Thursday, 26 February 2015

I'm older than Shirley Valentine, what the what now!

Hello all! How are you? I hope you are having a brilliant week so far.

Last week I discovered I'm older than Shirley Valentine.  It was quite the shocker.  But then, these things happen, I am not Dorian Gray and I don't have an ageing portrait of myself in the attic. Instead, I seem to be ageing spectacularly all over my neck.

I first saw Shirley Valentine, the play at The Everyman in Liverpool over 20 years ago, I have seen the film a million times, I just love her! I find her inspiring.  Shirley also reminds me of my Mum, with her wit, her perm and her ultimate determination to live her life.  Like Shirley, my Mum loves to travel and goes away with 'the girls' at least once a year.  It is a sight-seeing, relaxing, party extravaganza.  This year they are off to Benidorm.
 My Mum no longer has a perm though, but then, neither would Shirley.

Like Shirley, I talk to the wall.
Don't I wall?

Inspiration truly has many faces,
 I have a love of Drag 
I love the transformation,
the creation,
'When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do' RuPaul

Courtney Act,
Sod sanitary products, these are the only wings I'm interested in

For those days when I can't be bothered,
and ladies, there are plenty of those,
I think of these gals
I can transform how I feel,
Eyebrows, lips and some hair and I always feel more me

I Love Latrice Royale

If I'm just going to the shop for some necessities,
it's important to me to maintain my standards

Secure the fakery down with every clip you can find,
very necessary,
it's a gusty day today,
this is pre-shopping hair

Miss Jinxx Monsoon

apres shopping hair,
thankfully it stayed on.

Eldest has naturally curly hair,
She grew beautiful coiled springs of golden hair at 18 months old,
of course she hated it as she grew older,
I suppose our relationship with our hair is a complicated one, like everything else we have to find our own peace with it.

my poor babies are having their 'special operation' tomorrow,
absolutely necessary, they are desperate now to venture outside
they are growing up so fast
(my hormones are driving me crazy, it takes one emotionally loaded TV advert and I'm face first weeping in tissues, baby mere-cats, kidnapped robots, anything sets me off)

before you go,
shall we have a cup of tea and a cherry and almond scone/rock cake/what on earth have I made?

Now, I leave you with a little Shirley 

and I'll see you soon you Lovely lot!



  1. Oooh, a cherry almond cake is perfect for a rainy day like this! (no milk in my tea, thanks)

    I remember going to see Shirley Valentine at the cinema with my mum, but I hadn't seen it for donkeys until I found it on YouTube a couple of months ago, was pleased to see it again :)

  2. Hi Sandra , your mum sounds great ! and tell me about necks and hormones , I am going through the joys oh joys of the menopause I'm up and down like a bloody yo yo ( Lol ) , you look fabulous in your outfit for shopping how glamorous !!! have a good weekend xxx

  3. That cake looks almost as wonderful as your hair does! Don't we all have an odd relationship with hair? I've always wanted dark curls and ended up as a poker straight blonde. thank goodness for dye and false bits.
    That's scary to think Shirley's younger than we are. Twenty years ago 40 was middle-aged, now we're all expected to look like supermodels.
    Your Mum sounds fab. I'd love to stay at the Solana in Benidorm 'cos its my favourite programme! xxx

  4. I adore you look so wonderful to go to the grocery store ... it should be well provided for all women. You look great no matter what age ... the joy of living matter and you have a lot of that, dear friend!

  5. You're kidding! That means I'm older than Shirley as well. Gaaa! I looove that movie. I need to book an F Plan ASAP. Although your mum's vacations with her girlfriends sounds like a great plan as well.
    Ha ha, re necks. It would be cool if we could direct all of our aging to a specified body part. Your hair is fab. And kidnapped robots are always a big worry. Heh. Huge hugs, you make me laugh!!

  6. Hahaha, I tried to tease it but I just pissed it off. Thanks, this made my day!
    I want cherry almond cake, too. Man is on a diet, so food is quite uninteresting at home rightnow ... need to get some secret donuts tommorrow after work, or fries ... or just hot melted cheese ... Sorry, I got lost.

  7. OH, I like Shirley's thinking! And your yellow skirt just brightens my day! My daughter has lovely thick hair I would die for and all she does is complain about it, ha, go figure! :)

  8. I went to the cinema to see Shirley Valentine. Absolutely loved it. I remember sniggering over the F-plan diet. :) Gawd, hormones, honestly if I could fast forward through the menopause, I would be very tempted. Your hair is delicious! I want it. I know what you mean, some days I have to force myself. It's always worth the effort in the end. Oh, I've just got what you mean about being older than SV. Blimey. That's a shocker. Might need a piece of cake to deal with the shock. Xxxx

  9. I love your look dear! Kisses.

  10. I LOVE the "F plan"! I too have seen Shirley Valentine several times. Makes me realize I need to watch it again. I hope they have it on Netflix.

