Saturday, 26 July 2014

Is it a heatwave?

It's been hot!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
Tomorrow we have a fancy market to go to, then off to watch a free Big Band playing in Sefton Park and then the kids will go the gym...........
it's all rather marvellous

A fur coat in hot summer weather sucks for Cookie

my home made dress

Table sale haul
1 enamel roaster
2 bowls (I have a thing for bowls)
5 glass dessert glasses
1 top
2 scarves
all for £8.00

My recent 'sleeve removed' dress
and my new favourite chazzed bag
which I got the other day 
is it me or have the prices in the Charity shops sky rocketed?
I have seen shoes for £29.99, the red bag was £4.99 and other disproportionately priced garments and objects,
or am I just being tight?

Enamel bowl put to use immediately
after washing it, of course
marshmallow fluff pancakes,
 the addition of blueberries makes it instantly healthy

One for the Ladies 
(to be said in the voice of a 1970's male host wearing a  plum coloured  lush velvet suit and a beautiful frilled shirt, hair will be a side part, his facial hair will be magnificent)
yes I objectify my own husband
(he has been hosed down, his preferred method of cooling down)

I'm turfing everyone outside to eat
my wallpaper table creates a most fancy dining area
we are having a quiz night tonight on it
just us,

This is old
and perfect for the heat

 soaking scarves

I leave you with 
The Ever Magnificent Tom Jones
Sloop John B
I see nothing wrong here, nothing!
I like this........ a lot!

See you soon 



  1. I love the scarves and the bowls, I'd have paid £8 just for them.

    Your sleeve remove dress is gorgeous, I hate how so many clothes have stupidly tight sleeves.

    Sorry I'm too scared to watch Tom!

  2. I dread for the day second hand shopping becomes a huge trend. Where will we shop, then? It's very thoughtful of you to organise happenings for your family. I wish i did that more often.

  3. I love your fantastic dress dear! Kisses.

  4. All my local charity shops are that pricey, even the ones in less posh areas. I wouldn't mind, but the clothes usually aren't worth it! I'm constantly envious of people who live in areas with good cheap charity shops, it'll be very sad if the rest of the country starts putting the prices up too.

  5. Ours are all over the place. It cracks me up. Common things are ridiculously over prices but high end stuff goes for pennies. There are definitely things to pass on but also great bargains to be had.

    Love the butterfly dress!

  6. I love your dresses! Your Mr has the right idea; it's so bloody hot right now! I can't wait for it to cool down a bit. It was 33'c here yesterday. Melting! xx

  7. Eating outdoors is a must when the weather is delivering goodness. The dress you de sleeved is brilliant, I have done that with one I have, fits the boobs so much nicer now. Mr Foxy in a wet T Shirt comp all by himself, what did he win???? Now as for the charity shop prices, it is the same over here. I guess it depends who has the pricing gun on the day because every now and again you get to find a good old fashioned bargin, just how we like it. You did do very well with your shopping, I love those enamel roasting dishes, I have a couple myself. Enjoy your weekend with your fam dam!!

  8. What a great haul! Eating outside is definitely the way to go in Summer. I had to laugh at the 33degrees and melting comment. If it's not over 30 we don't feel its a true Summer! We have slightly expensive op shops, but still waaaaay better than the cheap tat in the retail shops. The pancakes look magnificently healthy with the blueberries. All your outfits are wonderful, but pale beneath your beautiful smile :-) Hugs, JJ

  9. I'm giggling at the 33 degree comment too ... you northern hemisphere folk are funny ;0)
    Did I tell you about the New Years Day when we hit 45 degrees and I didn't have any air conditioning???
    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that blueberries are the healthiest food on the planet ... so I'm sure they would counteract the marshmallow fluff ... maybe :0)

  10. Just watching Tom Jones made me hot! I've always loved his singing, but I've never seen that much of him! Ooo la la! :)

  11. You are so gorgeous, you make me smile. I am certain I would hug you the minute I saw you even if I didn't know you because you radiate adorable happiness. Love that green and white dress!

    Is it just me or are there too many close ups of Tom? Zoom out! He feels so good, he don't wanna go home!

    I melt in 33 degrees and turn into marshmallow fluff.

  12. It is not easy to dress for the heat, but you nail it, my dear Melocotón- peach in Spanish
    Hot here too, I don´t like itttttttttttt
    Tonsssssssssss and tons of love

  13. Blimey, Tom, put some clothes on, for gawd's sake! What with him and Mr Wet T-shirt, I'm coming over all unnecessary, which is no good in this heat!
    You made a frock? And de-sleeved another one? Well done you! What's next?
    £29.99 for a pair of shoes? Blimey, were they some mega-fancy designer brand or something? Mind you, I do get sick of seeing high street stuff at inflated prices in the chazzas - why would anyone pay a tenner for a ratty Dorothy Perkins or New Look dress? It's variable here, but there are still definitely bargains to be found, you have to persevere.
    Who won the quiz?! xxxx

  14. Make the most of the weather while it lasts. Love the pattern on the de-sleeved frock, looks great. Love outdoor eating, I so want my deck done so I can have a great big table filled with friends and food. One day! Sigh. I daren't watch the video, there's something a bit creepy about that man! ;)

  15. Sandra I'm in love with the three dresses you are wearing. The new one is super cute, I love the detail of the belt!! Why are you soaking scarves? Wish you a glorious week my friend!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  16. It has been warm here too but today we are having rain -
    I love all your dresses, especially the one with the butterflies, that's real pretty on you -
    I love your red scarfs and I see too real expensive stuff at the charity shops!

    See you soon gorgeous


  17. No more job gives you plenty of time to get out there and find all of those bargains.. That is SUPER.... You got some great things for some great prices!!!!!

    We have some 'bargain' stores in our country which are not much discount for sure... They have some big fancy malls, called Outlet Malls... The stores are usually name-brand stuff which is expensive to begin with. then they put them on sale for $1 off.... Huh???? Crazy!!!! (I don't go there!!!)

    Great photos and beautiful lady...

  18. Phwoar, love me a bit of Tom! Ta for that.
    Get you with your made dresses and table top bargains, you're on a roll. I love enamel ware, I can't help snaffling it at car boots.
    Charity shops are mad, £10 for last year's New Look and £4 for vintage - long may the madness continue.
    I can't get enough of this heat! xxx

  19. Marshmallow pancakes? There's such a thing? Omigod my life just got so much more exciting...! x

  20. Hi Sandra, I have a thing for bowls too, good to see you put yours to good use straight away. Of course blueberries make pretty much anything instantly healthy, everyone knows that! xx

  21. Oh the dress with the green butterflies has my heart!! And what of the marshmallow fluff pancakes you spoke of?? WHAT IS IT???? Magic??

  22. Nauuuuuuughty Sandra! :)) I did not even know who Tom Jones is. Now I have a pretty good idea. :)

    Love your butterfly dress, and your fluff pancakes (again - thanks for the education), and your outdoor table! Scarves soaking... what could that mean, I wonder? Naughtinness, of course!

    Hugses! xxxx

  23. Lovely dresses!

  24. Dear please your mail!!! Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  25. Sandra you have some lovely dresses ,and i love all the outfits in your post and the pancakes made me want one . Best wishes x

  26. I'v seen lots of current stuff priced higher in the charity shops than it would cost new.


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