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Presenting the King and Queen of Washington State

Hello Lovelies!
remember I promised you serious fabulousness on my last post!

Now Dave, the husband formally known as Mr F, which meant Mr Foxy, because that was his name on my mobile phone for a long time.  One time I asked a male colleague to update a new SIM on my phone, he clocked 2 names - Mr Foxy (old number) and Dave (new number).  He looked at me, gave me the side eye and waited for me to explain myself.  Of course I didn't.  I smiled back enigmatically and said nothing.

Back-story to the Dave/Mr F explanation over.  Dave was in Seattle on a business trip.  I once had a 3 day stay in Manchester for training in a sales job.  I'm not kidding when I say part of the job was to dance in a Supermarket entrance.  If you ever have a minute, Youtube Phoenix Nights, 'Come and buy your black bin bags, they're on offer till December', you'll get the gist.

The Fisherman's Terminal in Ballard, Seattle
Now, Seattle you say!

Natalia and Justin
Gorgeous Natalia's blog is 'In the Writer's Closet' (click Natalia for the link)
I'm sure you all know Natalia! 
but, please if you haven't visited Natalia I recommend you do.  Immediately!

Natalia emailed me when she read my blog and discovered Dave was in Seattle.  
I was thrilled to receive her email. I know Natalia is a busy woman and was delighted when she suggested a meet up with Dave accompanied by Justin, her husband.

I contacted Dave, who was overwhelmed by their generosity.  Of course he wanted to meet them!

Now, I'm going to pass you over to Dave!

I'd been in Seattle for a whole week and I'd seen most of the sights I wanted to see - the Space Needle, the EMP Museum, Safeco Field - but what I hadn't managed to do was enjoy a really great meal with a local flavour with some really great company.  And that's where Natalia and Justin came in!!  I spent hours with this pair of intelligent, witty and fascinating people and can honestly say that it felt like minutes.  I'll admit that I was nervous whilst travelling on the bus - what happens if we had nothing to talk about? - but from the instant I met them, I felt completely at home, like a little piece of Liverpool transferred to the Pacific North West.  It's rare to feel so completely at home with people you've never met before, especially when you are 5,000 miles away from home, but that's Natalia & Justin for you!  They even gave me lift back to the city!  Thank you to you both!

I've never been a fan of seafood but I was directed to Boston Chowder (even though I then ordered the Manhattan one by mistake) - I've never had Chowder but I'll tell you this - I'll be having it again! Absolutely delicious - I could have had 3 bowls of it (but that would have been gluttonous).  After that, I had a Bay Shrimp and Crab Omelette that had to be seen to be believed.  A glass of coke and some water helped to wash it all down.  The restaurant was excellent and I had a thoroughly excellent time.  Shall we do it again next Sunday?

Thanks Dave!
Dave cited his time with Natalia and Justin as the highlight of his trip, he was truly smitten with this wonderful couple.
Now back to me!

The King and Queen of Washington State

The Restaurant was located in here,
it's called Chinook's
(don't you love how I'm saying this like I was there!)

Beautiful Natalia 

I love this photo of Justin

Outfit awesomeness modelled by Beautiful Natalia

And after all of that loveliness
there was more!
Natalia sent me this!!!!

A beautiful note and an incredible intricately crafted Birch Box heart shaped box containing earrings made by Russian artisans, 
'a very old art, common in Central Russia (Siberia)....Jasper is on the box'
I may have fainted

Thank you so much Natalia!
Do I have to share the earrings with my daughters!!!
the detail is breathtaking 
I hope my pics do them some justice

Thank you again to Natalia and Justin for taking care of my hairy husband and for my beautiful gifts!
You are beyond awesome!
You know if you are ever in Liverpool you have a place to stay.

The Global Blogging Sisterhood is a wonderful thing isn't it?

It truly warms my heart to be part of our incredible community.



  1. Oh my gosh! Isn't this wonderful? I mean, we all know how fabulous Natalia is and of course she has an awesome husband. How crazy is it to think that because we post of few silly pictures of ourselves on a blog we can make connections around the world? La Futur, Bebe!!!! I used to live in Seattle and it is one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Next time you HAVE TO go along with DAVE!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful story, it's always great to make friends with those of another part of the world! That's what I love about blogging too! :)

  3. Dear friends, Sandra and Dave! I'm lost for words! The Global Blogging Sisterhood is one of the very best things that has ever happen to me, and it is absolutely true. We talked about it with Justin and Dave - they both see blogging the way we do it for what it really is. We grow, we share, we build inner confidence, we support each other, we build a beautiful community, and all of it essentially changes us and changes the world around us. And you are such a gem of this wonderful community, Sandra! I'm so deeply touched. I read your post to Justin and we giggled happily together! Yes, let's do it again - it was so much fun!!

