Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Inertia is a skill of mine

I did this on Saturday.  All day.  I woke up to cook and went back to sleep.  I now feel a deep connection with the bear.  Despite being in work on Sunday, I feel like I have woken up today, it's Tuesday.

Ms Jones has been fixed
for £30!!!
Mr Super Relaxing Machine Fix-it Man very nicely told me it was threaded wrong
and also showed me how I should wind the bobbin *me=blank face* 
a bobbin is a spool, ohhhhh
and I was doing that wrong as well 

Now I can make lot's of these

This is a practise katan made out of an off-cut voile
'You can't go out in that, it looks like you are wearing curtains!'
I am wearing curtains

I then made a dress (another curtain)
even though I haven't made one before
without a pattern
I just drew round a bodice shape and totally blagged it
but I have the bug

attractive lining peeping through, mmmmmmmmm
this is a house dress and divinely comfortable

Sassy B - 'I want to go blonde...........but..........I don't know....etc, etc'
Me - 'Just do it for goodness sake'
Sassy B - 'YOLO'
(You only live once)
Quite right

I am joining in with Anne, 52 Pick me up - Minimalist 

New Tripod
the brick gives it a little gravitas don't you think?

I have 6 weeks until our Wedding Vow Renewals
A colleague and the girls asked me if I have a dress
I didn't
I sorted all of that yesterday
and have bought a glue gun
I can't tell you how excited I am!
.....about the glue gun
I am going to make a head-dress thingy
and  make a sequin-tastic belt

I really wanted Minnie Mouse ears but I think I owe the occasion some dignity,
Thank you for all of your Gorgeous Birthday wishes and lovely comments too!
Je t'adore!!
(other words I know - video - v pronounced as w -wid -ay-o - means 'to see' in Latin)

See you soon!


  1. Hello Sandra,

    Well, we do feel that perhaps you need just a tiny bit more practice with Ms Jones before you can enter the seamstress of the year competition. But, nevertheless, we have to say that your first try with not a pattern in sight looks a pretty fair attempt to the two of us who between ourselves could barely polish Ms Jones, never mind thread her.

    Your white dress and sun hat combination is beautifully summery. Lovely.

    What a tease you are about your new outfit. So pleased to note that at least a touch of glitter will be included. However, we suspect that with the happiness that will be radiating from you, all others will be in the shade!

  2. Your first attempt is fantastic! That's how I started - cutting round another dress - and 5 years later I'm still wearing it!! That machine is nearly as gorgeous as you and eldest and at £30 its upkeep is a right bargain.
    Loving the minimal frock and hat combo! xxxx

  3. That sewing machine is so cool! but it does look confusing, I wouldn't know how to thread that either! Glad it didn't cost that much to fix, hope it is the same with mine! Love that white dress by the way!:)

  4. Oh my ... you'll be a world famous dress designer in no time at all ... and I'll be able to say "I knew her back in the day when she didn't know what a bobbin was" ;0)

  5. Haha, I love that polar bear . . . and I enjoyed this post, you made me laugh :-)


  6. the ice bear! hahahaaaaaaaaaaahaahah! i love the story about the ice bear sleep. you make me more than smile, everytime i come here.

  7. You'll make me want to buy a sewing machine again (I donated mine so kids can learn sewing in the school that I founded). Sooo pretty! I adore you! :)

    PS Very interested in that ceremony you have... Thinking about something like this myself... Can't wait till you tell us more!

    Have a splendid time, dear! xxxxxx

  8. You are such a delight! Clearly you have been inert and the dress and caftan curtain thing just made themselves! What a fantastic sewing machine. I have or had my mother's original machine from 1964 but it has been misplaced. Long story. It is either in my ex's house or his mother's house but nobody can find it. I don't like sewing though I could be tempted to make some palazzo pants. I am not as brave as you and not likely to just draw around a pair. I can't wait to see what you make next!
    Oh and Sassy B did a great job with her hair!

