Wednesday, 25 June 2014

100th Post, 2 Birthdays, 1 trip and a broken car

It's true! 100 posts! none contain anything remotely useful/interesting/relevant in the real world, but I have had a blast! So Big Squeezies, Kisses and Thank You to you all for reading my nonsense! I was 45 on Monday, Missy was 13 on Tuesday............and the car really is broken. There's always drama here dahlinks.

As I am now older it means I see nothing wrong with this at all
My 'do I care?' brain cells have reduced dramatically with age,
it's chemical name is 'Dontcarium' it's a transition cell which eventually morph's into the Noble 'Blissium'

Mr F commented my blog is a series of images with a load of swear words,
how f***ing rude!

I know myself well enough, I know I am immune to literary genius,
I prefer this

I took this into work once, I ended up reading someone else's magazine instead,
I have been exposed to some seriously dodgy stuff as a result,
the journalism alone is appalling!

I am not endorsing these brands of chocolate
I'm just being fancy

Eldest does not want to be known as 'Eldest' anymore as it's 'boring'
I wouldn't agree to her suggestion of 'Sassy Beesh'
we finally agreed to Sassy B 

Sassy B has discovered the awesome power of pom-poms
her sewing skills are infinitely better than mine 
she's off to Aya Napa in a few weeks

Missy has left today to go on her school trip

Ma baybee is 13

Before the party

things I have learned from throwing a child's birthday party
1. toddlers don't eat food, they get red-faced, drink a lot and run everywhere (you must also ask 'do you need a wee?' a lot)
2. bouncy castles are very good as long as you don't invite the whole class
3. teenagers will eat everything you have, keep eating and then clog your toilets
4. when they are much older and are drinking alcohol, fool them into having fancy cocktails which are heavily diluted and a neon colour, also make regular checks on bedrooms (which I did, like a ninja) 
5.  beware of the twerking elderly, they may also use a doorframe to dance in an erotic manner

For all celebrations in our house, we are all together
in the morning we all greet the special person like zombies,
Sassy B was in work at 7am and had to miss the tradition
but left this
also with an accompanying note, a line from it reads,
'To be read with a scouse accent..............if my weave is with you then technically I am half there'

Finished room with shelves up and voile curtains, new bedding and a rug 

I am destroyed

My sewing machine is being fixed today
I am following the wise advice from Em,
I got a quote from the most relaxing man in the entire world
as he was talking, I was in a most transcendental manner
he's back today to repair it
I expect to fall asleep mid-sentence 

I hope you are all blooming marvellous! 
see you soon you gorgeous lot



  1. awesome post! congrats on the 100th post!

  2. Hello Sandra,

    This is a triumph of a centenary post! You look absolutely the part in your little black number and the tiara is a stroke of genius. You have fabulous written right through you, just like a stick of Brighton Rock.

    Soon the house will be yours as your children leave for adventures abroad. We cannot imagine the energy you must have to cope with everything at McGinty Towers but you do it all so wonderfully well. The chocolate cake looks to die for.....death by chocolate, perhaps?

    Congratulations on this impressive blogging milestone. Your posts brighten our day so may there be many, many happy returns!

  3. Happy Birthday! 100 Posts! Wow! That's a lot for a sweet young thing like you! And Happy Birthday 13th Birthday, too! That's a Big One. Don't you just love family traditions? Especially the one where you wear a tiara and swan around the house like the Princess that you are. Lovely joyous post, Sandra!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday *and* blogistone (that's a milestone for blogs, shut up it's a ferpectly valid word!) You look gorgeous in your strapless gown. And I need some blissium supplements, I reckon!

  5. Wow! Lots of birthdays! Happy Birthday to you! I have to get my sewing machine fixed too. Was it really expensive? You look so pretty by the way! :)

  6. Well done on 100 blog posts and Happy Birthday to you and your daughter.
    The results of your decorating look fab, as do you in your frock and tiara.
    I love your daughter's birthday note and drawing

  7. So THAT's what you call it. I too have a severe case of Dontcarium. Images and swear words and liquids and solids - my favourite things. One hundred posts, how does this happen? Just keep 'em coming. Frigging awesome tiara, musings, and family.

  8. Happy Birtday to you! Kisses Sandra.

  9. And what a 100th post it is :D Happy birthdays all round, bedroom looks farking awesome and so do you!! Here;s to the next 100 posts and more profanities! wooohoooooo! :D

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!! Your blog is one of my very favorite places in Bloglandia - not because of "useful information" which is everywhere anyway, but because of YOU! You are beautiful, funny, charming, kind, adorable and interesting! And so is your blog. Happy 100th post! Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is a cutie! All you girls are! Love and hugs :)

  11. Happy Birthday ... you've caught back up to me so we can be twins again now :0)
    Thanks for the party tips ... I am keeping a special note of number 4 ... for future reference which alas is no longer very far into the future.
    As for number 5 ... were you the one dancing erotically with the door frame ... when I've had more than enough diluted cocktails I have been known to participate in such activities. You can be on one side of the door frame ... and I'll be on the other ... a twin set ;0)

  12. Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your 100th post! What a busy week you've had! Sounds like a fun one! xx

  13. Happy Birthday to the glowingest 45 year old I have ever seen! I thought you were going to throw that crockery at your cheeky man. tell him we love your pictures and f-bombs. Happy 100 blog posts too! I have already hit 100 but I don't dare celebrate because I post so excessively I've hit it really fast and I don't really want to point out to anybody how annoying I am. Like I just did there.

