Friday, 15 November 2013

My Nan, training and spots

Another busy week, after I wrote my post on Monday I received a call to say Missy had been dodge-balled and as a result needed to go to hospital to get her head checked out.  She was fine, PHEW!, she has a skull like a brick. Mr F did the emergency dash and I attended Little Miss-ette's open night at school, excellent report, she's a clever one! Eldest also did very well on her first Uni essay, Mama is very proud of them all!

Training went well, and carries on next week.  I learned Listerine is good for betting rid of spots (I am growing something revolting on my jaw) and 'alt +' makes the screen bigger. Specialist training indeed! (my trainer is a lovely young man, very patient and puts up with me very well, poor love)

My Maternal Nan
my Mum sent it down yesterday
I am thrilled
She was an amazing lady, laughed a lot, was hilarious, gave good advice, was tough and made the best coconut cake I have ever eaten.  I miss her.

She's hanging out with my girls
Wonky picture frames that contain a whole lot of love

This week I decided to document what I wore each day for training
'lets do this' face

Tuesday, feeling gothic

'OK, I'm done' face

Enthusiasm had left me, I'm wearing 'old faithful'

I'd dyed my hair a normal colour
seeing as my hair won't do as it's told, I had an idea if I dyed it a regular colour it would rebel
and turn a funky colour
it didn't
I'm wearing 1 brooch
I operate on a brooch measure of happy
1 means a bit grumpy

I actually put a coat on, it's getting cold!
am linking in to the lovely Sacramento share-in-style

I don't know, I couldn't decide which one 
so I put both on
how vulgar and vain of me!!!!!!

the knitted collar is so warm
summer dresses with winter woollies and tights

I don't think I have ever posted so many pictures
My Nan used to say 'Do what makes you happy'
I sometimes do as I'm told

fecking awesome stuff

To Mr F, who I haven't seen much of this week
Kate Bush 'Wow'
I love this too

Have a wonderful weekend
stay warm if it's cold
or cool if it's hot
Stay Awesome though



  1. i love all those outfits ...
    good, that missy is fine and didn't had to stay in the hospital.

    1. Thank you, it was a relief, thank God x x x

  2. Are you ever so cute! I love that blog and i love your look
    My fiance has a pic of his materna Nan with the same hairdoo, isn't pretty ?
    I love your knitted collar, maybe i will do me some, i'm crocheting hats these days

    Have a great weekend

    Ariane xo

    1. Thanks Ariane!
      I'd love to be able to crochet! how amazing to do hats! x x x

  3. Great photos, Pretty Lady... My favorite of you today is the 5th from the bottom (the one ABOVE the photo with you in your coat)... LOVE that angle.

    Great wall of photos. I used to have a wall of photos just like that... Neat memories!!!


    1. Thanks Betsy!
      I love the pics, it's great to lose yourself in some happy memories x x x

  4. Russ and Kate? Now that's an unusual combination - not a duet I saw coming, that's for sure! Hahaha!
    You look gorgeous, Mrs, love the Fairisle over the summer frock with the cosy knitted collar, and the mustard capey-coaty with the tartan skirt. Lovely! And your hair looks beautiful - you always do!
    Hard heads and big brains, lovely Nan, and a wall of gorgeous girlies - couldn't be better!
    Well done for getting through the training so far. You'll be so clever by the time you've finished, you'll know EVERYTHING!
    Have a fab weekend, Sandra! xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Curtise!
      oh what a duet! I would be gripped! I'm hoping to retain some knowledge, in the absence of that I have learned to sound like I know what I'm talking about! x x x

  5. That picture is gorgeous, I can see that fabulous good looks run in your family! How cool's your wall and everything you've worn this week?
    I might be trying out that tip later, I think I'm growing a second head! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix!
      what's with the spots at the moment! mine weren't this bad when I was a teenager! x x x

  6. russ abbott followed by kate bush!!!! you are fabulous! i adore your brooch measure of happy and the knitted collar is genius! you look absolutely beautiful and that yellow cape darling is divine! have a beautiful weekend xxxxx

    1. Thanks Janey!
      my lot have to live with my warped/bizarre ways hehe! x x x

  7. Que bonita publicación. Que tengas mas días lindos. Que gusto tenerte en nuestro reto. Un gran abrazo desde

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Juan x x x

  8. I love your summer dress/winter woolly combination ... and your brooch/happiness ratio. I don't think I own ANY brooches (must check) ... which makes me very sad AND very, very grumpy.

    1. Thanks Jo!
      buy brooches! they are like a happy sparkle when you need one! x x x

  9. Glad your daughter is okay. I still don't understand why dodgeball is considered a school 'sport' in a lot of schools.

    Love your new hair colour- gorgeous shade of brown, and love all of the outfits. The mustard jacket is sooo gorgeous. And I love the two blue dresses, the fairisle jumper, and the collar. You look fabulous in everything! xx

    1. Thanks Louise!
      with you on the dodgeball! and for once my hair went the colour on the packet! x x x

  10. The old dodge ball huh! Tell her there is a clue in the title of that game! Joking, glad she is all good. You have gorgeous hair and I think it always looks quite perfect!!

  11. Love your collection of brooches :-)

  12. I love your personal style! It's so retro and fab and fun.

  13. Great pics and cute outfits! Kisses.

  14. I adore you every day. love, the faces, ahahhahahhah
    Have a fantastic weekend, dear Sandra.

    1. Thank you Sacramento!
      you are always so lovely! x x x

  15. You look great in all those outfits. I like your hair and makeup very much. Thank you for being so kind in your comments. I'm your new follower with pleasure!


    1. Thank you Linn!
      your blog is amazing! x x x

  16. I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to find your blog .. I love your blog and your beautiful looks, your writing is fun and you´re an inspiration, I hope we keep in touch always, dear Lady.

    1. Thank you Rosy!
      you are a truly talented lady, of course we will keep in touch!! x x x

  17. You look so much like your nan, so beautiful.
    I adore you black Gothic dress.


  18. Finally found your PURPLE post! Liking that fair isle with the gingham dress. What color tights were you wearing?
    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!


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