Friday, 25 April 2014

Just hanging with my Bro lookin' at some Art

Hello all of you lovely people, I hope you are well.  It's Friday! come on!!! I have actually done an Art Friday, although realistically they should be known as 'The constant erratic Art posts'

I said 'we can't call you P', he said 'it was fine', so here is P.
My Baby Brother.
He's 2 years younger than me and he will always be my baby brother.

We whipped to The Tate
P talks about Art in ways that make my brain hurt
He understands concepts
and stuff

Our sense of humour has never matured though
we are still ridiculously juvenile

I'm becoming rather obsessed with a bathroom selfie
I have borrowed Little Miss-ette's satchel

edit; it turns out I was allowed to take pics in The Tate, I wasn't allowed last time, go figure?!

Eileen Agar
Fish Basket
The surrealism defies practicality

Henri Matisse
The Inattentive Reader

Albert Gleizes
Portrait of Jacques Nayral
This was a deliberate act to subvert traditional portraiture due to the public outcry over cubism. Both the sitter and the artist shared the philosophies of Henri Bergson

Pablo Picasso
Bowl of fruit, violin and bottle

we found the violin, I was most upset as I can normally spot a bottle anywhere

Jackson Pollock
Summertime; Number 9a

My brother enjoyed the photography

Ufan Lee
'By physicality I don't just mean the body itself but......the body and the relationship between space and air and so forth'
The grains in the paint provide a physical presence on the canvas 

No flash

which was very bad
we had been told no flashing on this floor
Edit; I am linking in with fabulous Sacramento's Share in Style Accessories
which will be my gloves

After an hour and a half we were fuzzy brained and called it a day
I am notoriously inattentive 
and I wanted a cigarette

'You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough'  Mae West

 'Find out who you are and do it on purpose'  Dolly Parton

Today you are you! that is truer than true! there is no-one alive who is you-er than you!  Dr Seuss

Nina Simone
'I put a spell on you'
I was lucky enough to see her at The Liverpool Philarmonic

Have a wonderful weekend
and thank you for your flaming brilliant comments on my last post
till next time



  1. I think Picasso was messin' with your head - he drank the bottle, broke it into pieces, and that's what you see in the picture.

    Looks like a fun day - and educational at the same time. I hope there was a good cafe at the end. I always love that part!

    1. Ha ha! He was a bit of a womanizer and drunkard. Totally plausible.


  2. I love museums and agree with Val - cafe at the end are my favorite part along with a gift shop. :))) That inattentive reader is my portrait, always in my ow world. And the Dr Seuss quote is my all time favorite. :)

    You look lovely as ever! Your brother is cute and I am sure tons of fun! Have a great weekend, dear!

  3. Very nice pics. I love museums.

  4. How nice to spend some time with your brother, only so much culture you can take before you need coffee and cake though. xx

  5. Ha-ha, no flash ... did they catch you? Great pictures, I don't usually go to museums so this was a nice virtual tour.

  6. Great post Sandra , love your visits to museums , i get to see things i probably never visits, and i love your bathroom selfies, make me smile.
    Have a great weekend my dear best wishes xxx.

  7. Wow! You got to see Nina Simone? Jealous.

    I adore museums and art galleries, but it is true that after a few hours your brains turn to mush.

    I'm still looking for the bottle, I think it is the blue/green piece that looks like a hand is holding it with bubbles coming out of it. Sometimes you just need good drugs to see what was going on it his pieces.


  8. Interesting post although I have to be honest and ay that I'm not at all sure about modern art, I would need to see it in the flesh, properly. I was pretty indifferent to impressionism until I saw a Monet exhibition in Melbourne last year and was totally blown away by his work, so I need to keep an open mind. Seeing the Jackson Pollcck made me remember the Fosters ad with Croc Dundee, he was looking at one trying to figure it out, when some arty farty person said 'That's Pollocks' Croc Dundee said, 'You can say that again! hhahahh Made me laugh. well it was something like that, sadly I can find just about every other Fosters ad but not that one :(

  9. love pollack in real life (talking art...not using dirty rhyming slang or anything!) i think the texture is so much more than you would expect! naughty minx flashing in a gallery xxx

