Friday, 29 November 2013

Shirley Valentine or Mrs Danvers

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, I hope you are all well.

Mr F and I went chazza shopping on Monday, I dropped a bag in to my favourite Hospice shop in Prescot (everything is £1, best place ever!) but no luck, we were a bit battered though and I have been having the most wonderful time, it's only right to share the luck.

Random junk mail which has so much potential
my eyes lit up when I saw this

only to be disappointed
and I looked everywhere!
I know, I'm not at all mature

colour overload, even red tights
I frightened some poor adolescent schoolboys
who hurried across the road once they laid eyes on me
colour frightens adolescents!!
poor things

trying to 'perch' my beret
but being blessed with a ginormous head the 'perch' only enhanced it's vastness

back to yanking it!
copyright Lulu, Freeman's catalogue 1987 collar pose

Chocolate eating leaves

Cookie playing in them

I got my watercolours out this week
determined to have a go
this was the best thing I did
It may be uneven or rustic
but I like it

a 2 second timer creates interesting shots

I'm linking upto lovely Sacrameto's share in style, movie themed Friday

I wanted to do Shirley Valentine
I love her
but I couldn't figure out how to recreate a luscious perm
I love this scene too

I decided on Mrs Danvers
mean, mean woman
so I am a smiling Mrs D

and laughing
I'm on my own here

Mrs Danvers to Rebecca
'Go on jump, he never loved you, so why go on living. Jump, and it will all be over'
a bit harsh

fake Mrs Danvers plaits

I also won a giveaway this week!!!
I can't begin to tell you how happy I was
it was from the Lovely Yvonne at
Y'all know I'm going to show you my prize

seeing as it's FRIDAY!!
a little bit of
Shaft - Much Mambo Sway
some sunshine here

Have a wonderful weekend
I really hope it's fabulous
see you all soon

Sunday, 24 November 2013

36 Hour Party People - here we go!

Firstly I would like to apologise for not replying to comments on the last post, I am genuinely sorry - of course I have read them! you are all fabulous, and I loved them, thank you!

I am writing with the aid of some lovely alcoholic refreshment, well deserved.......and I may go off on some tangents.....very probably

Little Miss-ette's first gig 
They Might be Giants at the Manchester Academy
Missy and Little Miss love them
this is their first tour in the UK in 5 years
so they were a little happy

the Band themselves
they were at the front, Oh Yeah!
 Live Action!

we went out for tea for Little Miss-ette's birthday
this turned into 'smell my pits'
I couldn't show you that one!

my lovely lot
we love this place 'all you can eat' 
we so classy!

then to her party and sleepover
typical 'me' shot with double chin and cake, it's tradition!

Chillin' in the back while a little party went on in the front
My Mum and Auntie were having a wonderful time 
we had to turf them out in the end (my Dad and Uncle didn't drink and had their cars haha!) they are still party animals, they really are,  I will definitely tell you some stories at some point!!
 we had to set up the air-bed and stuff in the front room for the sleepover and it was getting a little late
we went to bed at 1.30am

the next day
1 gig, 1 birthday, 1 sleepover, 1 very tired little girl

 the Eldest is having pre-drinks (on Saturday), this means a mini-party until midnight
then they go out
this is us
36 hours in of parties and we are fecked
this is just before I went to bed
I don't think I knew my name at this point

20 mins before I went to bed I took these

pre-drinks in the back
she is holding my carafe I got for my birthday from the chazza
apparently it's a vase

another 1 turned up when I had gone to bed
this is like a fancy album pic
these girls are all just the loveliest
funny, clever and gorgeous 

 a small part of the room
not too bad at all for a little 'after party debris'
the boob tape flung, as you do...

today is a 9 hour shift completed
the ironing  is done
we survived hurrah!

we are out tomorrow
Mr F has a day off
we are spending a little time in the chazza'a
I think I am owed!

Have a great start to the week
the wine is kicking in (we are friends again Hurrah!)
and I think I need to go to bed

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Quite a cool week so far

I am writing this at 00.24am, tired and wired, I have been in work,  today is going to be busy, so I decided to get my self organised and do a mini post.  I would class this as me being remotely organised.

Today is the Littlest's birthday.  I don't know what happened but she is 11. There will be pics.

The Eldest is having pre-drinks with her friends in ours on Saturday to celebrate her Scholarship she was awarded at Uni - her school nominated her for ' her personal contribution to the school' she attended. I will provide pics.

Mr F took the two little ones to see They Might Be Giants on Wednesday, yep, pics to come!

