Friday, 2 May 2014

24 hours in the day just isn't enough

My Mum has an excellent collection of at home Gym equipment
The song 'Can you feel it?' by  The Jackson 5 takes me back to 'The Jane Fonda Workout LP'
my buttocks now clench through muscle memory when I hear that song

5 hours sleep
which is why under eye concealer and caffeine was invented

talcum powder essential 

I'm not kidding, I spent about 30 seconds last night just looking at my nails
I am having a nail polish revival
after years of abstinence

bizarre camera angles
I look weirdly thinner than the other pic

P and I attended a photograph exhibit
it was brutal, graphic and incredibly difficult to view

concrete floors and stark seating

so I photographed my bag

Father and Son
my Nephew dropped by

Classic Freeman's Catalogue pose
circa 1982

I have a date tomorrow
in Sheffield with some fabularse ladies
Imagine my excited face!
no don't, actually, it's not pretty


Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Give it away

and last but certainly not the least
a Big Thank You for all of your comments on my last post

as I finish my blog post today
Mr F has fell off the couch
apparently he has 'hurt his knee'
laughter is the best medicine
.......for me,  I stopped laughing after a bit
.......he's fine, honestly!

see you next week!



  1. I remember that Jackson song ! makes me want to do a little dance Lol !!!, Love the outfit Sandra, have a great weekend Best wishes xxx

  2. Along with foot spas, that Sharon Osborne biography and New Look shoes those Tummy Trimmers must be the most popular things to spot at car boots, hilariously 1980s!
    Loving the catalogue men.
    Fab boots, pretty dress and gorgeous you.Can't believe we'll meet for real tomorrow - excited isn't the word....eeeekkkkk! see you in the morning! xxxxxxx

  3. So lucky you will actually meet these lovely ladies! We want full report! Boots ,dress, cardi and nails,you haveput together everything nicely. Where you get these lovely but short cardis? I don't seem to find them anywhwere/

  4. How exciting that you'll be in the same city as me, the fabulousosity will improve ten fold on your arrival and I will be able to feel it and will do a little jig xxx

  5. Hello Sandra,

    Well, we are firmly in the camp of those who avoid Gym, never do sports and put a great distance between ourselves and anything resembling Keep Fit equipment. In our view, all these things lead to injury........although it would appear that falling off a sofa laughing can also do damage!

    You mix prints so effortlessly and well it seems to us. We tend to avoid pattern as we do gym equipment but you combine it so well. It looks great on you. We have always admired Nicky Haslam's ability to combine styles and patterns when decorating a room whereas we tend to stay safe. Perhaps we need to take a leaf out of your book and be bolder. .......go where no print has gone before, perhaps?

    The photography exhibition looks most interesting. Sometimes, however, the subject matter can be harrowing. Still, it does make one rethink certain things and that is good.

  6. I have a couple of Jane Fonda's aerobics video cassettes still. Your outfit is gorgeous, you look nice and colorful! And those glittery nails...WOW! Just what I like! Have a nice weekend!

  7. I certainly CAN feel it - my bum is clenched too, with excitement! Looking forward to seeing our gorgeousness for realsies tomorrow - I am hoping for a classic Sandra dress/cardi/brooch ensemble!
    Love the catalogue posing. Harrowing art - well, sometimes it has to be, I suppose. It's right that we should feel uncomfortable when faced with harsh reality, although I wouldn't want that kind of art all the time.
    Poor Mr F - stop laughing at his misfortune, you bad woman, and kiss it better! xxxx

  8. I love your look Sandra and cute nails! Kisses.

  9. Have fun with the girls tomorrow - lots of piccies please.

  10. Looking forward to hearing about your meet up. xxx

  11. You know how when you have a friend and you talk on the phone a lot and sometimes you get together and the two of you just chatter away and you go home feeling all happy and full of the joy of your funny interesting dear dear friend and go away for awhile and you just can't wait to see your chatty friend and when you do finally get together again this friend is just as adorable as when you left and she is full of all sorts of funny and touching and sweet stories and you're so happy to see her and you go home feeling so lucky that you have such a wonderful funny and interesting friend? You know that feeling?? Well, anyway, I have been away from the internets for only just a little over a week and now that I am back, I am checking in with the blogs and I just read through the three or four of yours (you are a very busy girl!) that I missed while I was away and I have that "I am so happy to have such adorable friend" feeling about YOU, Sandra. Gosh you're adorable. So happy we've met! Love, Connie*

  12. I am working very hard not to clench. when I was a little girl my mum had a twisty thing that you stood on and then sort of swivelled around. I used to love playing on it!