    Loved Dave's photography, his warmth shines through. You did an amazing job on picturing the box and earrings - double heart, so cool! I hope you will enjoy wearing and swapping them and keep little secrets in a box (like old number of Mr Foxy!). So happy that we met! Much love and hugs xxxxxxx

  4. Such a lovely post and generous people. I love the box and earrings! xx

  5. I loved seeing Dave with Natalia and Justin and its fab to read about his meting in his own words, too. Its no surprise that they all got on, a fabulous bunch of people! Loved your pressies and am already singing "Come and get your black bin bags...." Phoenix Nights was the best TV show ever! xxx

  6. OMG how bloody cool was that!! The blogging sisterhood is so awesome. When I have evicted my son and have turned his room into a guest room I shall be ready to entertain blogging sisterhooders from all over. Shall I put your name on the reservation list?? Gorgeous gifts there love, now off to check out Natalia's blog. PS: do tell darling Mr F, Mr Foxy, aka Dave that his photos were mighty fine.

  7. Lovely story and cute earrings! Kisses Sandra.

  8. How bloody fabulous! The power of blogging and the awesomeness of bloggers at it's best. Aren't they lovely people? Gorgeous gifts too.
    Next time, you must go with him. Tell Mr Foxy that he should start blogging too....when he's got a minute like!
    God, Phoenix Nights is so brilliant. The club is like the local Labour Club I grew up having Coke and Bovril crisps 'outside' of only Welsh.

  9. I'm ahead of you as I read Natalias post earlier in the week but great to hear about it from Dave. Gorgeous pressies from Natalia. You have to go along too next time xx

  10. What a lovely story about how good can come from this thing we call the internet : ) instead of just porn. Natalia and your husband were so wonderful to take him under their wing.


  11. I really really want clam chowder now. Best. Comfort. Food. Ever. Glad Dave had such a good time!

  12. Hello Sandra , what wonderful pictures ! I love seeing other countries on blogs ,it's so interesting !, how great are Natalia and her hubby and what gorgeous gifts ,are hope you are well and the girls ! best wishes xxx

  13. How kind of Natalia and Justin to meet up with Dave, but I'm not surprised - they are a warm and welcoming pair, aren't they? Just a shame you couldn't join them - next time, eh?
    Gorgeous pressies from Natalia too, and ooh, I could just do with some clam chowder now, mmmm... xxx

  14. It was truly kind of Natalia and Justin to welcome Dave so warmly! Natalia is so beautiful and stylish, and look at those earrings. Missed you gorgeous.xo
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  15. What a shame you couldn't go too ... I agree this blogging caper is pretty special ... you really do make proper connections.
    Watch out ... I may just drop in for a drinky poo one of these days ;0)

  16. That is so wonderful! Not only did Dave get sunshine in Seattle, but he got to meet some wonderful people because of you and your blogging badness! I've eaten at Chinook's twice when I visited friends in Seattle. Dave's pictures make me miss it soooo much (Seattle, not Chinook's, although the food is very good). You must go if you ever have a chance.

  17. Okay, I'm still going to have to refer to him as Mr. F, I'm afraid. I hate change! LOL

    How wonderful that Natalia and Justin made him so welcome while he was there! What a lovely gift - you totally shouldn't share those earrings with the girls (please tell them sorry I had to say that, but sometimes mums just need stuff all their own). ;)

  18. Aw, this is so lovely! It's nice to know that there are still some kind, welcoming people left in the world. Blogging is a wonderful thing. The earrings and heart shaped trinket are absolutely beautiful- the detail is amazing; what lovely prezzies. xx

  19. Hello Sandra,

    This is such a heartfelt post.

    It is amazing how connections can be made over cities, countries, even continents through the power of the Internet. And here is that power working for good. How wonderful that your husband was so well looked after in Seattle. There is nothing like good local knowledge and, obviously, Dave was in good hands with Natalia and Justin.

    What a very generous present you were sent. As you say, the detailing is amazing on such a tiny scale, one can but admire the workmanship. Friendships made like this are truly wonders of Blogland!

  20. How wonderful! Natalia and Justin are amazing and imagine Dave getting to meet them when he lives so far and I only live a day's drive away and haven't yet. Seattle is a lovely city and the whole surrounding area is very charming. Thanks to Mr Foxy Dave for sharing his trip with us. I am so behind in my blog reading and I see that a few people have updated and renovated their blogs. Yours is looking great! xoxoxo

  21. Ah connections! How amazing are they :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  22. I thought I had commented when I read this the first time but...
    What I was going to say was, that is so awesome how Natalia and Justin took Dave under their ever-loving wings. Reading true stories of kindness like this restores my belief in, well, something good. The gifts are absolutely beautiful. Dave, great writing, great photos!

  23. Oh wow, isn't that just the most amazing act of kindness and hospitality? I don't know this lady but I can tell she and her husband have the warmest hearts. I'm so pleased your hubby had the nerve to take her up on her offer and I can absolutely understand it would be his highlight. Which reminds me, Spring is on its way. Must be time for a bloggy get together soon! Xxxx


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