    I cannot watch any commercial with animals or I start to cry. Even ones with sappy music will do it sometimes. It's beyond embarassing. Thank heavens the only one that sees me is my pug. She isn't as judgemental as you'd think. Not like a cat! ; P

    Love the outfit. You look like you're going to a 50's sock hop. Especially with the cool glasses.

    That "thing" you've made is making my hungry.


  11. When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do. AMAZING quote! I get to do this so much throughout the year with my events. Don't tell anyone but that's a HUGE reason why my events have costume themed.

  12. Hello Sandra,

    Pauline Collins was the most perfect Shirley Valentine, a remarkable performance, which, like you, we have seen many times. Life for all of us is filled with bitter and sweet experiences and the pursuit of happiness is all about turning one's defeats into victories in our view. Make the most of what you have and fake, beg or borrow the rest!

    We love the way in which even a trip to the local shops is treated by you as an event. You must have brightened up the day for everyone you came into contact with in that glorious sunshine skirt. It looks fabulous teamed with black.

  13. You put me to shame, Sandra! When I go to the grocery store these days, I'm generally in a holey (not holy) t-shirt, patched jeans and my 'homeless person' plaid jacket (as the offspring like to refer to it). Sadly, that makes me just as well dressed as the rest of the locals. All those beautiful clothes from my days of working in a boutique are just languishing in my closet now.

    It's 4:00 in the morning and now I'm craving tea and scones. Haha.

  14. Ha, who would have thought we'd all get older than Shirley? Don't talk to me about hormones, love (well, of course you can really, I suspect we could moan on for ages about them!) - mine are all over the bloody shop, and so am I. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with being this much of a twat for God knows how long, and my family wonder the same thing...
    Luckily you look delicious in black and yellow and fake hair - and it stayed on, excellent!
    Those kitties will be just fine, get 'em done and let 'em out!
    Have a fab weekend, chuck. xxx

  15. I so enjoy your posts, so full of feelings I can absolutely recognise! Hormones, love/hate relation with hair, this hunger for life, and the right to make mistakes! Wow My head is spinning with thoughts!

  16. Hi There, I love your hairpiece... It looks so natural and looks good on you... Your daughter has gorgeous hair. My eldest son had curly hair ---and he has always hated it... Guess we are all unhappy with what we have!!!!!!

    Take care of your furry babies. Those surgeries 'have' to be done though.

  17. Love your grocery store outfit. I expect you slayed them in the aisles!
    I have a nephew who does drag...what a transformation! I also have a bit to do with transgender folks, and am awfully glad I come down in the genderqueer category. Much less work!
    Quote of the century "I seem to be aging spectacularly all over my neck!" Looove!
    Don't talk to me of hormones...I think they've kicked me over the edge to meltdown a few times a day territory(fortunately with medication it's back to only a few times a week) I'm not kidding. Gotta love living ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

  18. Yes, please tea and a cherry rock cake thing! But I will stay so long you will have to then offer me some wine. Your hair looks lovely and I admire your skills at pinning it. I am not any good with pinning hair. My son has strawberry blond ringlets and as you can imagine he hates his hair. I have sort of waves and sometimes poof with a few poker straight spots. Argh! I love your purse to the cheek pose. Tres chic! My hormones are wacky this month. I will spare you the details. You look great in that skirt and sweater. Yes my thoughts and comments are randomly arranged. That's how my brain is working at the moment. Also, yes what the heck is it about necks? Mine is betraying me. Can we just work our way through a bottle of wine and talk about that? xoxoxo

  19. Birthday girl you look fabulous!!!!!!!! No matter what age you get to you will always be fabulous. Lovin' the updo hair!! I so want to join you for tea and scones. Hope the fur babies coped with their ops, and hormones are a BIARTCH!! They are everywhere, EVERYWHERE I tell you, even as far away as New Zealand, in fact in my house.

  20. I want some fake hair … and some cherry almond rock cake too!!
    My hormones have been crazy too … I even googled menopause symptoms to see if they fit … and some of them did … I'm not sure whether I should be horrified or delighted ;0)

  21. Ooh, Your hair looks lovely, Sandra. I'm glad it stayed on :)

    Your daughters hair is beautifully curly!

    I really need a cup of tea now!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous kitties!! ♥

    The Nemi post has been published today (sorry it took so long) xx

  22. My dear Sandra, how have I missed this lovely post? You are inspiring yourself! I just love how you create the image of yourself that you envision. You are incredibly beautiful, and with all the touches you add to your natural beauty, you really stand out! Love the sunny skirt and the sunny home, and yes please, I'd love some rock cake, it looks yummy! xxxxx

    ps I need to find this movie - love her dieta plan so much!!

  23. I've just watched it. Absolutely beautiful! Finding the connection with yourself, falling in love with yourself... the most meaningful thing that can happen to anyone! "Water as deep as forever..." There is another British movie (show) which I love, very much in the same lines - Behaving Badly with Judi Dench, it's quite brilliant as well.

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