  10. How lovely to spend an arty Friday with Baby Bro P at the Tate. My recent tour of the walker was with my Big Sis S; art and siblings are a good mix in Liverpool, it seems!
    I love the Cubist portrait and the Matisse, though like you, I struggled to find Picasso's bottle. Is it the teal-coloured shape top and bottom? I don't know, and it doesn't matter, I like art that make you puzzle and wonder and chat. I know embarrassingly little about art but I don't think that stops me from enjoying it.
    You look gorgeous hiding in your cape-sleeved jacket, and Nina Simone is a legend. Have a brilliant weekend - be seeing you very soon! xxx

  11. I live by Dr Seuss' words of wisdom. Another wonderful arty adventure, but I couldn't find the bottle either. Maybe he just drank it as he painted. Hmmm. That's what I love about art - it leaves you with so many questions and challenges you. Love that chic black and white jacket and the bathroom selfie. XXX

  12. Thanks for the art tour! Loved your silliness with your brother! Siblings are great to be silly with! We never outgrow it :-) sorry if you get this message multiple times. Google plus seems to be swallowing it!

  13. Scuse me for saying this ---but I'm shocked this day and time (with all of the warnings) to hear that you SMOKE.... Totally shocked me! My Daddy smoked for about 50 years --and that is what killed him (emphysema)... SO--because of that, I have never smoked and luckily, my children don't either.... SORRY---didn't mean to push my values on you!!!! Shouldn't have done it.

    Sounds like you had a great time with your brother. I grew up with two older brothers --and they are both gone now. I miss them along with both of my parents.. I'm the last one left in my immediate family.... Darn!!!!!


  14. ' ... the body and the relationship between space and air and so forth'. I think my head just exploded. I like Art, right up until the time the Artist starts explaining what it means. Then I just get a headache and wish I smoked. ;)

  15. I always enjoy your Arty Farty days out, and with your baby brother, how sweet!! Selfies in the loos always makes me laugh too. I love museums and Art Galleries, it is time I took myself along to our local museum, there is a Roman exhibition on amongst other things. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. You and your younger brother look very cool and artistic. Thanks for the great photos of the paintings and this find out who you are and do it on purpose is absolutely brilliant! Take good care of you and your family,till next time***Angie

  17. I'm very disappointed that your brother didn't wear his parachute pants … that last photo you posted of him left quite an impression on me ;0)

  18. Te escribo en español porque así puedo expresar mejor lo mucho que me gusta tu blog y lo divertida que me pareces. Amo el arte como tú. Precioso post. Kisssssesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  19. You always puts a smile on my face, darling! Love your "selfie" and your adventures ... and I would kill for your jacket ... many kisses dear friend.

  20. My 6 foot 4in brother is 18 months younger than me and gets annoyed by me calling him "little brother", too. What a fab way to spend some quality time with a sibling. Loving your gorgeous outfit. xxx

  21. totally in love with the fishbasket ...
    good idea to spend time with your brother at the museum ... very smart.

  22. Great to have such a wonderful realtionship with your brother, and always keeping a young arty heart.
    You are adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. very cool post!
    Have a great week!

  24. 'Find out who you are and do it on purpose' Dolly Parton LOVE that quote! thanks for sharing!

  25. I love that Nina Simone track :)

    Such gorgeous artwork. I'm quite envious that you live so close to the Tate.

    Your 'little brother' is such a cutie :)

    One of my brothers is 6ft 4 and just 9 months younger than I am. He chuckles when I call him my little brother and, being in the same year throughout school, he used to get quite annoyed when people would ask us if we were twins.

    Have a lovely day xx

  26. this is such a fun post! And it looks like a pretty solid exhibit.

    I'd love it if you could also check out my blog! xx

  27. I dig that sculpture, and I love Jackson Pollock.

  28. Sandra! I can't believe you flashed in the Tate. I really like the fish basket, seems like the kind of thing everyone should have in their living room. I also really identify with the Inattentive Reader, it's me when I have to read something educational. I also think Picasso was messing with you. I think he's already drunk it xxx


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