montana is certainly living up to its name. It looks gloriously happy there on your garden fence. Even the rabbits seem impressed!

    The skirt is wonderful. Perhaps a really chunky belt would be good to pull the two halves of your fun outfit together?

  6. Βlogging with kids around oh how familiar does that sound? Frustration time so I always keep my post short. No chance to think what to write about. I also like the outfit with the yellow top on and I admire your make up, I'm not sure if I told you before. Missing your husband? Good sign you lucky woman!

  7. Homely is fab, it sounds like the mantra I live by!
    Loving the yellow top but am slightly perturbed by the size of that rabbit - its bigger than the cat, is that normal? I know nothing about bunnies as you can tell! xxx

  8. Well done mixing separates!
    I'm with Vix, I'm hoping perhaps it's a small cat rather than dog-sized bunnies? Beautiful but kind of scary...
    Homely means something different here, I think my house fits both descriptions tho.
    Beautiful as always xo

  9. Sweet poems! And sweet you! :)

    I love the yellow top and skirt outfit - looks wonderful and funky! Cute shoes too, and probably pretty comfy. I think it's cute that you can see polka dots through your white top... :) I wear a nude bra very often - it goes with anything! :)

  10. Aww bless you, of course you miss your hubby - you're such a romantic really!

    Your daughter is beautiful!

    Amber and I have owned so many bunnies, but we also have a fox that likes
    to visit at night, so no matter how hard we tried to keep them locked up...
    he still insisted on stealing them for his dinner!

    I'm not good with patterns to be honest. I wear mostly black, but do love polka dots too.

    I think the polka dots showing though your top look quite fab :) xx

  11. I love the thoughts in the book. You look hawt baby! :D Nice brooch, I've got a collection that need to worn more often, chillier days are coming so they'll brighten up a wooly cardi.

  12. Now I hate to disagree with you, darling, but you are wrong - you can totally do separates. Look at that fab skirt with the yellow top - gorgeous!
    Ahh, you old romantic you (underneath it all!), missing Mr F. Absence is making your heart smushy!
    MASSIVE rabbit!
    "Sweet disorder" - I will remember that next time the house looks like a bomb site. Who am I kidding, next time? It's a permanent state!

  13. Rolling around in the laundry basket worked out well and you picked up separates which is unusual for you. Try rolling around in the same manner again as they look good.

    Chocolate is one larger than life rabbit and I can see why he is boss.

    Love the old books and such a lovely way with words.

  14. Kids ask the darndest questions! (And love that eBay skirt.)

  15. tasty ebay skirt! ad my gosh that's a massive bunny. One of the biggest I've ever seen.

  16. she is so cute!
    and I love your shoes!!!

  17. What, where is the evidence that you can't do separates? You just did them and you look fantastic! The yellow top with the skirt is really stunning! And you slay me, totally with that concept of rolling the laundry basket. So now I am wondering if my cat is actually attempting to select an outfit when she does that. And oh yes, sitting in plates is very relaxing, did you not know that?
    PS-adorable bunnies but even more adorable daughter!

  18. Darling if I hadn't seen your glowing pictures at the end of the post I would have got worried, because you sound so demure and exhausted! How old is your youngest daughter? Mine is 5 and starts asking the most difficult (and sometimes embarrassing questions). Try to rest dear, sending you tons if positive vibes!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  19. I can't write a blog post with kids around ... they're just so infernally loud. They must have been round a lot lately ... because my post writing has been slacker than the elastic in my oldest pair of undies ;0)

  20. I enjoy your post so much! You are so cute and so adorable with a very sympathic smile :)
    Love the beautiful colors of your skirt and the very nice pattern.
    Your blog is wonderful.. will come back again :)

    many greetings from Germany
    I hope you understand my bad english ;)


  21. Having sons they are just plain not interested in mummies blog!!! Hence why I can slap them in the odd post! Holy crap cakes you have big bunnies, rabbits that is, love the one on the plate, is it getting ready to be dinner?? So we are both without hubbies this week, I miss TOF cooking dinner, yeah I miss him but I will cope. LOVE your spotty bra!! PS the left side of the garden is magnificent, keep focusing on the left honey, good spot for selfies don't you think.

  22. What a pretty look!


  23. I think your mixing separates is fantastic! And how romantic that Mr. F proposed after 8 weeks! When it's right you just know it (or you know it but you still take your time to be sure).

  24. Sandra, you just made my day. Kind words and a cobweb or two are right up my alley, as is a cat on a plate. What else do you need? Okay, a sweetheart of a partner goes a long way, a beautiful daughter who asks great questions, and adorable shoes also make the grade. Yeah, I'm also partial to lovely tangled flowering branches cascading over a fence, and why anyone would own a generic bra is beyond me! Thank you for making me smile. :-) XXXOOO

  25. Los niños nunca se cansan de preguntar, La falda es preciosa y la combinaste muy bien. Besos

  26. Gorgeous as ever in your separates Sandra !, love the pictures of your pets, have a great bank holiday weekend kisses xxxxx

  27. You look fab Sandra, really pretty. Your style is always spot on.

    As for your daughter blogging, there are so many really young girls out there doing it, I often worry about the information they put on the internet, it can be a scary place. But at least if you allowed your daughter to do it, she could do it under your supervision. Maybe ask her to write a post for you and then see if she gets the feel of it, or if she gets bored. There's probably places that offer a whole lot more privacy, and I'm sure you've made her aware of internet safety.

    Ha Mr R proposed early on too, the way i see it is that some men just know when they've got a good thing ;) xx


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