Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I'm Free!

Mr Humphries always said it with such flair.

Firstly, a big THANK-YOU for all of your kind words and support over my last post.  I have resigned,  I'm gone Baby! I will miss my most awesome work colleagues, they really are brilliant  we shared so many great times, I have cried with laughter with them, we always had a lot of fun,and I will also get to see my awesome work partner-in-crime again as we will be going vintage shopping together, epic stuff!

After my initial wobble over the whole thing, I realised something, I'm going to have time, actual time on my hands and then I got very, very excited (although I did mistake it for too much caffeine)

There are short courses at University for me to pursue my love of Art....University! Moi! I have always liked the idea of going to Uni, nice stationary, a clean excercise book and a sturdy scarf  however the important hard work bit is something I'd rather pass on.
I am going to learn to drive.......again, I'm not a fan really, I can't turn right very well or reverse round a corner and if you ask me to parallel park I may faint.....but, if I pass! Oh, the possibilities!  hopefully I will not get my first examiner who screeched a lot during my test, I'm not kidding eg 'you're driving to close to that car' screech etc, I felt like opening the door and booting her out, I wasn't that bad......surely, ha!

Ken Dodd and his Diddymen
he lives near us, I met him in the butchers once when I was little
he was lovely

chazzed cloche
it doesn't quite fit
I'm embracing Diddymen Chic to the MAX!

Things I have worn

I am pathetically whiney over eating fruit
I just can't bear sourness of any sort
apart from a whiskey sour
hmmmmm.............I don't like healthy sour things

No knock knees pose
(I do have knock knees, I had some magnificent built up shoes when I was very little, aww) 
I am linking with Anne 52 Pick me up - Disco Diva
it's the nearest thing to groovy I own

Also today is our last Primary school run ever
I have been doing this for almost 17 years
Little Miss-ette is off to High School in September
New starts all round!

I hope you are all well,
I know you are all magnificent!

see you soon


  1. My life started when I stopped working, you will be fine, my lovely
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family
    Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Ohh would you look at you flaunting all yer loveliness :D Big changes can be daunting but if it feels right, them it is right.

  3. Your baby is growing up! Just wait til they are all off working, that is when your real freedom kicks in. Looooooove your polka dot frock of course and thanks for the flash of slip!!!! You will have plenty to do with your time, and I do like the sound of the courses and the arty farty stuff. I should come over and do the galleries with you!!

  4. You are really going to enjoy your free time. I can't imagine not being able to drive. I hope you pass the test fine. Everyone freaks out when parallel parking.

    You look like the Lady in Red in that red ensemble.


  5. The red ensemble is gorgeous of course, but I love the yellow, with the cute ribbons and the flash of slip! But my all time fav. is the groovy mini caftan...yes please! I've done my driving test three times. The third after I let my licence lapse when we lived in Canada and I couldn't convert to driving on the right. Nightmare! But my point is, the third one was the easiest by far. I was older...ummm...more mature;-) My oldest is about to start high school next year! Still a way to go for us...ancient parents that we are...creak, groan :-) XO JJ

  6. Blogger day outs, Porn Star Martinis in Wetherspoons and chips in the street!! I see a glorious new chapter in your life unfolding.
    Love all the outfits but the mini kaftan is my favourite - I'm just off to lounge on the lawn now. xxxx

  7. Congrats on your assorted milestones and your new found freedom. I have no doubt you'll find plenty to fill up that extra time. Great outfits! My fav is the polka dot dress. I'm a sucker for a petticoat!

  8. Congrats on your 'retirement' --at least retirement from one job ---only to find something even better where you can continue learning and growing... Hope you can get your driver's license and can take some art classes. That would be awesome.

    Great photos. I think the yellow dress looks fantastic on you ---one of your best yet.

