Monday, 11 November 2013

Uncharted Territory

OK, It may be no surprise, if you have read my blog for a bit, that I am a shirker, a slacker and I am lazy to the bone.
This week I have to get my backside into gear and get *cough* organised *faint*
I am training a lot for the next 2 weeks and stuff has to get done.

Clarke's Bourbon from Aldi
very nice
it seems that if hormones and alcohol are mixed
One gets slaughtered

I was a little, ahem, delicate
but we had to go out
the girls despise my prescription shades

2 of ma babies, can't really remember why we went out
but we did

Original kitchen ceiling
being tight or  frugal I couldn't see the point in ripping out the whole of the groovy ceiling
we just replaced the lights
hence the new panel
which after a year still isn't varnished

Ok, I haven't done the kitchen this morning
I just moved stuff out of the way

to the top right of the metal thing you may notice it still hasn't been painted
see! I am a lazy bugger!
Homes and Gardens magazine this is not

Cleaning wear
I have spared you my legs
It's winter
I am au naturel

I am knitting sleeves for my capes
my original idea was for them to be like archery armour
however I stopped
because it turned out I didn't know how to do it

my cup echoes my sentiments over this 'being organised nonsense'

Have a great week!
its going to be busy
but you know I'll be visiting y'all!


  1. How gorgeous is your new kitchen? Very!
    Your shades are tres cool and I love the armwarmers, could do with them today, it's bastard freezing, even my full-on thermals aren't helping. The girls are as fabulous as their Mum! xxxx

    1. thanks Vix!
      it's definitely getting colder isn't it? I should knit a bodysuit! x x x

  2. I hope my new kitchen look half as good as yours. I hate, hate, hate house work, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wonderful dress.
    Your girls are gorgeousssssssssssss just like mum.

  3. Damn that bloody organisation! We are attempting to sort out our office/ craft room/spare room/disaster bomb site and I have been doing my absolute best to procrastinate and shirk. I like your cleaning attire, makes cleaning that little bit more genteel when dressed in a pretty frock and head scarf. I also like your sunnies despite what your kids say. (But don't they both look gorgeous!) Don't work too hard! XXX

    1. Thanks Brooke!
      it's hard to get motivated when doing 'big' jobs, come to think of it, it's generally hard to get motivated haha! I do like a fellow shirker!! x x x

  4. So many things to giggle at ... I don't know where to start.
    Your babies are looking incredibly glam and your kitchen is fab.
    Household jobs take at least a year to be completed in these parts ... I find the smaller the job ... the longer it takes to get done.
    You could always turn those knitted sleeves into knee high socks to cover your winter legs.
    Finally ... that mug is super ... and pretty much sums up my feelings on life, the universe and everything ... I knew the answer wasn't 42 ;0)

    1. Thanks Jo!
      I like to flaunt the horror of my legs to the children, being dark haired means it flourishes so well! x x x

  5. Here's to feeling delicate, darling!!! I managed to avoid that this last weekend, as I simply couldn't be arsed drinking! No idea what's wrong with me.
    Your frock is gorgeous, as is your FACE!
    I am GAGGING for a new kitchen, but sadly do not know when that will happen.......hopefully in a year or two!

    1. Thanks Helga!
      we got the kitchen because Mr F won lovely cash, hurrah! the old one was on it's knees- I love your kitchen! x x x

  6. Hormones and booze!! Hormones are bad enough sober!! Sheesh your girls are stunners, and who cares if you cannot remember what you went out for, you just went out. Another fabulous frock and of course you looking spectacular with your sleeve things. Woohoo for the kitchen.

    1. Thanks Sue!
      blinking hormones indeed haha! I can't even concentrate with them! x x x

  7. Nice kitchen, love!
    Oh hormones and booze, there's a heady concoction... Eugh, I do hate a hangover, it takes me so long to shake it off these days.
    Loving your floral frock, your "Pooh" mug (my sentiments exactly!), little Miss' faux fur, and YOU!
    Good luck with the organisation.... xxxxx

    1. Thanks Curtise!
      it's bad when one of the tidy bits in it is the ceiling! x x x

  8. lol pooh is about as far as i get with the 'organised' in life! loving the fact you found your way to me and i came back xxx

    1. Thanks Janey!
      am so chuffed you popped over! hurrah blogworld! this 'organised' stuff is a little over-rated hehe! x x x

  9. Ah your kitchen is so swoon drool worthy! I love the beamed ceiling and fancy ass appliances. You and your girls look adorable and I think you all have the same glasses:).

    1. Thanks Krista!
      It's great to have a kitchen that works! my old one was battered! x x x

  10. I seem to have missed a few blog posts lately, this one, as most of yours do, made me giggle.
    Furs and sunglasses are a must this time of year!
    You do have a lovely kitchen.

    Stay warm and enjoy the snow (which is arriving next week apparently) xx

    1. Thanks Yvonne!
      hasn't it gotten cold? we are getting all our woollies out the loft tomorrow! x x x


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