    Sending you hugs for your birthday and just because I adore you! Very wise woman you are. Those are excellent tips for birthday parties. I think you should write a book and Sassy B can illustrate it. Her room looks fantastic. Get lots of rest. Sit around looking gorgeous and eat some chocolate for me. I am fresh out.

  14. Happy burfday and 100th post day. I love your evolution of birthdays list. And seriously, you're 45??? I had NO idea.

  15. Well 45 is young for me, so just a spring chicken yet! You say you don't say anything useful, but I learnt about some brain chemicals I've never heard of before, so there! Our lives are backwards because I'm so old, but my oldest is still 12 :-) had to laugh at the name change discussions and the wig birthday card. Seems your kids are as hilarious as you! What a family. One last thing, you look absolutely amazing in a tiara and strapless gown. It should be your look du jour! Happy 100 more posts and 45 + more years of living!XO

  16. Congrats to all (except the car)! Love the Pom poms!

  17. Happy 100 post to you, my dear gorgeous queeno f beauty

  18. Happy 45th Birthday to the Sassiest B ever and of course that would be why you are Sassy B's mother!!! Oh yeah the birthday parties get better with age, you actually enjoy getting to join in and not stress. I LOVE YOU IN THE BLACK DRESS AND TIARRA, I was shouting that!!! I want to come over and play, why do you not live just around the corner from me????? Your blog is not nonsense, it make so much sense to me, so it is all-sense!! Congrats on the big hundy blogs, so glad I found you.

  19. Well happy damn birthday! I want to come round and eat cake in your house, not just because the cakes look amazing but your house looks so lovely I feel I could take sanctuary there.

    In a few weeks I will over take you again in the age stakes and you have inspired me to do it with a tiara on my head, I used to wear them all the time when did I stop and why????

  20. Ha ha! I always love your posts. They are so erratic and full of swear words : )

    I keep thinking if you are this cool without alcohol how much fun would you be loaded???

    Happy belated birthdays! You really did get to be Queen for the day.

    Loved the card...and that chocolate cake looks so yummy!

    I toast to you, Queen of Dontcarium!


  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your daughter ! congratulation on your 100 and fabulous blog post xxx

  22. Peaches I'm Always laughing at your posts, you are such a DRAMA QUEEN!!! :) Happy Birthday to you and your daughter. Those pictures are so much fun to look at, there's never a dull moment with you is there? Hugs, Francesca

  23. My best friend and I are always on the lookout for people with very relaxing voices, the effect of which we describe as "I was in a trance-like state", then we race off to search for this person wielding the power to put us to sleep on our feet in 30 seconds flat. Mad? Yes, but you started it! Hahaaaa!! It sounds like the birthday celebrations were a hoot and oh my the bedroom is looking fab! I love, love, love your frock 'n tiara titilations!! Sassy B was at work? Goodness what does she do the wee pet? I LOVE the card she left behind, what a scream! Happy birthday to both of you sweeties!!! xoxox

  24. Hey you, sneaking in a birthday without saying anything! Yours is just a couple of days before mine, and their I was blathering on about it for weeks! So - happy 45th, Princess Peaches, loving the tiara, and happy 100th post too! Tell Mr F we love the photos and swearing, don't go changing!
    Happy birthday also to the gorgeous Missy, the bedroom is looking fab, love Sassy B contemplating her packing, and her note is brilliant!
    Here's to many, many more posts full of pics, swearing, frocks, family, cats and bunnies, art, whatever you like! xxxxx

  25. Sandra you look amazing in that black dress, so hot! Congrats on your 100 posts, I love your blog and being up to date with your life! You made laugh out loud when describing a teenager's bday party! A big hug to you :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  26. Oh and Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  27. My earnest wishes to you and your daughter. Having kids ariund is half the fun but also cause of great worries! So eep busy blogging your wonderful blog and kids will find their way in life. Or am I saying this for me to make believe? Thanks for all your comments!

  28. You sound like a super fun mom.

    And: I need some more Dontcarium chemicals in my brain!

  29. Congrats dear!
    I've just realized I need to find my crown, it'd make mondays so much better!
    have a great week,

  30. Omg, you look stunning! Love the dress and that tiara is just gorgeous! Happy late b-day!


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