Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Chase, Mr Foxy and a little misadventure

All will become clear....

The lovely Brooke from http://missbandthebygones.blogspot.co.uk/ recently did a felt half hat tutorial, I dribbled all over my keyboard in awe.  Brooke's felt hat was gorgeous and the tutorial was comprehensive and easy to follow. Score!, however I must admit I cocked mine up, I thought I knew what I was doing please don't look at mine and think this is what Brooke produced, hers are awesome!

they are meant to be flowers with leaves, instead they are more like lots of groovy 70's light shades
I am an idiot


despite me cocking it up, I am still chuffed with it

Posing in my hat, although I look like I'm giving the Mother of all dirty looks
to an innocent leaf or something

I also cocked up my Borscht (beetroot soup, lovely stuff when made by someone else other than me)
you are meant to add sour cream
Obviously I added coconut milk instead
please don't
beetroot and coconut don't really work together

my recently hacked rack revealing cardi worked well with my sleeveless dress and 'borrowed' hair plait thingy

a lovely little anniversary for us
Shaun Wallace or 'The Dark Destroyer' is a Chaser on 'The Chase' a British game show

the insufferable proper youtube link won't work
however if you like
here's my Mr Foxy
winning £5000
and got us a new kitchen
we honoured Mr Wallace, because he is an amazingly lovely man

Me and my clever man

A big warm squeezy welcome to all who are new, thank you for visiting
I hope you are all well
and having a lovely day

I'm trying to knit some sleeve armour at the moment
like a cosy tea drinking warrior would wear
I'll keep you updated

see you soon


  1. That little hat is a work of art ... it was the Melbourne Cup over here today and it would have fit right in.
    Oops about the soup ... sometimes these little variations pay off ... sometimes there is a reason it wasn't made like that in the first place ... but we all live and learn. I will be sure never to add coconut milk to my beet root soup ... thanks for the heads up.
    Fancy Mr Foxy being such a smartie pants ... I watched a little bit ... but it's past 11:30pm here ... so I'll save the rest for tomorrow.
    Next we need a picture of the new kitchen.

    1. thanks Jo! Mr F has an uncanny knack of remembering way too much, and I have a knack of oops-ing! x x

  2. I love your felt fascinator, it's beautiful! The cropped cardi is inspired, too. I've got a couple of those fake plaits, aren't they great for hiding roots and adding a bit of Heidi to every outfit?
    Mr Foxy is incredibly clever. I've never seen The Chase so I'l have a peek later. Dying to see the kitchen! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix!
      I need something at the moment, my roots are shocking! will do a few pics too x x

  3. Gorgeous you, fantastic photos and an arrow, wooooooooooooo You are beautiful and soooooooo CLEVER.

    1. Thanks Sacramento!
      you made it easy to put the arrow on! thank you x x

  4. I think your little half hat looks lovely! Make some more, you'll perfect your technique and have one to go with every outfit! Brooke's was adorable, wasn't it?
    I often go off piste with recipes (and not just when I'm on the piss) - some you win, some you lose. Beetroot and coconut sounds like it should be OK, but I'll take your word for it!
    Ooh, that cropped cardi does display the rack rather wonderfully, I bet your clever Mr Foxy agrees! I have never seen The Chase, but well done to the man of the house for winning. Lovely pic of the two of you, I feel all fuzzy and smushy and romantic, ahhhhh! xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Curtise!
      I like Mr F will have a go! oo-err!! glad it's not just me and maverick cooking, I put mustard in the carbonara to some disapproval today pffff! x x

  5. I love the fascinator! It looks great! You're so creative and talented when it comes to all those crafty things! Your polka dot dress and mustard top ensemble is gorgeous, and well done to the mister for being so clever! xx

    1. Thanks Louise!
      you are too kind! I hope to get better though! x x

  6. Yay!!!! You made a hat! I am so chuffed and think that yours is gorgeous. Make more - they are addictive! Love the cropped cardi and pat on the back for clever Mr Foxy! XXX

    1. Thanks Brooke!
      I will make more and next time achieve a genuine flower shape! x x

  7. I think you did a killer job on your hat maybe it's the colors that make you just so so about it. You should have done one in pink and orange what were you thinking????? :) Recipes are meant to be changed and I would have thought that would have tasted ok, ok never mind I am scared of beet soup:)

    1. Thanks Krista!
      pink and orange sounds fab! my soup was nasty stuff, gave me shudders! x x

  8. Great pics dear! Kisses.

  9. WOW to your hat you clever clods you, it is brilliant. And I rather like your cropped cardy, may have to hack up a few of mine. Clever Mr Foxy, he can do that again. TOF wins the odd pub raffle of a meat pack, but hey, a win is a win!! Beetroot soup, now that does sound interesting and something else I could do to all the beetroot I grow. I do like your mother of dirty looks look, does it ever work when used properly??

    1. Thank Sue!
      I'd be chuffed to win some meat, shocking prices here! and you grow beetroot, yum! I love the stuff - I am definitely cropping another couple of cardi's, I don't like over-heating x x x

  10. I watched the whole episode … YAY … I was still on the edge of my seat … even though I knew he had to win.
    LOVED the look on Mr Foxy's face when the other guy went with the 1000 pounds … LOL … that was priceless.

    1. omg! me too! I was gripped by it, and yes his face, haha! x x x


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