Monday, 7 July 2014

The Liver Birds

The Liver Birds are two large bronze metal birds.  They stand on top of the Liver Buildings near the docks, of course there are no such birds however I always understood if they are ever destroyed Liverpool will cease to exist.........................heavy stuff.

Non-heavy stuff has been happening though.

Sunday, I received a text from Mr F - 'the hoover (vacuum) is crap, I have been trying to hoover upstairs for an hour and it has picked up nothing....moan.....grrrr....harumph.......we need a new hoover'
my reply 'is this foreplay?'

I don't think I can ever fully explain the joy of having a hoover that works.............ever.  I will say I had a very nice post-hoover cigarette and feel wonderful right now.

This Liver Bird is a little one

Just enough ice for gin and tonics

the glue gun surpassed my expectations

My Wedding Vow Renewal dress

Celebratory Meal

Sassy B gained a first and a 2:1 on her first end of year Uni exams (she was 4 marks away from a first, she wanted me to add that, also she worked very hard too and works part time whilst maintaining ultimate sass, I would also like to add we are very proud of her)
Missy has earned several rewards from school for being intelligent and generally fab
Little Miss-ette worked flat out for her SATS  (results pending) and is performing in the school play
Mr F has got a new job
I wear red lipstick and manage to keep it in the lines..... sometimes

I have been hacking/improving my dresses
I adore this one but it was that bit too small and I didn't like the collar
so I let out the darts, unpicked the ruddy awful collar and re-sown it, whilst Ms Jones the sewing machine complained and threw several strops (she is such a pain in the ass to use)

New chazzed brooch

Love this dress, hated the 'sleeves'
they were little flimsy, stupid cap sleeves that added nothing and ruined the line when wearing a cardigan
so I unpicked them, tossed them to one side and re-sowed

Sassy B is off to Aya Napa tomorrow
I'm helping to pack - this is her contribution 
Rollers,  important......very, very important

I am suspiciously eyeing up what has to go in the suitcase right now
................please wish me luck and the precision skills of a ninja

I hope you are all wonderful!
I will catch up as soon as I have ironed and packed my daughter's case

I may (ha! will) need a stiff drink

thank you for all of your divine comments on my last post too!!



  1. The glue gun project looks amazing!
    Congrats to your daughters and Mr F for the new job
    Your girls are so gorgeous, you should be proud indeed

    Have a nice day



  2. Good god, those girls are so fab...image of you pet. Hurrahs all round then especially for keeping the lippy in the lines. Let's get some perspective here. Love yer frocks, love yer brooch and love yer smiles.

    I agree. There's nothing quite as satisfying as a hoover that sucks not blows.

  3. The photo of you and the girls is the best so far. You must be a very proud mama! Proud and busy with the renewal vows. I'm sure everything will turn out good. Congratulations on your girls' achievements and good luck to your man with his new job!

  4. Of course you are proud of your girls, they are bright and beautiful, like their mama! Love the pic of the four of you (does Mr F sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by all the oestrogen in your house?!)
    So you have been busy refashioning some frocks then, AND with the glue gun? Ooh, can't wait to see the vow renewal outfit!
    Hoovering is enough of a pain in the arse without using one that doesn't suck anything up - you end up just redistributing the fluff and cat hair, and what good is that?
    Love those Liver Birds. - big metal ones, and the ones in your family! xxx

  5. Cute pictures and i love your dress! Kisses.

  6. Great job on the dress, they look wonderful! I know about the packing, my daughter (13) packed her bags herself for her summer trip to the grandparents, and I have no idea what she packed. But I'm pretty confident she had all the necessities! :)

  7. Forget The Beatles you and the girls are Liverpool's Fab Four! Gorgeous, the lot of you! Well done on those brilliant results.
    Hoovering? the dresses look ace - things are usually so much better without sleeves - unless they are bastard massive ones! xxxx

  8. You are all so accomplished. Keeping the lipstick on the lips is huge. HUGE!

    If getting a new hoover is foreplay you need to get out more. Either that or talk to my parents. LOL

    That green butterfly dress is divine.

