Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The allure of cheese

Hello Lovelies!!
I hope your week has started wonderfully well!

I am having a ridiculous love/hate relationship with cheese right now.  I love it.  I am trying to convince myself it is essentially a block of fat which isn't very healthy.  But it's really nice, especially on a biscuit.  Or melted on a toastie.  Any cheese will do.  My favourite's are smoked cheddar, mozarella and halloumi.  I'm now thinking of making cauliflower cheese.   I also want some charred halloumi, right now.

My Boy-band pose
I can also Boy-band dance
it involves 3 key moves

1. kiss the clenched hand
2. blow the hand away, look at it longingly 
3. bring the hand back to the chest, chin down, eyes up then try and pout

I should be a choreographer

Fulfilling a 14 month goal
Sunday coffee and the Sunday papers, well......magazines
it was divine

You are going to get sick of these earrings
they were chazzed and fabulous

a little haul of chazzed goodies 

Mr F is back tonight from Edinburgh

Homemade Halloween Outfits
I actually made this!!
don't look at the hem though, 

Still unfinished

Once, when the girls were very little they did my make-up,
I forgot and went to the shops in it

This is what happens when my youngest has face paint and access to a sitting duck

I really liked this outfit
it doesn't translate well at all on photograph


Yvonne at Winter Moon, you made me howl laughing!

I was selected to be involved in The Book Crossing 
I get to read 'Nemi' and pass it on to someone else
it's all very exciting!
Yvonne is always so generous, I'm going to have some fun with those spiders though

I'm linking in to Sacramento's Share in Style - Halloween

Those blooming earrings again

professionally modelled back to front
I've got skills

I'd like to thank you all for your beautiful comments on my last post too,
you are all lovely and make me feel all fuzzy and warm

See you on Friday!!!!

Oooh and if  Connie is reading this
I watched the Brother sewing machine DVD
It. Is. Genius!
I laughed............. a lot, star wipe is forever brilliant!!


Thursday, 23 October 2014

It's not right, it's not Cricket!

I Am Very Sorry.
It has been very rude of me to just bugger off, not visit anyone at all and then pop up like the Prodigal Blogger, I didn't meant to be so absent.
It turns out I'm a hideous Drama Queen.  I am, I have been a stroppy and grumpy sod, I have napped relentlessly, even my lipsticks have been neglected, I have flailed and wailed this month, everything took too long, too many things broke, it's nothing serious, just lot's of inconveniences all at the same time.  I even missed a Blogger Meet Up, due to blooming crappy lurgy-itis.
You see, it has been in your best interests I have been away.  I even managed to annoy myself.

Fuzzy Logic
the house is fucked, so lets start sanding

then lets get rid of the panels

Dress-making with kittens

Meet Grumpy 

Tight wearing for the kittens second round of vaccinations,
good job really, my leg hair is now at it's luxurious stage

This room took 3 weeks
the orange is called 'mango tango'
I call it 'Sainsbury's plastic bag'

3D crushed silk effect wallpaper for our 'feature wall'
I hung this
this was the most bastard difficult thing ever

I may not have thrown a mattress, 
but I threw a strop over every piece I hung
I'm surprised I didn't stain the wall blue after the filthy language I spat at it

Littlest's new bed

We were invaded by about 200 ladydirds
it wasn't cute
*cue screeching after finding one in my cleavage*

the kittens kept me sane
I love them so much that I laughed (not even maniacally) when they played in white gloss paint and decorated most floors in the house
*2 carpets are getting replaced, hurrah house insurance!*

Blown Electrics
and a Broken Freezer

I made paint colour card 'bunting'

(the kitchen ceiling has been painted too)

My home made dress, I love it 

the finished room

Cute bag from Oxfam

I went Vintage Shopping with my friend, I was after a cape
so naturally I bought a coat
£24.99 from Oxfam - cashmere and wool mix
very fancy! 

It looks waaaay better than the picture

I don't know what this fancy bit is for on the inside of the coat

 today I attended the Breast Clinic
it has been a nerve wracking couple of weeks
I have been discharged though, everything is fine
Tonight I am having Bellini's to celebrate

this was my focus
one way or the other
........Bellini's, mmmmmmmmmm 

Duckworth Lewis Method - Sweet Spot
Mr F thinks it's about cricket
I'm not convinced

I'm off now to visit you all,
I hope your week so far has been fabulous!!!