Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Craft? win some you lose some

The kids are back at school, which means I have a little more time on my hands, which can also mean my  deluded/dangerous approach to craft type things has room to fester.
  In an old house I lived in I thought yellow would be a lovely colour for the living room walls, the yellow I picked was neon and caused an un-natural nuclear glow through the net curtains, the wooden fireplace I spray-painted something that spewed the equivalent of 100's and 1000's all over, it was un-equal, un-even and then  I painted it blue.  I thought it was delightful.

yesterday, I attacked this dress
It didn't fit quite right 
so, despite my lack of knowledge of altering a dress

I did this to it
I kept hoping inspiration would appear
it didn't
it's buggered
my only solution is to buy fabric as near to it as possible
undo it all 
and add extra panels

it didn't deter me
so I hacked an old cardigan
looks fine here
because of my significant rack it rolls up either side of 'the girls'
but I think it will still work with my sleeveless dresses

today, I am doing no craft work

 I did my hair instead
This dress also doesn't quite fit properly
so I threw an old tank top on it
no more destruction!

I sashayed to the sound of hail stones
with my Cookie, in her favourite chair

It's not all bad
here's a turban I knitted
I was going to make a leopard print one ages ago
but there wasn't enough fabric for my colossal head

I hope everyone is well
the storm whispered past us
but I know it has been frightful for others
anyone affected is in my thoughts

see you all soon

Friday, 25 October 2013

Where has the blogger photo fairy gone?

Oh yeah, she isn't visiting me at the moment either!
I tried, really I tried but sometimes I have to make do with what I have got.  The girls are not afflicted with WHTBPFG (Where has the.......) because they are immune!

Anyway, it's the end of the mini school holiday and we pranced off to my Mum and Dads, my nephew was there and we played Halloween dress up.

before we left 'Be Fierce'
I don't say 'cheese'

'Drama, darling'
we are a hammy bunch

Last night, couldn't sleep after work
I was trying new poses
of course I have a distinction in 
'Dreadful Over Shoulder Moody Mama' pose
it's like blue steel (Zoolander)
do it only if you dare
be warned
it's like magic

slightly dramatic
 'every time I pose my face looks like I have stepped in something nasty'

I gave up,  flippy skirt pose

tired eye selfie

'grabby waistband flip and fierce'

I won't inflict anymore

It's Friday, and I really like Friday
and because I am vaguely technical
I have this
I love it 
it's Tom Jones and Raquel Welch (gorgeous woman!)

'I who have nothing'


The Killers

We got soul baby!

Have an amazing weekend
have fun
and I hope it rocks!!!!!!!!!

see you soon

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

but they are both neutrals!

I have been gearing myself up for today, my front was in an unruly state and needed addressing before the neighbours complained.
I decided whilst 'in the zone' to wear pants, I'm not fond of wearing pants, I feel strangled in them, but today they are necessary as  I am a vigorous weeder and have flashed the poor neighbours too many times in my inappropriate gardening wear.

actual trousers, they are emergency pants

in my head I felt I was channelling Margo from the Good Life
although she would never have gone out and done such filthy work

animal print, spots and red lippie
I kind of liked it despite being strangled and a tad unused to my nether regions being so restricted

the eldest popped her head out and asked what I was wearing
'it's a bit loud'
they are neutrals
together they are whisper quiet

this is not an appropo of nothing - although I am a repeat offender

Some thingsI remember from school
video - Latin, verb 'to see'
Horses sweat
Men perspire 
and Ladies glow
well, after that much work I was glowing like a bugger

in a dress that looks dreadful on me
nice dress, just not on me
too short
too ??????
it's a house dress
poor thing

after 142334 pics
this was the best
see, it doesn't even photograph well on me

no make up, well apart from lippie but that doesn't count

Rare pic of my Eldest, 
with a reflection on the left of the Littlest
Missy is asleep, it's the holidays
we are having a movie afternoon
popcorn, yummeh!

I hope you are all having a marvelous week!!
see you soon
you are all quite brilliant!


Friday, 18 October 2013

A little bit of light is a good thing

Training is over and I'm pooped (tired), I may not know what is going on exactly but I sound like I do, score!

I fear my posing phase is getting out of hand
I'm on my own taking selfies trying to get sun rays on my face, really?
 Colour was needed yesterday, I seemed to have zoned into Black for a little to long

Today looks like this
I think it looks like this a lot
grey, miserable and drizzly rain

My house is looking way too dark at the moment, so after googling 'How to create light in a dark space'
I realised I wasn't going to invest in wall to ceiling windows, re-decorate or put spotlights everywhere
so I did this
I put glass stuff where there was light
 and I put a lamp on

and I found (in my towel pile) my vintage elbow length gloves 
I got these years ago at a vintage fair
a vendor was selling a showgirl feather head-dress and a diamante bra
I floated over and asked him how much
he told me it wouldn't fit and that was that
I'm still on the lookout though, I will wear the head-dress and the bra as tassles

Glove modelling is notoriously difficult
I had to have a lie down after this exhausting physical activity

Cookie regally resting
must stop using alliteration

It's the weekend, which means drinks tonight and knitting
I'm so right now!!!

