Friday, 31 January 2014

Gothic, but toned down......a lot

Firstly I would like to say a big Thank You for all of your lovely comments and kind words! I have decided to no longer attend 'Art Appreciation'  and I am moving a lot of my cull to the attic and the rest to the Charity Shop. To be done on Monday.

Friday is still my Art Day, I hope you all don't mind.
Be warned, this post is one of my biggest, flee now if you want! it's ok!

Val formerly Late Blooming Sparkle now Muse Fondue
suggested the Lady Lever in Port Sunlight
Blooming great idea, we went on Monday

So much Fabulous! I focus on this lovely lady
Andromeda by William Etty
he had a thing for the female nude apparently
he attempted to make her classical by painting chains on her

I like balance so here is Etty's very occasional male study

and a more classical example of Andromeda by Clouis Delacour
'Writhing in fear and anticipation'
Mr F explained about metaphor
So, is it a metaphor for sex?? if so, Art has LOT'S of metaphor's for sex
there are a lot of snakes around women, and a lot of 'fear'

I find old mirrors interesting 
how many people over the centuries have looked in it?
I completely pissed the attendant off, because my flash went off

Oliver Cromwell

I was captivated by her
'Jeunesses Doree' the gilded youth
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst
the flash went off again, and  I seemed to have been followed around the gallery a lot
the attendants must have been captivated by my hat

Emperor Hadrian and his lover Antinous
Antinous drowned in the River Nile and left Hadrian devastated 

Tea from a flask
Is it the best tea ever?

Chippy chips

I will be linking into Awesome Sacramento  'Gothic'
Today I am dressed in a vague Gothic manner, with fake tan and blood red lips
 it's the Littlest school assembly
their class performs in front of the whole school
and the parents are placed where everyone can see

Littlest asked me so so nicely
not to wear my petticoat, armlets or green cape
So I am going to be as in-offensively Gothic for my child
But I will pose, I am 'The Raven' Edgar Allen Poe

Which coat?
 Don't know

I do like the weird stuff on the bottom right of the picture
I've no idea what it is
I wasn't smoking


If you made it to the end, you need sustenance immediately
a hot drink and a biscuit should revive you 

and I'll see you next week
stay awesome

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Relationships with clothes

We need clothes, even on a most basic level, just to keep us warm.  Unless you are a Naturist of course, I'm not a Naturist but I have accidentally wandered onto a Naturist beach in the South of France, it turns out learning another language is useful as there were warning signs, albeit very teeny, which I didn't understand which informed tourists of the liberation of the human form ahead.  Nonetheless everyone seemed very happy, it must be lovely getting your nether regions warmed by the sun, but it wasn't for me.  I left in the awkward way you do when you have wandered into a shop where you don't really like their stuff but don't want to appear to rude as you back out.

I digress, my wardrobe is going to be culled.  Cull is a brutal word.  It's appropriate.

I have a weird fear of an empty looking wardrobe, but half of my wardrobe is unused.  I used to think I was really good at culling too, sometimes I suppose I am.  But this one will be tough.  There will be space left.

I don't wear these......but........

my 'Natalie Wood' dress (I do name a lot of my it odd? I don't know hehe)
it's a dress from my honeymoon
It doesn't fit, my boobs are barely contained in it
but it's sentimental
it stays

'Studio 54' dress
it has never really fit me 
sitting down is not an option in it
and I don't really like necklaces
but I like it a lot

This top has no name
it's more of a feeling
it feels like the 20's
and I know it doesn't suit me
but I still like it

The 'Russian Doll' dress
the detail is lovely
I don't wear it

It has lovely sleeves

I love the detail


This is going to be hard

I have 3 daughters
who want me to keep my clothes

and I know we shouldn't get attached to 'things'
but my clothes are more than that
they don't define me
but they do allow me to express myself

There is a whole lot of sentimentality in my wardrobe
I fear there may be some tears and tantrums!
I will keep the some important pieces for the girls
 but the rest has to go


I am linking in to Anne at Spy-Girl
'Short over Long'

Have a wonderful week


Friday, 24 January 2014

Honestly, I really really can't draw

Following my last post about 'Heels Training', I have spent approx 10 hours in heels, most of that sitting down and today I woke up with my left knee complaining.
I read the comments regarding the heel post wincing, some of you have suffered and had injuries due to the perilous nature of them.  Today I wore flats and my knee is talking to me again.

