Friday, 29 November 2013

Shirley Valentine or Mrs Danvers

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, I hope you are all well.

Mr F and I went chazza shopping on Monday, I dropped a bag in to my favourite Hospice shop in Prescot (everything is £1, best place ever!) but no luck, we were a bit battered though and I have been having the most wonderful time, it's only right to share the luck.

Random junk mail which has so much potential
my eyes lit up when I saw this

only to be disappointed
and I looked everywhere!
I know, I'm not at all mature

colour overload, even red tights
I frightened some poor adolescent schoolboys
who hurried across the road once they laid eyes on me
colour frightens adolescents!!
poor things

trying to 'perch' my beret
but being blessed with a ginormous head the 'perch' only enhanced it's vastness

back to yanking it!
copyright Lulu, Freeman's catalogue 1987 collar pose

Chocolate eating leaves

Cookie playing in them

I got my watercolours out this week
determined to have a go
this was the best thing I did
It may be uneven or rustic
but I like it

a 2 second timer creates interesting shots

I'm linking upto lovely Sacrameto's share in style, movie themed Friday

I wanted to do Shirley Valentine
I love her
but I couldn't figure out how to recreate a luscious perm
I love this scene too

I decided on Mrs Danvers
mean, mean woman
so I am a smiling Mrs D

and laughing
I'm on my own here

Mrs Danvers to Rebecca
'Go on jump, he never loved you, so why go on living. Jump, and it will all be over'
a bit harsh

fake Mrs Danvers plaits

I also won a giveaway this week!!!
I can't begin to tell you how happy I was
it was from the Lovely Yvonne at
Y'all know I'm going to show you my prize

seeing as it's FRIDAY!!
a little bit of
Shaft - Much Mambo Sway
some sunshine here

Have a wonderful weekend
I really hope it's fabulous
see you all soon


  1. Tee hee ... surely you were looking for 15% more ... not 15% off ... SNORT ... I'm not at all mature either ;0)
    Loving your berets ... and your menagerie.
    Can you believe I've never watched Rebecca ... but you have me intrigued now ... so I must look out for it.
    Hope you have a great weekend ... and keep on scaring those adolescent boys ... I'm sure they deserve it ;0)

    1. we so bad!! haha! I have only seen Rebecca once, and that was enough *shiver* x x x

  2. I am fully inserted into the problem of having a huge head and I'm sure mine is bigger than yours, for I would never find as nice glasses that you have.

    1. I think your head is lovely! and always in fabulous headwear x x x

  3. Ha! I love Mrs Danvers AND Shirley Valentine. When I was a teen my friend and I would often say to each other, "Hello, rock!" And Mrs Danvers is just so deliciously creepy. Also, LOVE the black outfit with the mustard capelet. Adorable!

    1. I talk to the wall! I do! has been very understanding at times! x x x

  4. Ahaha you did a great job with the movie inspiration! But I'm loving the most your outfit with the mustard jacket! You look super cool!
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  5. Wonderful wonderful, wonderful, my angel
    Thank you for sharing your beauty with all of us, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Brilliant outfits ,love the berets and the plait great post with the movie theme,love Les x

  7. Love your blog!!!
    Started following your blog via GFC, would you like to follow me?

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  8. Colorful is good and those colors suit you perfect, nevermind those adolescents! Haha Mrs. Danvers had a gloomy look, you look gorgeous! Happy Happy Friday dear

    1. Thanks Caramella! colour is great on these grey days, and yes Mrs D did look quite grumpy, maybe her plaits were too tight!! x x x

  9. Love your blurry ethereal Shirley look! And your Mrs Danvers? Yikes.
    So glad Sacramento's movie party brought us to each others attention!

    1. Thanks Anne! I scared myself, and hurrah for the party! x x x

  10. I love your style! Kisses dear.

  11. Colour really does scare some people, but I don't quite get that! Colour is fabulous! And cheerful! I love all these outfits, but the one with the mustard coat is gorgeous, and I adore the black and white dress with your lovely braided hair! So glamorous. You look like a Hollywood movie star from the fifties :) xx

    1. Oh Louise, you are too sweet! I'm all blushy! x x x

  12. Mrs. Danvers. That's so funny. You are the most cheery Mrs. Danvers I've ever seen. You did get the hair down perfectly. She really was quite well groomed, that bitch!

    1. haha! she was!, she was mean yet fabulous! I've become very fond of those fake plaits x x x

  13. That's just a brilliant interpretation. I love your sweet plaits and Lulu catalogue pose, too.
    Coockie looks demented in amongst the leaves, ours are having a mad 'un this morning, too. xxx

    1. Lulu inspired me no end, perky yet fierce! I think the cats love the whooshing leaves x x x

  14. Connie's right, Mrs Danvers was never as smiley and gorgeous as you! The faux plait does suit you, Sandra. And although you look amazing in black, you don't half shine in bright colours like red and mustard! The Freeman's Lulu pose really made me laugh, and Cookie and Chocolate are the sweetest!
    Hope you are having a fab weekend, love! xxxxx

    1. oh Lulu! no-one could wear a headband and sports casual like you! no wonder I have been inspired! I hope you doing well, what with all of your extra work at the mo! x x x

  15. Oh wow - I love the black and mustard outfit, it's a good look on you.

    The fake braids - well, they look real and really suit you.

    The catalogue collar pose is just hilarious! :D

    Your cat and rabbit are loving those leaves!
    We used to have two rabbits called Cookie and Crumble.

    Another fabulous post - I love that I got a mention too - thank you :)

    Enjoy your weekend xx

    1. aw thanks Yvonne! I could barely hold my excitement! I wanted to tell everyone - they are such cute rabbit names too, our other one is Moonshine, she is fabulously moody! x x x

  16. I have missed you!!! But you blogged so all is well again for me!! PHEW!! Fake plait is awesome. Beret perched is awesome. Dresses are AWESOME!! And outside photos of your fur children, awesome!! You are Awesome then. Such disappointing junk mail, it had so much promise you naughty girl, and please do not grow up, being mature is very over rated.

    1. Sue, YOU are awesome!! and you rock my world! shall we promise to not grow up! *and here's to more silly junk mail!* yay x x x

  17. rocking the look!!!
    happy week,

    1. thank you! have a great week too! x x x

  18. So good to know that colour frightens youths! I will need that defence one day. Love your Mrs D look - that dress is a knock out and your maiden braids make you look a mere slip of a gal. PS, Don't ever grow up and stop giggling at naughty things. XXX

    1. oh Brooke, I'm awful! haha! but thank you for your lovely comments! and yes try the colour palette! although it might not have been the colour, it might have been me!! x x x

  19. You are always fabulous! you made me laugh .... teenagers scare! That is great! I love all your combinations of garments, especially berets and capes, so funny. Happy week, darling.

  20. thanks Rosy, you are lovely!! have a wonderful week too x x x

  21. fun pictures ... love he last dress so much.


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