  9. Hurrah! I love new starts...all that possibility...and you'll have such a laugh. Ooooh, defo do some art is too short not to do some lovely things. We must all have a get together soon too.We need some Porn Stars. Love the kaftan I do.
    I always wanted Mr Humphries as my uncle. Explains a lot.xxxx

  10. I love Mr. Humphries! thanks for the laugh! Have fun with your life now! Enjoy the possibilities! :)

  11. HA ... my excitement usually IS a result of too much caffeine!!
    You've changed your posing position ... I'm quite disorientated ... but perhaps that's a result of too much caffeine too ;0)
    Oooh ... I recall the mixed feelings of primary school being over ... FOREVER ... time just keeps marching on ... no matter what I do to slow it down ... guess the caffeine isn't helping with that either ;0)
    I'm not much into healthy food ... I usually try to get my fruit and vegetable intake incorporated into cake :0)

  12. Congratulations on your new found freedom and your new chapter in life! Going to uni sounds exciting- I'm sure you'll be fantastic at it. I love the tulle dress, the kaftan, and the polka dot frock- fabulous! Also, I didn't even realise Ken Dodd was still alive. I thought he died ages ago! xx

  13. Oh yes, go to uni and faff off there, just like real students. But I suppose all you hear now in classrooms is the tapping on keyboards. Gone are the pen days. When I was young...
    But you'll need a whole new back-to-school wardrobe. Oh dear, oh dear. What to do...? Call your friend immediately. Oh right, you already did. I loved the video clip. I haven't seen this show. It's life in the colonies, you know.

  14. Ca plus change, or whatever they say in France. I wish I could say I have time since I lost my job, but it hasn't worked out that way. Maybe when I retire! But congrats to you, and good luck with the uni courses. Enjoy, and be sure to scare the young folks.

  15. That's the spirit m'dear, embrace the change! If I can start uni at the ripe old age of 44 so can you! A little maturity goes a long way y'know, helps to keep a perspective, makes it more enjoyable, and then there's the stationery!!! Good on ya! x

  16. This black&bow dress is just perfect! And I love your "little girl" smile on the picture with ribbons on your hair. I must admit you look gorgeous in boho prints! Maybe you'll turn into a hippie instead of a vintage lady? ;)

  17. Congratulations on becoming a lady of luxury, a uni course sounds like a brilliant idea.

    All your outfits are amazing, but I love the red lace one best.

    Good luck with all your future ventures xx

  18. Good luck with all new prospects. You are full of energy and I'm sure you will use it the way to make you and your family happy. And show those pretty legs of yours more often,please!

  19. Oh wow, new starts all round. I love your kaftan it's fricking amazing, I'm on the hunt for one myself.......

    Definitely do some art classes they are nowhere near as scary as you think and nowhere near as scary as parallel parking!!!

  20. I'm happy to hear you happy! You also look stunning, especially in the red dress with matching bag! You could always attend university and not take exams, like I sort of did! I am a lousy driver, If I can do it, you can too!!! What about the one on sour fruit?? Have a splendid weekend hun!!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  21. Hurray for being free! And yes, get yourself on an art course, you'd really enjoy it. As for driving... oh dear, the very thought of it makes me feel a bit ill (me driving, not you!) but if you can bear it, do it!
    Some gorgeous frocks here, Sandra - the red lace number, the cute yellow, and the polka dots are my faves. And the mini kaftan is glorious - get up and boogie, love!
    Have a fab weekend! xxx

  22. I cannot imagine not being able to drive, but then if you live in a small town you have to. There is nothing reliable about our transit system! You are more adorable than any Diddyman and I must say there is something rather perverted sounding about diddyman. Yes, I must say that.

    You look divine in all your dresses, the two red ones are perhaps my favourites but it's difficult to choose because the yellow and the polka dots look great too. Not that you asked me to. And your caftan of awesomeness is just fantastic! I would totally borrow that if we were sisters and I had access to your closet. I would ask though, because I'm a polite Canadian.

    I'm so glad you are having happy excited thoughts about your new lifestyle! I can't wait to see what you get up to.

  23. Studying art at uni sounds like a great way to spend time!

  24. Fabulous outfits !!! , yes i drive but i really do not like it ,but it's always handy , i must say it is nice when the twins started High school last year, as it's great not to keep clock watching to make sure you are on time picking them up , best wishes x

  25. Congrats for Uni, you will see it's fun, I enjoyed my time when I did my certificate in translation - I would like to go back too, but I need something fun! I could do art as well?
    Great outfits and I love when you gave us head to toe pics, you are so gorgeous Lady




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