Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Crispy, fried hair? why, yes! yes please

I have claimed the laptop again.  I very generously let the girls use it, this one has their mine-craft game on it..........3 days later, I hired the film 'Tangled' and very happily got back to very important internet stuff, which is visiting blogs.

On Monday, the kids allowed us to go out on our own,
which was extraordinarily magnanimous of them
especially after they insisted we actually go out regularly together,
we tried to reason with them that going to do food shopping together doesn't really count as a date

either way we scarpered
and left the Eldest in charge

I may be a little cynical here,
but smoking dodgy stuff does not make you a philosopher

I'm marginally younger than the tree

I also managed to rip this top when I aggressively tucked it in,
it seems everything is ripping at the moment, or has holes in it,
I am currently rescuing a dress which has a hole on the front
I am putting a flaming huge bow on it
and trying to put sleeves on it too
(no, I have never ever put sleeves on anything)
I'm sure it will look lovely

Chocolate the rabbit,
even I didn't realise how voluptuous she is, when we got her she was teeny,
she doesn't mind being picked up, as long as she is being stroked behind the ears

In my head I have captured Gatsby
(I know.....I'm not really built for it, especially with a massive bosom and non-svelte figure, but I like to pretend)

I'm trying curls
they are crispy

why yes! I am just casually making chicken stock using a real chicken carcass

oh I don't know,
I'm probably trying to be moody or something
or it's my face circa 1985 combined with an eye roll and a tut

I hope you are all marvelous
and having a wonderful start to the week

I won't see you on Friday
I'm going to visit my Mum and Dad and then I'm working, on a Friday night
.........Friday night!
it's all so uncivilised,  I expect they won't allow any wine/cocktails either
*shocked and appalled face*
I'll be fine, I'm sure of it

See you next week you gorgeous bunch


Friday, 23 May 2014

In the best possible taste

Art Friday's were going so, so well.  I fancied a faff about a bit, but I do have some nice pics.....they are at the end.

Wearing my VIX apron
What's that apron?, speak up
Vote Vix!
Hurrah! let's do it!

definition; make clean, remove marks, or stains from
 definition; marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt

Working my fingers to the bone

Somebody get me some marigolds asap

Me and Paloma

Sod the cleaning
Let's Party

I do realise a look like a little sinister here
(sinister also means left handed, which I am eeeeek)

Evening dress by Jean Varon 1973

1970's does the 50's
Jean Varon

The donor of this dress wore it to her son's wedding in Tenerife in 1972
with a long black velvet cape
*I have collapsed, I have! this woman must have looked absolutely blindingly gorgeous*

More Jean Varon


Grayson Perry
the exhibit
6 tapestries 
"The British care about taste because it it woven into our system of social class"

"Class is bred into us like Religious faith"

"More than any other factor - more than age, race, religion or sexuality - one's social class determine's ones taste"

I wasn't allowed to take photographs

Thank you for all of your comments on my last post
you do know I think you are all awesome, yes you are!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a blooming wonderful weekend

Kenny Everett
always in the best possible taste


Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Teaching cartwheels is a difficult thing to do.  Little Miss-ette has been trying her best.
'Mum, how do you cartwheel?'
Well, plant one hand down and use your leg to throw yourself over, you have to be fearless!
'Mum, could you cartwheel when you were little?'
'Show me'
after 5 minutes of stretching, working out my space and tucking my dress in my knickers, I threw myself over.  Without injury, hurrah! then I had to do it 3 more times so Mr F could see my 'cartwheel'.  Then I decided to show leapfrog, over Mr F................he's fine, I promise. Little Miss-ette wasn't impressed.

My B.A.G.A (British Gymnastics) level 1 certificate was worth every penny.

Cookie saving us all from the true terror of toilet roll

Hundreds of brand new, born baby spiders
it reminded me the spider scene in p'tangyang kipperbang

State of the art bucket bbq

Magnificent storms

The best accidental rhubarb shortcake
it should have been a crumble

Work dress
I'm hormonal and required dark, comfortable clothing

I wasn't comfortable at all in white
but I adore this outfit! it's an old dress that looks like a nightie, my lace chazzed top and my COLLAR
it will be worn when I'm not flaming menstrual

a kaftan and scarf
I require comfort today

I also adore these

Norman Wisdom!
I always thought he was just brilliant

I'm also smitten with the adverts

'America lives in DACRON'

I hope you are all having a very happy day
I should be cleaning up
*imagine my not bothered in the least face*
I'm wearing a kaftan and my legs are shaved
so I should really be casually reclining 
so I shall


See you soon


Friday, 16 May 2014

Mr Sandman

This is The Bluecoat Chambers is the oldest surviving building in Central Liverpool, it was built around 1716.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I probably should know more, I had to research that snippet.

The front

The back

I felt very important with my ID to say I was allowed to take photo's
I let my hair air dry today, it is ruddy awful
before I left home today I asked the Eldest was my hair OK
she said it looks like it normally does
clearly shite then

This was mesmerising
the horizontal white light travels up and down
.......................yes, that's my summary of the piece
*apologies to the artist*

The attendant engaged me in conversation about this piece as I was utterly fascinated
He said lots of clever things
I said 'Yeah, it's crazy good'
that seemed to be a bit of a conversation stopper
he may have thought my ID suggested I was 'knowledgeable' 

I know I have a problem with taking pictures in bathrooms
I walked out and noticed a sign to say there is CCTV in there
(I'm sure of it!)
which means I'm on CCTV............. in a bathroom............taking pics of myself

there was as second hand book shop there
but these caught my eye
£2 for the lot!

the home saviour
I still remember it's smell
and having to gargle with it when I had a mouth ulcer

I'm off for a nap now
I'm so rock 'n roll
I had home made cheese and onion pie for lunch
I blame that


I will catch up with you all later you gorgeous bunch

Have a wonderful weekend!
and thank you for all of your magnificent comments on my last post!

see you soon