Sunday, 24 November 2013

36 Hour Party People - here we go!

Firstly I would like to apologise for not replying to comments on the last post, I am genuinely sorry - of course I have read them! you are all fabulous, and I loved them, thank you!

I am writing with the aid of some lovely alcoholic refreshment, well deserved.......and I may go off on some tangents.....very probably

Little Miss-ette's first gig 
They Might be Giants at the Manchester Academy
Missy and Little Miss love them
this is their first tour in the UK in 5 years
so they were a little happy

the Band themselves
they were at the front, Oh Yeah!
 Live Action!

we went out for tea for Little Miss-ette's birthday
this turned into 'smell my pits'
I couldn't show you that one!

my lovely lot
we love this place 'all you can eat' 
we so classy!

then to her party and sleepover
typical 'me' shot with double chin and cake, it's tradition!

Chillin' in the back while a little party went on in the front
My Mum and Auntie were having a wonderful time 
we had to turf them out in the end (my Dad and Uncle didn't drink and had their cars haha!) they are still party animals, they really are,  I will definitely tell you some stories at some point!!
 we had to set up the air-bed and stuff in the front room for the sleepover and it was getting a little late
we went to bed at 1.30am

the next day
1 gig, 1 birthday, 1 sleepover, 1 very tired little girl

 the Eldest is having pre-drinks (on Saturday), this means a mini-party until midnight
then they go out
this is us
36 hours in of parties and we are fecked
this is just before I went to bed
I don't think I knew my name at this point

20 mins before I went to bed I took these

pre-drinks in the back
she is holding my carafe I got for my birthday from the chazza
apparently it's a vase

another 1 turned up when I had gone to bed
this is like a fancy album pic
these girls are all just the loveliest
funny, clever and gorgeous 

 a small part of the room
not too bad at all for a little 'after party debris'
the boob tape flung, as you do...

today is a 9 hour shift completed
the ironing  is done
we survived hurrah!

we are out tomorrow
Mr F has a day off
we are spending a little time in the chazza'a
I think I am owed!

Have a great start to the week
the wine is kicking in (we are friends again Hurrah!)
and I think I need to go to bed


  1. Phew, exhausting! But at least all the Misses enjoyed themselves, and if the worst of the debris is some tit tape and a few bottles, you're doing well!
    Your Eldest and her mates could be a new girl group, look how glamorous they are! (You'd fit right in too!) Ahh, sleeping little Miss - it takes it out of you, all this partying and gigging!
    Despite being knackered, you always look fresh facerd and smiley, Sandra - it must be the wine... You're definitely owed, enjoy your day with Mr F, hope you find some bargains! xxxxx

    1. Thanks Curtise!
      It definitely was a mother of a week, wine always helps these 'busy' times! x x x

  2. Oh posts aided with alcoholic refreshments are always the best ones ... what a busy few days you have had ... you social butterfly you. I have to badger master 16 with questions about his social life ... due to the lack of excitement in my own.

    1. Thanks Jo!
      my social life is as grim as it comes, that's why any excitement destroys me! I'm not used to it! x x x

  3. Your girls are such beauties. Just like their Mom! I actually feel a little bit hung over just reading this post. I love it when my kids have their friends over!

    1. Thanks Connie!
      you are definitely a cool Mum! I find girls have two volumes though, loud and very loud hehe!! x x x

  4. Loved it!! You made it, you survived!! Your daughters are gorgeous, and your eldest girl and her mates would have turned some heads that night. What a bunch of stunning young women!! You and Mr F aren't too bad either!!

    1. Thanks Sue!
      They are a glamorous lot! me and Mr F did survive.....just!! a few early nights should sort us out!! x x x

  5. You are SUCH a babe, and your girls are mini babes!!!
    Crikey, I feel a bit knackered looking at these partay pix....I just don't have the stamina I used to! XXX

    1. Thanks Helga!
      my stamina has long gone, my Mum puts me to shame though! her social life at the moment is outrageous! x x x

  6. After all that and you still have the dewy fresh skin of a 10 year old girl! I am more than a bit jealous. How do you bloody do it? Looks like a rockin good time and your girls are just gorgeous. So glad you have rekindled the relationship with wine and hope the chazza's gave you treasures galore! XXX

    1. Thanks Brooke!
      I think I have a very kind camera! and yes, wine and I are re-united at last, hurrah!

  7. Such a lovely post. Even I don't think I could handle that much partying. And you all still look fab after it. Looks like a fab time. Envious of you seeing They Might Be Giants xxx

    1. Thank you!
      I'm a bit rubbish these days hehe! actually I think I always was! they love TMBG here, and were chuffed they finally came to the UK! x x x

  8. So many gorgeous girls (including you!). I'm exhausted from reading all about your partying but delighted you shared it, I can live vicariously through you! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix!
      I am fecked hehe! it makes a change me doing something exciting! I am way to laid back x x x

  9. Your daughter has your beautiful eyes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh How fabulous.
    Great to see you enjoying life to the full. I am joining you in the happy Birthday.

    1. Thanks Sacramento!
      life is for living! definitely, and also chilling! x x x

  10. You're all blooming gorgeous!

    I love that you've partied for 36 hours - perhaps you could try for a world record next time.
    I wonder what the world record for the longest party is.

    You ladies look spectacular in your spectacles.

    Glad you survived it all xx

  11. Oh! I forgot to add....

    If you go down to the woods (my blog) today, you're sure for a big surprise x

    1. Thank-you!
      it was a big surprise! and a lovely one too! I think my Mum and her gang hold the partying record, they are relentless at times,they can party all day and night, sleep and start again! x x x

  12. So lucky to see TMBG! Was it a kid's music show? I actually prefer their kid's cds!

    1. It was a proper gig! haha, they were the only kids there as far as I know, they went with Dad, all massive fans! x x x

  13. These seems exhausting but so much fun, I don`t know if I would be able to do it so I really admire your parting ways powers!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

    1. Thank you!
      it's taken two days to get over it all hehe! x x x

  14. Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
    I'd love to follow you (GFC) and welcome to visit my
    blog about fashion -

    Katherine Unique

    1. Thank you!
      you are very kind, I'm coming over for a visit! x x x

  15. Hello ,beautiful family great blog ,thank you for your comment on my blog I have left a longer reply on my blog under your comment ,this is all new to me so you will have to bear with me Lol take care Les x.

    1. Thanks Lesley!
      we will get there hehe! x x x

  16. Hi Peaches!
    were you lucky at the chazzas? I am always lucky forever finding stuff, running out of room and believe me i have a lot of room!
    Your girls look so much like you!
    i can't stand the heat as well, prefer the middle seasons, fall, and spring here when it's hot it's very hot and when it's cold it's very cold!
    Made me laugh when you say the ironing is done - In Canada we don't iron we throw everything in the dryer!

    Take care


    1. Thanks Arianne!
      gah! no luck but I have faith for next time at the chazza'a - I do tumble, but have committed serious crimes against cotton over the years and shrunk way too many things haha! I'm rather fond of moderate temperatures too! x x x have a lovely day x x x


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