Thursday, 21 November 2013

Quite a cool week so far

I am writing this at 00.24am, tired and wired, I have been in work,  today is going to be busy, so I decided to get my self organised and do a mini post.  I would class this as me being remotely organised.

Today is the Littlest's birthday.  I don't know what happened but she is 11. There will be pics.

The Eldest is having pre-drinks with her friends in ours on Saturday to celebrate her Scholarship she was awarded at Uni - her school nominated her for ' her personal contribution to the school' she attended. I will provide pics.

Mr F took the two little ones to see They Might Be Giants on Wednesday, yep, pics to come!

I really don't know what I'm doing
but when I take pics of myself I sometimes get bored looking at my face
and my poses

this is my pose all the flaming time
I am lacking inspiration
 however this is my awesome poncho and beret rescued from the loft. they are ancient
lovely bright colours though
 (warm rating 8/10, modesty rating in the wind 2/10, potential flashings are possible)

notice a theme here
it's like posing deja vu

I need help

another deja vu

Eldest knows how to do it
she is a posing legend

Poses with children
always more fun

we have a hoot doing this
It's nice to get a minute with her sometimes

Love this
Amy Winehouse
Monkey Man

From The Specials songs to these

Fun Boy Three
The Telephone always Rings

Have an awesome weekend
you gorgeous lot


I feel like I have forgotten something???


  1. Hi Sandra, Your oldest daughter is gorgeous --like her mother.... She looks alot like you!!!! Congrats to her for the scholarship... That's AWESOME.

    Happy Birthday to your youngest... Eleven, huh??? They do grow up SO fast.

    My fav. photo of you today is the one with the red poncho and the beret. You look terrific in that hat.


  2. Well I say when you find a pose that works ... stick with it ... all the supermodels have a trademark pose ... don't they?? Maybe I'm making that up.
    Now ... OMG ... your eldest looks EXACTLY like you ... AND ... she is obviously a fab combination of beauty and brains ... good for her.
    There is something a bit Kardashian like about her ... but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
    Looking forward to all the pics :0)

  3. lovely outfits again ... and, yeah, your eldest is a posing legend! :)

  4. seriously two gorgeous ladies here! your daughter is so like you, you are both very beautiful. that pose is fabulous, if it isnt broke don't fix it! I suggest looking at vintage knitting patterns for some posing ideas! xxxx

  5. Great pix! And your daughter is lovely!

  6. Fabulous music choices! Your eldest is a posing legend! I'll have to take some hints from her! Also your pose is fabulous too. You're both very pretty ladies!

    I really love that Beret! And you're right our glasses have to be related!

  7. You and eldest really are peas in a pod, beautiful skin, gorgeous smiles and I bet you're both a whole lot of fun to be out with.
    I love your trademark pose and wish I could find such treasure in the loft. Looking forward to the birthday, gig and scholarship photos.
    Have a bostin' weekend. xxx

  8. Look at you and your big girl - both divine, darling! Your posing is just fine, and you look especially fab in red, love that floral frock and the red poncho.
    Hasn't your daughter done well to get a scholarship? Happy birthday to your youngest, hope you all have a great weekend! xxxx

  9. This post made me chuckle - you're good at doing that.

    I love all your poses, your daughter definitely has the knack too, something else she's inherited from you, along with the gorgeous looks and unique dress sense.

    Congratulations to your daughter on her scholarship and happy birthday to your youngest :)

    Have a perfect weekend and stop working too hard x

  10. Great posing from both of you and lovely outfits. The red poncho is gorgeous :).

  11. It would be fare to say that your gorgeous eldest daughter has so taken after her gorgeous mother! How old is she, I have a nearly 21 year old and a 18 and a half year old, we could be related!!!! Think of the grandchildren!!! Looking forward to all those photos you promised!

  12. Those beautiful eyes of both of you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful
    I love all your ensembles, and I wish I could see the whole of you.

  13. Beautiful fhotos! Kisses dear.

  14. Gorgeous brooches! I need more brooches in my life!

  15. Hello My Little Peach Blossom! I love your poncho and don't you look quite sophisticated in your 50's secretary outfit. My daughter, aged 22, is a fabulous poser as are all of her friends. It must be that generation growing up with selfies and camera phones and reality tv and all. I spent my 20's running AWAY from cameras. And congrats on the outstanding student!


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