Friday, 8 November 2013

Them ladies from the 80's

Bit of a bonkers week, wrong buses, an aunt's appendix, kids announcing after school clubs after school, arranging lifts, bad tummy (Little Miss-ette), missed appointments, lost plans...the usual stuff in our house, all ended well though.

Now it's Friday, I have organised a rare internet food shop due to the bedlam, and I cut my hair, time to relax.

My favourite ladies from the 80's
Beatrice Dalle
oh, how she smouldered

Isabella Rossellini
Dang, this woman is beautiful
Sherrilyn Fenn
just gorgeous 

I realised after I chopped my hair, it had a distinct 80's vibe.
I also know I don't smoulder, I could never pout or flirt.  My friend, who had divine red curls tried to teach me a manoeuvre that preceeded  Elle Woods 'bend and snap' (Legally Blonde).
 It was Magnificent.
Sit down, extend one leg, lean forward, move head swiftly down and bam! throw the hair back and pose/pout. Impressive and successful. On her.
 I look troubled
but my hair is 80's fancy
with outrageous roots

Showcasing the grey here

80's men's aftershave 'Cacharel'
I share with Mr F
I cant' wear delicate fragrance's as I make them stink
When girls delicately wore White Musk
I had to wear things like 'Pungent Musk de Odour' (not real, but you get my drift)
I liked 'Loulou' too
and 'Poison' which could knock a man out 

In my head I am embracing the 80's
I have used 'Insette' hairspray too
soooo, not the same
It could set your hair like metal

I ALWAYS wore a beret in the 80's
slapped down

Of course, I wouldn't want to re-live the 80's
1989 I had a 'Flat-top' 
I went to a hairdesser's called 'Extreme's'
I wanted hair like Morrissey
I came out with a 1 inch flat-top and shaved sides
never went back
I have many woeful hairdressing stories

Big Audio Dynamite
'The Bottom line'
I loved this

'I don't want a lover'
Sharleen I heart you!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all have a good one
I intend on having several large drinks!
which will not be Snakebite's


p.s. I will show kitchen pics
I will have to clean it first


  1. You look gorgeous, as always.
    I adore your polka dot dress ad beret :)
    I loved Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks.
    Lookig forward to your kitchen pics.
    Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. By the way - your pout's not half bad missy ;)

    1. Thanks Yvonne!
      you are always so lovely!, hope you have a great weekend too x x x

  3. Love the BAD video. Brings back a lot of memories.

  4. You're equally as gorgeous as those Eighties icons and with your beret you could have stepped out of any arty film from that era.
    Insette - my old punk mate, Darren, still swears by it, best hairspray for holding up mohawks on the planet!
    Hope next week and your weekend is much more chilled! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix!
      am super chilled right now!! x x x

  5. Oh Lord, Insette - set your hair rock hard, I used to spray my perm upside down for maximum volume and crispiness... The smell was known to make me puke when hungover. Back in the day, I mean, not now. I'm classy now...
    You definitely give those 80s gals a run for their money - the pout, the hair, the beret, the heavy duty perfume - you DO smoulder, Ms McGinty!
    All this and BAD too? You spoil us. Seeing BAD at the Leadmill was one of my favourite gigs EVER. Memories...
    Have a fab weekend, love! xxxxx

    1. Thanks Curtise!
      omg! how cool you went to see them! and oh how crispy the hair could be, I bet your perm was magnificent! stay classy Missus!!! x x x

  6. Bend and snap- works everytime! Haha! Can't go wrong with a bit of Legally Blonde. Love your new do, looks lovely! Hoping to finally go and get my hair chopped before the end of the month. Just deciding on how short it's going to be xx

    1. Thanks Louise!
      oooh, shorter hair! you have the most beautiful hair, can't wait to see what you get done! x x x

  7. But I thought you were Isabella Rossellini ... living a quieter, more suburban life. After all I've never seen you in a photo together ... so my conspiracy theory is still intact.

    1. Thanks Jo!
      I wish, haha! I'd be pouting my face off!! x x x

  8. I thought I was so THAT in the 80's. Big crunchy perm, bright neon everything, white cow boy boots, reeking of Impulse (el cheapo body spray that you had to wear as a teen) and desperation. Dear me! Lucky I am so mature and classy now. Still can't pout or pull off the seductive look either though. Your shorter hair looks lovely - I'm thinking Molly Ringwald without being red. Love the beret too.XXX

    1. Thanks Brooke!
      you rocked the 80's! I would have been in awe of you, cowboy boots!! too cool!! Molly Ringwald, too fab, another natural pouter! x x x

  9. Wow you so suit wearing a beret, I look rather odd in one of them. How I would love to see a photo of the flat top hair cut, safe to say who hasn't had a disastrous haircut once in their life. Oh and I do love your polka dot dress! Hope you get to have a relaxing weekend.

    1. Thanks Sue!
      I think there is a pic is in my Mums, I look like my brother in a dress! I seem to have catastrophe's in hairdresser, I prefer to do my own now! at least I'm not paying! x x x

  10. I love the 80s and adore you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    soooooooooo gorgeoussssssssss

    1. Thanks Sacramento!
      you are always so kind x x x

  11. I miss the Lancome days of Rosselini as their cover girls. Thanks for posting the spread and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

    1. have done! :) Oh how lovely Is Isabella Rossellini? x x x

  12. I want your glasses! where did you buy?! I have been looking for some new ones!! I am now your new follower darling :) come check out my new post and follow back?! XOXO-M

    1. Thank you! my glasses are from a local opticians! have popped over to your blog :) x x x

  13. Oh! I have a "Woman crush" on/in (?) Isabella R!

  14. Oh the 80's. Oh those shoulder pads. I'll bet you really rocked that era because you still do! I actually had one of those hairdos shaved in the back and all floppy and long and blonde in the front. Augh! Then I grew it out and embraced hairspray. Oh the 80's.


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