  9. Thirty quid seems cheap to fix your machine... Unless there was absolutely nothing wrong with it and you just needed to thread it properly! Still, at least it is now in tip-top working order, and you can get on with making kaftans and frocks galore! You are braver than me, making a dress without a pattern sounds too scary. Love the garden pics, the white frock and hat, and SB's hair. Are you writing your own new vows for the ceremony? In the spirit of homemade headdresses and belts, I think you should write a poem, an ode to Mr Foxy - oh please do! xxxx

  10. Loving your curtain couture dear Sandra and v impressed you are whipping up a frock on the newly invigorated Jonesmobile without the aid of a proper pattern. xx

  11. Hi Cutie, We are home from a West Virginia vacation to celebrate our anniversary. Had a great time.

    Seems as if I missed some birthdays last week.... That is neat to have a sewing machine --once you learn how to operate it... Looks like you have already learned. My favorite photos of you today is the first one --with those cute pants to show off your skinny legs, and that adorable lace top and headpiece... Looks great on you...

    Congrats on doing your wedding re-vows... That is certainly a great idea. Hope someone takes alot of photos to share with us.


  12. Cute pics and fantastic dress dear! Kisses.

  13. I too feel a connection to that bear! And you're creations are impressive! I want to make curtain caftans! Except I'm too lazy! And too sleepy! Because I'm like that bear!

  14. Also: Elizabeth Taylor is super fabulous.

  15. My thoughts? Wear the damn curtains! You're not hurting anyone. Maybe just embarrassing them :-)
    I am currently teaching The Actor (9) to sew a shirt, cutting around his old one. It's a time honoured tradition. Thanks for keeping it alive!
    The brick tripod is amazing, and all your renewal stories are fascinating.
    You are in great company with your inertia. I heard Bette Midler describing herself thus. Can't get going, but when she does she can't stop.
    Thanks for your lovely comments re my BeautyScopes. Mwah! XO JJ

  16. That is the most beautiful sewing machine I've ever seen, and I know that's a weird thing to say. Glad you're enjoying using Ms. Jones (haha). Your curtain cape is sort of like the scarf capes I made, but somehow you come out looking like Elizabeth Taylor and I look like Mother Teresa. I love the photo of the three white chairs, and a belated happy birthday to you!

  17. Alrighty Ms. mcGinty. You SAY you're a lazy bear but you are in fact very very busy. All sorts of wonderful beautiful things flying out of your house. A curtain caftan is a very good idea and if I didn't have only wooden shutters on my windows I would certainly try it myself. Your daughter is just as gorgeous as her mom. A glue gun is a very very good thing. I love mine. Can't live without it.

  18. Back sewing with a vengeance!! I rather like your lace curtain couture. Re newing your wedding vows you say, how exciting, and hopefully lots and lots of glorious photos of the event!! The new tripod is awfully flash, you have spared no expense there.

  19. I bought my sewing machine when my mother died and i have been using it ever since.
    You have done a lovely job, my gorgeous

  20. Hurrah for glue guns! I made 24 children into ladybirds with nothing but a glue gun and not a spot fell off - love the thing! And you know what has struck me about you? You're photos are gorgeous, you are absolutely gorgeous, and now I see that Sassy B takes after her Mum, for she is equally gorgeous. Gawd, you're all just gorgeous! x

  21. Great recap. I do sleep a lot somedays when my body says so. Your sewing machine is so retro like the dresses you will make. I believe in you and your skills.Your girl is gorgeous and what a nice idea to renew your vows.I see you have your hands full but happy full

  22. Your Saturday sounds like how it was for me yesterday. I threw out my back. And vow renewal? How exciting!

  23. Oh Sandra je t'adore too!! Very excited about your wedding! I love the dresses you are sewing! You know my dad's fiancee has a brand new sewing machine but she wouldn't teach me how to use it!! Sassy B has the best mom ever honestly.! Ps. Sleeping is a healthy habit!!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  24. I think you look wonderful in all your creations , especially the la Elizabeth Taylor look !!!, love the white dress and how wonderful you are renewing your vows ! thank you for your comments you leave me Sandra , good weekend xxx

  25. Have fun with your wedding vow renewals, that's so lovely!

    Your first sewing attempt is bloody great.

    My sewing machines have been idle for a while. I must rectify that soon!

    Your daughter's blonde hair is gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful weekend Sandra xx

  26. Yo no se coser nada, y me encantaria para poder hacerme vestidos como tu, te quedaron preciosos. Besos

  27. You look very lovely!!
    Have a great week!


  28. Vows renewal! that's wonderful! Our wedding is in about 7 weeks!
    I got the dress, hat and shoes, can't wait to see your creation
    Good with the sewing! i want too as well to sew, i have a project in waiting, you did good with your projects

    Sorry i didn't comment as much lately, but i'm doing much much better these days




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