If you ever watched Will and Grace
here's Jack and Karen
possibly one of the greatest double acts ever

if that doesn't work

and Xanadu Olivia Newton John and ELO

and if that doesn't work
P.S. thank you to Louise at Polka Dots and Freckle Spots for the tech advice x x
It's the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a glorious one
 see you all soon


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Apparently I'm competent

I'm in for training, despite my 'gift's' towards logging in and the following comments
'I have never seen that before'
'Have you ever seen this?'
'I haven't got a clue'
'Best, go and tell the supervisor'

Also this blooming weather is playing havoc with my hair and skin, my hair, is as sparse as a decimated forest at best but Autumn means my hair thinks it is leaves and is jumping ship pronto.  My skin is as dry as toast, and my facial hair is becoming rather lush.

My hair/skincare regime
kitchen scissors for my monthly trim/hack
oil is my facial primer, then Nivea which has a mud like consistancy
I am soooo high maintenance

Training face

haven't a clue really

enhanced polo neck boobies

being a high maintenance diva I realised the cream belt was unacceptable
I need leopard print, like now
my skirt used to be pleated, the pleats withered and left this rather fab nylon look
I'm going to static as feck today

I'm trying to channel 1950's librarian today
to look all knowledgeable an' all

I also got a free box of Special K today
aaahhhh, random freebies

I hope your week has started well and I hope you are all having a pocket of bliss somewhere
see you soon
you glorious, brilliant lot 


Friday, 11 October 2013

A funny looking thing

The Children survived the shopping expedition intact.
And bought tops which are dresses, pinafore shorts, and a skirt which is short.
 but they tried them on and squealed with joy, and how they would wear them and what they would go with.
I have agreed they can keep them.
As long as they wear leggings or very thick tights underneath that look like leggings.

that little floral thing is a folded over skirt

My Maverick Knitting
modelled by Mr Foxy
actual knitting
 I discovered whiskey and knitting is not a good combination

Little Miss-ette's friend is sleeping over tonight
I try and avoid sleepovers like the plague
It is not cute or adorable having giggling children loudly whispering at 2am
but sometimes I give in

which means I have to tidy 
which means I have to motivate myself

I am having a 60's Italian Mama vibe today
so it had to be Frank

yes, I put the washing out and tidied up 
strengthened by my Italian Mama dress
and a swarm of brooches

the funny thing about blogging is that in all my life I have never took so many photo's of myself
and posed
and pranced
It is a whole lot of fun

Today I dug out a pic of me at 18
I was a funny looking thing, but I never did care about that
I was hell bent on adventure and independance
I was going to France with an unsuitable young man
yes, that is a perm, with blonde frizz
I wanted to be Beatrice Dalle

Have an amazing weekend
I hope you all have a flaming good one!
till next time 


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

White to Black

I admit I am an over-anxious mother, and will fight with myself over giving the girls a little room to breathe.

I am also rubbish at remembering.

Eldest very politely reminded me last week we had forgot to buy her gift we promised her for working like a bugger over her 'A' Levels. Bugger.  Today we rectified that.

I also agreed today the Eldest (19) could take Missy and Little Miss-ette shopping for clothes after school (breathe in and out and go to your calm place).  All girls are thrilled to shop together, I seem to have been sacked, my services to pre-teen shopping no longer required.  Instructions were given, nothing too short/grown-up and warnings, 'any trouble and for the rest of your natural life I will take you shopping' they have promised to behave.

I distract  myself  from excessive worrying by taking pic's of Cookie, me,'Who da piddy girl?'
Cookie 'Will  you talk to me properly?'

me 'whose a handsome boy?'
Whiskey 'why yes, I am'

crappy quick food, and a monstrous mess

Distracting myself away

Ma babies, and breathe and calm

Mama face

I am now going to tackle the kitchen of doom
my phone is stapled to my head
they will be fine

and any nonsense from them
they will be grounded for life

see you all soon

Monday, 7 October 2013

Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss was a man after my heart

'I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.  Fantasy is a necessary ingredient for living, it's a way of looking through life through the wrong end of the telescope.  Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities'

I am nonsense sometimes/most of the time, and I will always prefer laughing.

Despite my yelping last week about boldness and being more creative I woke up in a white mood, simple.

No shoes, no jewels

minimal accessories, red lips and a bit of sass
luckily you can't see my armpits

Roses from Mr Foxy, because Saturday I was a stroppy sod for a bit
he wanted to cheer me up.
He buys me flowers a lot

dying flowers, maybe but I like them

Posing with a doorstop
so de rigeur
so 'right now'

Little Miss-ette's feck off bow

Missy and little Miss-ette made these
there are 4 in total
they work
I was so impressed they are hung on the wall

it's marmalade on my toast and a hot cup of tea day
I go with the flow
I charge and crash around a lot and then I have a day like today
still, quiet and simple

See you all soon 
my 'white' phase may last all morning, I never know

but you all remain AWESOME