    You look adorable in your dress and cardi and that's a very funky manicure. I keep meaning to try something with glitter or dots. I'm kind of lazy though.

    Have a great time with your friends!

  13. I love your outfit! You look fabulous, as always! :) xx

  14. There really is nothing more funny than seeing someone fall over ... specially when it's your hubby ... mine has given me several "wet your pants laughing" at their literal downfall over the years.
    That blue really suits you ... what do you call it? Cornflower blue ... Wedgewood blue???? Whatever ... it looks fab ... blue is the hue for you!!!
    You lucky girls ... getting together in real, living, breathing life ... I'm quite overcome with jealousy ... Have a lovely day :0)

  15. I just read a blog recently by another friend. Her hubby had fallen --and she LAUGHED.... WELL--guess what???? A few days later, she FELL ----and did not laugh. It HURT, and she was embarrassed!!!!! Her answer to this: Don't ever laugh at someone else because it may happen to you.... SO---a word of warning to you!!!! Don't FALL.

    I'm not sure I would enjoy a brutal photograph exhibit either.... We see too much terrible stuff when we watch the news on TV....

    Great set of photos. Have fun with your gal-pals. I'm sure you will.

  16. ooooooh a date!! A blogger get together??? I like weird angles that make me look thinner so I would stick with them darling! You look gorgeous in all you photos, especially when you are wearing something with SPOTS!!!! Loving the nails all glittery and gorge. Handsome wee man is the neph. It is a wifely duty to laugh at husbands misfortunes, it shows that we care. I remember those spring action so called tummy trimmer thingy-ma-jig-whats-a-handles. Didn't work!!!

  17. Ha ha! I used to have one of those tummy trimmers (probably a charity shop find).

    You look lovely...that sparkly brooch is fab!

    Have a wonderful time on your outing :)

    Yay! of my favourite bands xx

  18. Hah, I'm loving the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Makes me want to go on a Red Hots tour on YouTube.

    I love your little polka dot cardi, and the contrasting pattern - it's just adorable! Can I use that word for an adult woman? I mean it in the nicest possible way. I haven't painted my fingernails for years, but I was considering it. Actually I was considering getting a manicure - let someone else do it for me. Your gold sparkly nails are great, though, because it doesn't matter if you don't get the edges perfect.

    And more great pics of Liverpool - cool!

  19. Hello loves!! I used to work as an au pair in England and the rich mom worked out with her sneakers on the white carpet watching a Jane Fonda of the 21st century! Your outfit is the cutest! You look fab in pale blue!
    Hope your meet up was super fun doll!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  20. You look irresistible - what a great ensemble you've created! Just purrrrrfect! :) I can't wait to hear your stories about meet-up. I wish I was there with all of you! Hugses! :)

  21. Love the polka dot cardi, love the boots, but most of all I love that your face soooo fits your voice on this adorable Blog! x

  22. Love the pretty dress and the clash of prints with the lovely cardi. Your nails are such a fun idea to enhance the whole ensemble.
    Love you tons

  23. That tummy trimmer looks terribly painful. Actually, the leotard does too! Don't you just love flattering pics and angles. I try and recreate them and never can. Damn! You look gorgeous despite no sleep. I love those boots of yours and have been hunting some tan knee highs but so far no luck as my bloody calves hate me and don't want me to have cool boots. XXX

  24. Oooh, you made the docks and the museum look fabulous!

    That Tummy Trimmer picture is soooo fab. one day I'll actually look good in an outfit like that!! I love love love those boots, i need me some more boots. xxx

  25. Great style!
    I remember my mum had some yoga books that she must have thrown out, sadly. I remember the photos, women, men and children dressed in spandex outfits, in weird positions, in that lovely 70's grainy photography.
    Can't wait to see your account of our day last Saturday!

  26. Very nice photos!
    Have a lovely day!

  27. i love everything abour this outfit ... blue and white, cowboy boots ... mix of prints ... yeah, you're style is fabulous!

    thank you so much for your lovely comment on my absence post. :)

    have a nice day with the ladies ....

  28. Precioso vestido y te sienta muy bien, la manicura es muy bonita. Besos

  29. I used to do the Jane Fonda workout album in high school!!! Ah,memories!
    You look rather foxy, my girl! I love that frock and cardi.
    I never paint my fingernails, mine are just so ugly! I do my toenails though. Although, really, they're way uglier than my fingernails!!!
    I am looking forward to your post about your day out with my favourite wenches! XXX

  30. Look at you being all artsy! I love every bit of that outfit! EVERY BIT!


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