Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A study in Hair

Hello All! I hope you are all well and having a fabulous week so far!

The kittens operations went well *breathes huge sigh of relief* However we did have 'Cone' issues. the kittens were discharged on Friday with those ruddy awful plastic neck cones and we were given strict instructions to leave them on for 14 days.
Within 10 minutes of arriving home Jaffa had released herself from hers and poor Crumble was unable to function with hers on.   Half an hour of chasing Jaffa stressed her out completely.  The vets were phoned and I was informed I had to put the cone back on her..... ahem, how? so I made a decision, leave the cone off and watch her like a hawk.  The next day, after finding Crumble face down on the bathroom floor,  I took hers off too.
The difference in Crumble was immediate.  She was happy.
I know this may be controversial to remove the cones.  But, so far so good.
Although Jaffa has removed one stitch (the wound is still healthy and intact)

I decided to create Herb Ritts inspired Photographs 
(apologies to Mr Ritts)

I was undecided over whether to publish them,
it all felt rather indulgent,

but then I thought
Sod it!
I like them!

I'm eating a poisoned paper weight
don't do it!
it makes you terribly queasy 


and the most hideously awkward to photograph outfit I have ever worn,

I'm linking in with Sacramento - Share in Style, Free


Anne - 52 Pick me up, Dots,

I'll be round shortly,
I'm off on 'kitty wound watch' again

See you Soon!!
and a Big Thank You for all of your wonderful comments!
you guys!!!


  1. I love your skirt! The pattern and that colour!.... *^o^* I realised I'm not a dot person myself, I'm rather a stripes person and a plaid person. I have only two doted dresses and one skirt, it should be changed!
    I've just found your blog, love it! ^^*~~

  2. Ha! Loved your Herb Ritts photos ; ) Broody, melodramatic...just how I like em.


  3. Glad you chose to be "indulgent" because I love your Herb Ritts tribute!

  4. Oooooh you are so gorgeous, I could eat ya! Be indulgent ar every ooportunity I always say.
    Glad the opperations went ok despite cone issues. When my cat had to wear one years ago, she went beserk. She's never forgiven me for it and for feeding her a tuna based product.

  5. Glad the kittens are ok ! and I love the pictures they are awesome !!! have a great week xxx

  6. Love your black and white photos, esp. the first one! And you're adorable in that polka dot skirt, I really need to add more polka dots to my wardrobe! :)

  7. Glad about those kittens, I was a bad mother and left them on despite poor Polly Piglet being as miserable as sin, the thought of nibbled stitches turned my stomach!
    Love the black and white photography and that up-do and spotty skirt combo! xxx

  8. Poor kittens! I'm sure removing those things will help them to recover - you took the stress out! Happy is more important, in my book, and it heals. Love the portrait - so glad you shared them! Very artistic! The skirt is AMAZING! Is it your creation again? Beautiful! Love the whole outfit. You look gorgeous, Sandra! xxxx

  9. Indulge away! These are awesome photos. The polka-dots came out great - of course, it's an amazing skirt.
    Well, why can't they invent a less wretched cone? Why?! It's no secret that pets despise them and they become terribly unhappy when they need perking up the most.

  10. Oh cats do hate those cones of shame, don't they? I don't remember my cats being given them after their ops, and one of them definitely removed her own stitches. Oh well, saved the vet a job!
    You don't half suit a fringe, Sandra! Fabulous polka dots, a magnificent frontage, and great photos.
    Now, back to Kitty Watch! xxx

  11. Poor kitties, so that you are a great person, dear friend. That skirt is wonderful, you always brighten my day with your funny pics. Have a wonderful week !!

  12. Cute pics and amazing skirt dear! Kisses Sandra.

  13. Looking fabulous! I think a good pet owner knows what's best for her pets, and if they're not pulling out their stitches, I don't see the harm. When my sister's dog had her op, we just kept the cone on during the night and when nobody was home to watch her, and had no problems. xx

  14. Back in the day, we never put cones on our cats when they had operations. I remember my poor, tiny cat coming home after being fixed, and she was all woozy and weaving around the room. She was so adorable! But I was never given a cone, and she was just fine. Maybe the vets used to be taught much better knot-tying - now days everything's just too slapdash.

    You look fabulous! I love your Ritts-y photos, and your fringe, and your polka-dot skirt. You're far too grown up for Disney, though, Miss Passion Peaches.

  15. Those bloody plastic cones are such a huge pain in the you know what! A dog we owned had to wear one and kept getting stuck, so it had to go. Good luck with kitty watch, they are sneaky little sods when it comes to stitches. Rather liking all the you photos, and of course I LOVE the spotty skirt!!

  16. Sandra I love these pictures so much!!! I think you did the right thing leaving the cones off: a stressed out cat recovers more slowly! Lucky kittens to have you! Big big hugs my friend
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  17. I hope the kitties will be better soon. You look lovely and that polka-dot skirt a superb!

  18. Oh those damn cones. There must be some better way. I'd like to see those vets running around with cones on all day. Your bangs are so super shiny. You look like a beautiful 1950's teenager.

  19. Look at you ... you look like a supermodel!!!
    Is the fringe real?? I get so confused because you do fake hair so well :0)
    Those cones are the worst ... guaranteed to make an animal miserable in 0.5 of a second. Maybe the vet could wear one for a day and see how he/she likes it ;0)

  20. coolness and happy kittens!, fabulous!!
    love your polka dotted outfit!!

  21. I love that skirt with polka dots...so glam and retro...fabulous look!
    you look great in all these shots
    I hope the kittens are doing ok<3


  22. You look really beautiful with your polka dots skirt and the beautiful hairstyle!
    I love your style!
    LG Carolin

  23. The photos are great, but eclipsed by your amazing hairstyle and hairpiece...oh and that gorgeous skirt! It may have been difficult to photograph, but you nailed it big time! Two kitties to watch! Nightmare!!! Good luck 😊 xo Jazzy Jack

  24. Kittens in Cones will be the name of my next band.

  25. Just popped in for a Monday hug! Hope the kittens are healed now!


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