Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sharpen your mind, sharpen your Bob

My brain has been fuzzy, it is sometimes.  So I cut my hair, sharp.  I believe in the power of hair.  I have also started eating healthier, it's common sense really.  I don't believe in diets, but I do believe in knowing your body, mine reacts like a puffer fish to certain foods, so I figured I will eat less of them, it's hardly rocket science, I feel better and more importantly for me, less bloated.

With all of my fiddling around with my clothes, taking off belt loops (I don't like them either, my waist is not where you say it is) I feel like I am fine tuning my preferences with dressing, if I don't like something, I change it, it's quite liberating.  I adore the 1920's, I always have and I also adore the 1950's.  The luxury of excess fabric, texture and statement pieces - a kick ass kimono, a sharp bob, cloche hats, capes and full, full skirts call me, sartorially, it's where I feel at home.  I see my body as a frame and I can adorn it how I wish. I don't give a toss about appearing larger either it's not my goal with how I dress.  In the past I spent time attempting to appear smaller, thinner, more acceptable.  Of course, it was all utter bollocks, stripping a person of their creative choices produces blandness and misery. Not a good look at all.

Louise Brooks
she makes me swoon

and that moment when it all clicks into place

what I wore to Little Miss-Ette's year 6 school play yesterday
she surprised me with her performance, her confidence and performance on stage was outrageous (we so proud)
the play was called 'War'
the scene were the deserters were executed was brutal and disturbing
*open mouthed shock all around*
but war is brutal
they touched on nostalgia and the truth of war with alarming accuracy, tenderness, empathy and humour
these children are 11
they all quite rightly received a standing ovation

Ever since Delia Smith pronounced houmous - hoo moose on tv
we have stuck to it religiously
so easy to make and I always make it with too much garlic (I love garlic forever)

The New Addition

Ms Jones is a pain in the ass sewing machine
My Mother-in-Law gave me hers yesterday
a hand cranking piece of art, she purrs
now I just have to clean her and figure out how to thread her

this dress is indecent and very see through

My COLLAR has even been hacked
I prefer it like this now

My adventures with clothing continue
I know I don't look radically different
but I feel it
and I'm excited about where we will go with it

and I hope you are all blooming marvellous
you really are wonderful
and rock my world in a fabulous way,
now, let's all have some fun!!!



  1. You so nicely put the right words on paper er computer for the feelings most of us have. So glad you put some logic on the way you eat, I still struggle since I stopped smoking half a year ago. As for clothes so many possibilities to try from the styles of the past years... that make it so boring even to walk inside a retail big shop ! Watch out the old sewing machine thing... it can get addictive!

  2. Isn't it nice when you feel positive winds a blowin'? I think a bob is such a freeeeeeeing haircut. I've had one for years. You always look so pretty and happy. You just make my day.

  3. Ooh, something is in the air, you sound all fired up and excited, Sandra! So true, that clothing should be about what speaks to you, what brings you joy, not a dreary over-analytical assessment of body type and adherence to rules. No, blandness and misery are truly NOT a good look, so set yourself free to be beautiful! You always do look fab in your frocks, anyway, and you'll get no argument from me about the Power of the Bob, especially a sharp one!
    The Y6 play and your daughter's performance sound fantastic. Good luck with that beautiful old sewing machine! xxx

  4. Ooo! Another uppity woman speaking her mind and being unapologetically who she is. I love it! I also love the black dress with the rhinestone (?) belt and the old sewing machine is gorgeous!

  5. You exude that roaring '20s vibe in your attitude. Right on! I love your dresses, flowery and indecent. And your sharp bob is exquisite. I've been eyeing some incredible hand-crank sewing machines. If I had the space I'd have one right now. I hope you develop a beautiful relationship. And a thespian in the family, wonderful! Well done. Hoo moose, I must make some too.

  6. I can feel your positivity all the way in Walsall! Yes to dressing how we want, sod those boring flattering, slimming and other bollocks. What is more attractive than a woman happy in her own skin? I hate belt loops too, they NEVER are in the right place. Sleeves suck most of the time, too. Arms are arms and why hide them just cos they're not perfect? We'll be wearing veils if we applied the same nonsensical rules to our faces!!
    You always look beautiful in your dresses. Your daughter's performance sounds ace, fingers crossed that fabulous old Miss jones also performs magnificently! xxxx

  7. You wrote it so beautifully! The moment when it all clicks together are the moments of truth... I don't know why it is such a struggle for most of us people, to just be who we are and follow our noses as we explore life. Instead of trying to be some sort of "acceptable" version of a mediocre kind of person (what it even means). Your inspirations are beautiful, and you are beautiful! You always bring joy to my heart. I wish I could eat that garlicy hoo moose with you in your kitchen. :)

    That performance sounds truly amazing. Such talented children! And the teacher who worked with them on the play I am sure is an exceptional individual. It will stay with the kids forever.

