Thursday, 31 July 2014

An abundant Floral Fiesta

Ahhhhhhh, alliteration, amazing!

Right, it's out of my system now - Good afternoon/morning/evening! I hope you are all blooming wonderful!

We have been having a creative week with lie-ins!, relaxing and necessary
I also made a winter petticoat from an old 't' shirt and a dress I had previously cocked up - necessary stuff! wardrobe malfunctions happen (Vix and a strapless dress) me with pouffey skirts and a vague gust - it doesn't take much, and after last winters very windy day when I walked home on a very windy day with my skirt stuck to my face, I decided to invest in some under garment modesty (and by invest, I mean make)

This will be perfect under my pouffe

Ms Hand Crank Sewing Machine doesn't like jersey
this is the equivalent of a sewing tantrum

I'm joining in with Anne - 52 Pick me up - Orchid
I do like the pick me up's inspiration
I would never have thought of adding more flowers, but I did and I like it

I made the headband for Little Miss

Who knows? and why?

4 Brooches
on my brooch scale of happy, this means I am ecstatic

Missy very happy with felt, Ms Hand Crank and a glue gun
who wouldn't be?

Little Miss-ette's loom band and hama bead creations
I have created an organised child

This evening I am joining a Gym

Liverpool introduced a great initiative for all under 17's to have a free gym membership
and it costs £1 each time they go (and free swimming whenever)
we do stay with them (this is not sponsored btw just sharing)

We asked about a family membership which turned out to be very reasonable
so we all will be going the Gym......................................
the last time I went to the Gym was 1992 where I confused toning with weights with weight training
I was stacked hahahahaha!
I'm borrowing Sassy B's trainers and am already not wanting to wear 'gym wear'
 I have an aversion to the stuff - I worked in a sports shop for 5 years (loved it) but had to wear a shell suit/sportswear as my suit.......yes, I was a lot smaller but no, never again....ever

I haven't a clue what to wear
but I am aiming for 'a gentle ramble' on the running machine
and a scenic pleasant row on the rowing machine combined with some minor and delicate work on my inner thighs, shouldn't be too bad at all *fingers crossed*

and Thank you for your gorgeous comments on my last post too!
see you soon!!


  1. Little Miss-ette's organisational skills are making my heart sing, fabulous! Very clever idea to make your own modesty garment, but oh how I wish I'd seen you on the windy day with your dress stuck to your face... bet you carried it off with aplomb! And I love the dress, brooches and hairband - flowers in abundance! x

  2. Hey Beautiful, Congrats on joining a gym... That sounds great for the entire family... Good Luck!!! Walking is my exercise these days --and it seems to work for me (since I'll be 72 soon)...

    Your daughter is following in her Creative Mama's footsteps... Love it!!!!

    Love the cute head-piece you made for that colorful dress you were wearing. Love it.

    Have a great day.. I posted a "Rain or Sun" blog today.. Interesting scenic drive!!!

  3. I have so been there with the sewing machine and having the exact same thing happen to me whenever I try to stitch a stretch material.

    I can't wait to hear about your gym adventure. Knowing you it'll be an adventure : )

    I love all the brooches.


  4. Loving the floral overload, those brooches are amazing. I think you need an overlocker for sewing jersey, I've had the same trouble and its ended up as a duster.
    Your daughter's organisational skills are a sight to behold.
    Have fun at the gym! xxxx

  5. OMG! My dear Lady ... I would leave you a comment about your wonderful floral dress ... lovely flower brooches ... your precious daughter working the felt ... your funny ramblings about returning to the gym ... but I don´t I can take my eyes off that beautiful, vintage sewing machine! It's divine!