I went to 'Art Appreciation' too.
It wasn't 'Art Appreciation'

I was prepared to look 'intelligent'

I had a notebook

I was a little excited

getting more excited

It's actually getting chilly here

So I wore my new Chazza armlets

Art Appreciation Class 

'Find something that appeals to you
I want you to make it in paper'
(no sellotape yet/allowed)
'then use the tissue paper' I chose green
'use the tissue paper in your piece'

I seem to have made an Asda carrier bag
I called it the 'Abomination'

Then I had to draw it
*I have contemplated leaving for a fag at this point*
'draw the edges' etc
'That's lovely'
it's not
I know I can't draw, it's f***ing Sh*t
I am a little fed up now and politely asked if we will be learning about art and artists
no, that is art history

I had another 'opportunity' to 'create something'

The very lovely young man next to me asked me what it is called
I can't draw

Another 'Conclusion'

So I am back on my quest
Learning about Art

and Vogue-ing

Have a wonderful weekend!
have fun!!!!
stay warm/cool
see you next week 


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

High Heel Training Resumes

Once upon a time I wore heels everywhere and in any weather conditions, I remember having a hot pink pair of very high stiletto's I wore in the snow.... without falling too!
Something happened along the way. I now view my heels in a suspicious manner. I have 'sit-down' shoes, which can be worn as long I am sitting down for as long as possible.
I'm back in training (Inspired by Miss Helga Von Trollop always is magnificently attired, and always wearing very fine footwear)

Work outfit, predictable mix
the camera is being a mahoosive pain
it won't flash when it's meant to
it's flashing at the wrong time rude!

Today I'm joining in with Anne's 52 week pick up
'Choose a scarf. Wear those colours'
Scarf £1 from Chazza shop

Trying to show a scarf on a stubby neck is quite tricky

actually, it's impossible

Extra ooomph from petticoat

We played out as Mr F is on holiday
it's his birthday tomorrow
for 6 months of the year he is the same age as me bwa-ha-ha, ma toyboy!

The Palm House, Sefton Park

Parents play time in the rain, it is England hehe!

Otterspool Prom

I have rudely neglected to show what Mr Peter Worrall donated
instead I am flashing my petticoat

Hair by Moi
Model: Mr F
Name of Booking Agency for male model Mr F: 'Manly beards and Power Tools' reasonable rates apply

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week
actually, it's Wednesday, what am I talking about
I hope you had a wonderful start and it's continuing marvelously 

See you soon!!!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Music makes me wanna............?

I love music.
I'm not fussy, I like Russ Abbott as much as I like Opera.
And everything in between.
It energises me, if I'm a little bleurgh give me something powerful, opera? I don't care, I want it loud, so loud my kidneys are dancing  too.

Little Misse-ettes old I-pod thing
I don't mind cast off's at all!
it contains my music

Today I started of Bleurgh
I'm tired (aren't we all?)
but for me, it is as simple as putting on my music

'Patricia the Stripper' Chris de Burgh
flaming brilliant

music for me is important




Cookie, as ever remains un-impressed with my shenanigans

Friday is meant to be my 'Learning about Art' day
I am in work tonight (overtime)
it funks my day up and makes it back to front

I thought I would Youtube some Art lessons
and ended up watching  10 minute clips 'The Taming of The Shrew'
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, sigh
Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell, double sigh

But, finally extreme Hurrah!
the College have informed me my Art Appreciation starts next Friday 10am -12 noon
I am chuffed!

I can't help it!!
Chris de Burgh
Patricia the Stripper
be warned! hehe!