    Have a great fun with the purring sewing machine, it's a beauty! I can only imagine your new dresses and capes made with its help - can't wait!!

    Have a great week, or rather week-end, gorgeous brilliant woman! xxxxxxx

  8. OH where to begin! Maybe I will start with ho moose. I love the stuff and the more garlic the better. I too will now call it ho moose because one must! My body does the puffer fish thing too with certain foods. Basically grains and starches so I rarely eat them and must avoid gluten always.

    Eleven year olds are really special. Having taught them I know just how amazing they can be, especially if they come from families that really nurture creativity and thinking for themselves, curiosity and courage. I am certain that your family does!
    Now, onto you! You are feckin' gorgeous. You radiate serious sexiness, your face is beautiful and you've got some major curves when you want to flaunt them. Consider that you are also funny as hell, I'd think your hubs must need to stand guard and chase other guys away. Hell, probably even lesbians too. I'm certain lesbians like funny women.

    And I love your attitude so much, I can only aspire to achieve it myself. I do definitely struggle with wanting to look my slimmest, and worrying that I don't. On the other hand, in the interests of being kind to myself, perhaps I shall not beat myself up over that either. I don't diet either, I just eat what works for me and I am striving to improve my strength and stamina and not feel bloated. Those seem like reasonable goals. I am learning how to have joy in my clothing from you. I think that before I was unhappy because I didn't love my body or my clothes, it was all just okay. I am learning to wear what I love and the maybe I will develop some of that special Sandra radiance!

  9. Wow that sewing machine look ancient!

    That sounds like quite the play.

    I adore hoo moose and your floral dress.
    That Bon Apetite wall is cool.


  10. Looking hawt Darl! :D And may I say what magnificent bosoms you have :D xx

  11. You are truly meant to wear a bob! And I love the 20's too, so crazy and elegant at the same time! :)

  12. I love the bob and you look fabulous in all your dresses! The sewing machine is a beauty, too. xx

  13. Ooooo, homemade hummus! Yum! You're becoming quite the domestic goddess (not that you weren't already) - all that sewing and humming and raising intelligent and confident children, while looking gorgeous and making it look effortless. Nigella should be worried.

  14. Love the new 'do'... Very becoming... My favorite of your dress choices today is the black one. I like it with or without collar. Beautiful!!! Sounds like you have a great sewing machine now... That's GREAT.


  15. You always look lovely in anything you wear, and I love your positive attitude :)

    I also love 'hoo moose' ha! :D I add lemon and coriander to mine - it's delicious!
    I've never understood why we spell it houmous and in America it's spelled hummus.
    I'm not entirely sure how it's supposed to be pronounced now :/

    Louise Brooks is fab! xx

  16. I am a big fan of dressing how I please, did you notice?? I think you always look positively gorgeous SO THERE!! Funny thing when I was younger and slim I thought I was fat, I thought I had a big bum, a pot belly, and thunder thighs. What did I know? Obviously nothing. I am totally happy with my size and shape, if I wasn't I would do something about it, but like you I don't like diets. You lose it then find it again, the weight that is. I sometimes even find other peoples and have a lot of trouble giving it back, weight that is. Have yourself a fabulous weekend when it arrives, mine has started!!

  17. Ms Jones looks ace, I'm sure she will be purring after a clean. What is it about belt loops are they ever really in the right place for anybody's waist?

  18. Wow that sewing machine is magnificent ... she looks like she deserves to be on display in a museum ... but I'm sure she's much happier helping you out with your alterations. My waist is never where they say it is either ... very annoying ... belt loops off I can cope either ... but fixing anything shaped and fitted is still beyond me :0(
    You're looking great ... love the sharp bob :0)

  19. Sandra, you look fantastic. The power of the sharp hair is certainly doing something - I have curly hair so will never know this sharp hair power - perhaps you could bottle it?

  20. You look super wow Sandra!! No one can stop you now!! Your mother-in-law's sewing machine is a piece of art indeed. Guess what? Today I got myself a bob haircut. I do humous without garlic because I can't stand it :-) Just in case you invite me over for dinner, no garlic please ^-^
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  21. I tried to make hummus once sans recipe... it didn't go well. I was very unfamiliar with it and tried to make it based on the lingering taste in my mouth. Cinnamon got involved somehow and well, things got pretty ugly after that.

  22. Hoo moose, it is! That solves both the spelling and pronouncing problems. But there is no such thing as too much garlic...

  23. Louise Brooks makes me swoon too! Also: I love hummus. Also: I love that blue flower print on your dress. So pretty!

  24. Both dresses are fabulous, and I love the little stories in you househol.
    You are beautifulllllllllll

  25. What a great positive post with wonderful wording, I am going to try and remember your words when I am having my bad days with my body, a wonderful uplifting blog post xxx

  26. I love your fantastic dresses! Kisses.


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