  6. I love your fantastic floral dress dear! Kisses.

  7. Oh what a fabulous floral dress and brilliant brooches , i am envious of your brooch collection ,great post Sandra , best wishes xxx

  8. Love that tropical floral dress, and of course it needed extra flowers! Four brooches and a headband? That ought to do it!
    I haven't ever tried sewing jersey, I didn't realise it was so tricky - think I'll steer clear! But well done for your sewing efforts, anything for modesty (safety pants and a vintage slip all the way for me!)
    Organised children? Who knew they existed? Mine are as chaotic as me...
    Now the gym. I hope it goes well, and that you find something to wear (I wouldn't have a clue either.) I find the whole gym thing uber intimidating, so I have successfully avoided them for 20 years. Did you ever do aerobics classes? Gawd, the step classes nearly killed me, and I was younger and fitter then! Good luck, tell us all about it (photos optional!) Xxxxx

  9. That dress is TOTES AMAZE. Glorious! I think Vix might be right about needing an overlocker, but I know there are tutorials out in internetland for sewing jersey -- but try searching for "knit fabric" because that's what Americans seem to call it...

    Good luck at the gym, I've never liked them, I prefer to get my exercise walking in the woods :)

  10. Loving the brooch overload and go you gym lady!

  11. I am in love with your floral on floral outfit! Divine! You inspire me to look for brooches. I actually looked into DIY on utube thinking I could make one myself, but haven't done it yet (I was scared to cut a silk scarf to try - need to find a simpler fabric).

    Good luck with your gym going, dear! It could be fun, I bet! Justin and I tried to do that for years. Finally accepted that we are not gym goers. :))) I do love going to a pool in winter though! And have some yoga classes from time to time.

    You are such a wonderful mother - look at your creation's creations!! She is amazing!

    Have a fantastic, fun and relaxing month with your charming family! Justin will start his 2 week vacation this Friday, so we are in same boat. Go Summer! :)

  12. How lovely to have the time to enjoy the summer without work getting in the way. Enjoy xx

  13. Cool brooches, bugger about the sewing machine throwing a tanty! As for gyms! I'm off for a lie down :D

  14. Love the floral! How did you do it? What's your secret for creating an organized child? That's gotta be some kind of magic!

  15. Your floral jungle is a party. Love your brooches too. Your daughter's craftiness is outstanding!
    Yes, we've all had the farked hem hissy fit. I applaud you for giving it a go with your wonderful hand-crank.
    I hope you have fun at the gym. A skirt with proper modesty should do the trick outfit wise - um, maybe. I'm so tired of Official Workout Wear. That's all I see on the streets here.

  16. Go on go find a fluro shell suit and relive the past!!! Swet bands too!! If you have to go to a gym I say wear something comfortable, like a ONSIE!!! Imagine that, a onesie at the gym!!! Good luck honey with the working out, I think about going for a walk often, just need to make the think happen. Like the spots on the bottom of your under garment, and not many sewing machines like jersy. Happy weekend to you!

  17. So to get all serious for a minute. Have you tried stretch needles or knit fabric needles? Also zigzag will help with the stretch if you can't use an over locker. I love your happy brooch overload! I wore two today and that was fun. Find some gorgeous flouncy dress and frilly bloomers. That'll get the gym talking and gawking!!! XO JJ

  18. I had the same problem with jersey plus I'm not a sewer at all, but I just read what Jazzy Jack said! tk God for blogging I know how to sew jersey now!
    I use to to go to the gym but not now, don't like it at all - I do yoga, walk and run on the treadmill plus I walk everywhere in Montreal -
    But do tell us how it went!

    Have a nice weekend



  19. Looking good! I love the 'I'm a little teapot' pose.
    Your daughter is sooo organised :)
    An overlocker is great for sewing jersey, but they can be quite expensive.
    There are a few things you could try >

    Have a great weekend xx

    1. Oh, and the gym - I hope you have fun <3

      My daughter goes quite regularly, I have never been to one, but that's just me being shy I suppose. I tend to walk a lot and go for a run from time to time, in the woods where only a handful of people can see me get all red-faced. I usually wear leggings and a baggy tee. xx

  20. First of all amazing floral dress, after seeing those brooches now I'm ecstatic too! Now I'm curious to know what you will wear to work out if not sportswear. Surprise me!! You are a ray of sunshine in this crappy cloudy Saturday (casual alliteration). Much much love dear Sandra!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  21. What a fun tropical print! And I love your four brooches - so clever. The cloth ones look like they're part of the dress. Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy! I, on the other hand, am lazy, lazy, lazy.

  22. The gym??? But gyms are the work of the devil ... didn't you know ;0)


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