    I really like the idea of the G&T right about now...


  9. How gorgeous are your girls? no wonder you are a proud mama and looking bloody fab to boot too. Just remember what happens in Aya Napa stays in Aya Napa ;-P

  10. Wow! So many things in this post I do not know where to start ..... ah, yes ... I missed you all this time, my funny friend, but I'm back now. Love felt that project, it will be a brooch? I love all those dresses, really dresses make me happy .... and of course, congratulations to your wonderful daughters, all of them are as beautiful as you. It's usual that you are proud of them. Happy week, my dear doll! And remember that our Share in Style will be open until Wednesday night .... please join us ... the theme "Denim".

  11. Preciosos los vestidos y guapisimas las niñas. Besos

  12. What a gorgeous bevy of beautiful babes ... Mr F is a very lucky man!
    I am highly impressed by your alteration skills ... but maybe you can find a shop that will give you a Hoover AND a sewing machine in a 2 for 1 special ... because trust me ... sewing is soooooo much better and waaaaaayyyy more enjoyable when the sewing machine behaves itself.
    Just imagine if Mr F did the vacuuming and the sewing ... he'd be like the perfect man ;0)

  13. Your girls are so gorgeous and eldest looks so much like you! Your altered dresses look fabulous and I must congratulate you on having more patience than I do for altering things. Though perhaps it's not hard to have more patience than I do. Anyhow, I really wanted to know more about the hoover sex and the G and T and ciggie. Feck the clothes! I'm thinking you should get a Dyson because somehow there must be some way to send a sexy text about using a Dyson.

  14. Wow, you have a lot to celebrate right now! Congratulations to your girls and your hubby! I personally think keeping lippy in the lines is a huge achievement! You need to be very skilled for that, which I'm sure not! Also, love the fabric of your renewal dress (how exciting!), and you can't have a good cocktail without ice! xx

  15. Congratulations to everyone for their achievements. Especially you for keeping your lippy inside the lines! :D
    Such lovely photographs and I love your creativeness.
    I need a glue gun in my life.

    Have a wonderful week xx

  16. I'm so glad your tryst with the hoover was satisfying. (Inhale. Exhale smoke knowingly, with a slight nod.) I hate cap sleeves, too. They're made for little girls, really, not wimmin like us. At least you're inspired enough to take matters into your own hands, and doing some fabulous sewing!

    Your girls are all so cute!

  17. I bet Mr Foxy loves taking all his girls out for a meal. Well done him on the new job, and well done girlies on all those fabulous marks. But biggest well done goes to you on your transformation of frocks! Why hiff it out when you can adjust something to make it more you!

  18. Well done to your clever girls, and to you for being so darnedastardly clever.

  19. You look so beautiful, my dear Sandra, and the photo of you with girls is the best! Frame it!
    It's funny about foreplay! :)
    Wishing your gorgeous Sassy B a great vacation, and hope to see your magical WVR dress soon! :)
    Love xxxx

  20. Sandra you have had some eventful days!! Your girls are as beautiful and brilliant as you (with all due respect for Mr F). You are a talented seamstress, that black dress is ah-mazing! I cannot see the picture of your vows renewal dress!?!? The weekend is near, we can make it!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  21. Gorgeous girls gorgeous Sandra !!! what more can I say ,sums it all up for me dear Sandra xxx

  22. You must blow up, print and frame the photo of you and your mini-me's immediately! Too lovely for words! x

  23. My GOD your girls are stunners!
    Love the new frocks! Isn't it great to be able to make those minor adjustments?! I often rip sleeves off too!

  24. I ADOREEEEEEEEEEE your butterfly dress and I cannot get over of you having such big girls. You all look like sisters, beautiful sisterrrrrrrr
    Tins of love.çXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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