I really don't know what I'm doing
but when I take pics of myself I sometimes get bored looking at my face
and my poses

this is my pose all the flaming time
I am lacking inspiration
 however this is my awesome poncho and beret rescued from the loft. they are ancient
lovely bright colours though
 (warm rating 8/10, modesty rating in the wind 2/10, potential flashings are possible)

notice a theme here
it's like posing deja vu

I need help

another deja vu

Eldest knows how to do it
she is a posing legend

Poses with children
always more fun

we have a hoot doing this
It's nice to get a minute with her sometimes

Love this
Amy Winehouse
Monkey Man

From The Specials songs to these

Fun Boy Three
The Telephone always Rings

Have an awesome weekend
you gorgeous lot


I feel like I have forgotten something???

Monday, 18 November 2013

It really was a lucky penny

I have had a few days of lucky coincidence, fate or the Universe bestowing me with the right things at the right time.

1.   I find a penny in the tumble dryer, which is knackered.  I coo over the penny and then decide to open this grubby thing, which I have never noticed before - it is full of crap, I empty it and now the dryer works again - Hurrah!

2.  The boiler is a bit ropey, I remember you need a coin for the screw to put water in for the pressure! I sorted it! Yay!

3.  I find Missy's school hoody for P.E. by utter chance- I get a text today to say tomorrow is a PHSE day, which means all students need their winter sports kit - hoody essential!

4.  I like art, and want to know more about it - I am constantly in awe of talented and creative bloggers, and I really am unable to draw (my daughters first scribbles are far more impressive than my efforts, mine are in the 'well done you have had a go' pat on the head category) My Littlest hands me this, this morning

a free art appreciation course!
I'm signed up for January
how exciting!!
although the 'impress your family and friends' did nothing for me 
the FREE did!!
I did consider the Introduction to Welding
I can already paint, decorate and lay floors 
I have a thing for power tools, but am a little scared of  an electric saw
Mr F does that

5.   I get a 20% discount card for Matalan which gets the girls dressing gowns, slippers and onesies (will they stop growing!)

 6.  Not really lucky, but Mr F did the hoisting down of winter woollies from the loft,  I have found some excellent stuff and a  school coat for Missy! 

So I didn't mind when my pics were a bit crap
I waxed my hair as it was annoying me with it's floppy annoying floppiness
my hand is not stuck

my best angle

I did a close up of the jumper and had to delete it 
it would have taken your eyes out!!
my boobs were ridiculous!
new/old found jumper,
we are re-united

I am being attacked by an unhappy faux fur collar

Cookie posing
she really is!
I said 'Cookie' in my annoying voice
and she did this
she's a kitty Supermodel

I have changed the colour on my blog
you really wouldn't believe how long it took me
I believe the seasons may have changed in the process
maybe I should have took the 'Introduction to Computers course'

Hope you like it and it's not too eye meltingly vivid

have a wonderful week


Friday, 15 November 2013

My Nan, training and spots

Another busy week, after I wrote my post on Monday I received a call to say Missy had been dodge-balled and as a result needed to go to hospital to get her head checked out.  She was fine, PHEW!, she has a skull like a brick. Mr F did the emergency dash and I attended Little Miss-ette's open night at school, excellent report, she's a clever one! Eldest also did very well on her first Uni essay, Mama is very proud of them all!

Training went well, and carries on next week.  I learned Listerine is good for betting rid of spots (I am growing something revolting on my jaw) and 'alt +' makes the screen bigger. Specialist training indeed! (my trainer is a lovely young man, very patient and puts up with me very well, poor love)

My Maternal Nan
my Mum sent it down yesterday
I am thrilled
She was an amazing lady, laughed a lot, was hilarious, gave good advice, was tough and made the best coconut cake I have ever eaten.  I miss her.

She's hanging out with my girls
Wonky picture frames that contain a whole lot of love

This week I decided to document what I wore each day for training
'lets do this' face

Tuesday, feeling gothic

'OK, I'm done' face

Enthusiasm had left me, I'm wearing 'old faithful'

I'd dyed my hair a normal colour
seeing as my hair won't do as it's told, I had an idea if I dyed it a regular colour it would rebel
and turn a funky colour
it didn't
I'm wearing 1 brooch
I operate on a brooch measure of happy
1 means a bit grumpy

I actually put a coat on, it's getting cold!
am linking in to the lovely Sacramento share-in-style

I don't know, I couldn't decide which one 
so I put both on
how vulgar and vain of me!!!!!!

the knitted collar is so warm
summer dresses with winter woollies and tights

I don't think I have ever posted so many pictures
My Nan used to say 'Do what makes you happy'
I sometimes do as I'm told

fecking awesome stuff

To Mr F, who I haven't seen much of this week
Kate Bush 'Wow'
I love this too

Have a wonderful weekend
stay warm if it's cold
or cool if it's hot
Stay Awesome though