Friday, 13 February 2015


Hello Awesome and Wonderful People! I hope your week has been magnificent!

I have had a lovely week! So has Mr F, Seattle is a fabulous city, he absolutely loves it and has been having a blast!  of course we are all missing him, Skype has been used daily.

I must sat you are a wise bunch.
I stayed up late for my first night alone and watched EatLovePray, not a bad film.  I decided to create my own philosophy - EatSleepNetflix.  I've sodded off the exercise regime, watched my type of TV, had tea and toast in my bed, stayed up late...a lot, avoided as much housework as possible, had drinkies with my favourite dips (with extra garlic) and napped like a toddler. In all it's been perfectly indulgent.
Of course I have been looking after the children, that would be very amiss of me! but on my 'me time' I decided I am on holiday.  Somewhere fancy.

Some of the pom-poms in our bedroom, I created my own haven.
Theme; Mardi Gras

Bag full of goodies for the cinema with my girls,

my outfit choices this week have been, at best, dreadful.
I appalled myself

one must maintain standards and brush hair daily

my sweetest Cookie and nap partner
has a human nose licking habit and insists on a 2 hand stroke

Someone *cough* Jaffa*
has been peeing behind the TV on a daily basis and also came into season on Saturday with the most hideous caterwauling that didn't stop for 3 days in total.
I didn't realise at first, after 24 hours of checking her, following her, holding her, making sure she was eating and pooping

She rather grandly started 'presenting' in the bedroom

The Vets were phoned on Monday for spaying,

Jo, is right, Hubby goes away, something goes awry) 
Crumble is doing wonderfully well, although her and Cookie were not amused with all of this nonsense from Jaffa.
(reassurance, the kittens have not been outside, there will be no new kitten arrivals)

Usual rubbish outfit pics and matching rubbish outfit

Viva Black nail varnish

The orthodontist today is our 3rd dental visit this week
Littlest had upper jaw braces fitted on Tuesday (lower to be fitted in 5 weeks)
Middle daughter has had 2 extractions yesterday
Today, spacers were fitted

Tomorrow, my daughters and I were going out for a Galantine's Celebration
It was all organised,
But my Mum in a Bridget Jones' moment has decided she will host Valentines Day.

Bless her,
I think this is what she is thinking 

Right, my lovelies!
I'm going to have to love you and leave you,
I'm coming round for a quick visit, I've got Vodka! is Friday night

See you Soon


  1. Garlic is just filled with Vitamin C so, you see, you are being very healthy. In the film of my life, All By Myself is a Love Song! Hugs!

  2. So glad you are spending your 'me time' as a holiday!! Everything you are doing is bog standard behavior when a hubby is out of town. You my love have mastered it in such quick time, and I for one are most proud. Jaffa??? So naughty weeing inside. No no to more kittens, no matter how cute, you cannot become the crazy cat lady while Mr F is away.

  3. I love your plan! I often follow your philosophy myself. :) Wonderful outfit, Sandra - really like the colors, textures and the black nails! Beautiful! Sorry to hear about troubles with cats, well, Mr F is coming back soon and hopefully will save all of you girls from every possible trouble. :)

    Love Bridget Jones - watched it probably 10 times if not all 20.

    Have a great holiday!!!!!!!!!!!! Love xxxxx

  4. Sounds like you and I have the same daily routine!

    I've been thinking about making a big pom pom headboard in my bedroom. They look so festive.


  5. I always eat garlic when hubby is away! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, and Mr. R is too (Seattle is my spiritual home, even though I haven't lived there in years). I guess without him, and with Jaffa and all, it's just pussies in the house right now. =:-O

  6. Ooh, I love the pompoms! Your kitties are adorable!

    Looking lovely, as always xx

  7. Hello Sandra,

    It sounds as if you are making the very best of your time 'Home Alone', well, nearly alone, well, as alone as one can be with children and a menagerie of animals in the house!

    You sound much more yourself. Clearly, this new regime is suiting you very well indeed and you will be in great shape to welcome your husband back home again. Will he cope, we wonder!!

    A good idea to meet up with mummy for Valentine's Day.......surely you cannot get into too much mischief there.....can you?!

  8. Yep ... best do as little as possible ... less chance of some kind of disaster occurring that way ;0)
    I've taken to sitting in my armchair with my ipad, a book and the tv remote and trying not to move all day!!!!

  9. I always eat garlic when Jon's away, too - more than usual.
    Sounds like you're having a blast. I read Eat Pray Love and hated it, she seemed such a feeble, self obsessed character. Hopefully Julia Roberts makes the film version a bit more bearable.
    Don't cats in heat make a racket? I'm dying to capture Ginger Alan and get him seen to but I fear he'll have my arm off! xxx

  10. Blimey, it's all happening while Mr F is away in Seattle, isn't it? Misbehaving kittens, vodka and extra garlic, repeat visits to the orthodontist (we start that particular ball rolling for Claudia on Monday...) and Netflix marathons, whatever next?! EatPrayLove sounds so awful, I can't bring myself to either watch or read it (but I was more than happy to take the piss out of it with Clementine's version, BakeDustFellate!) And your hair brushing photo reminds me of Dolly Parton's answer when asked how long it takes to do her hair - "I don't know, I'm never there!" xxxx

  11. Lovely plan, i love your nails Sandra! Kisses.

  12. That is one of my fears, something crazy happening while my hubby is gone. Hang in there! :)

  13. Caterwauling...such a gorgeous word...and they do! Hopefully the girls aren't still girls or you could very likely have an incestuous romance happening. They're not fussy!
    Your lovely plans sound so decadent. Sorry to hear of the orthodontics. In the future for us I fear, at least for Mr Actor ( takes after his father's side)!
    Only one more week to go. You can do this! xo Jazzy Jack

  14. I'm not seeing your best rubbish outfit. I hope you will do better next time!
    I didn't like EatPrayLove either. If we all have to be world travelers to become self-realized what a sorry species we are. Heh. EatSleepNetflix is a much better mantra. It's great that you can stay in touch with Skype and the garlic doesn't carry over. I'm glad of this report - I see your are coping well.

  15. Another wonderful post. It seems like you took a break from it all. isn't it amazing how we take a break when our husbands are away? When my husband is away for a couple of days I lazy a lot, cook simple and stay awake late on my pc. It's like taking a break from being a wife and just be me for a change. Then everything turns in chaos and I'm more than happy he is back at home.

  16. Sometimes we need to take some time for ouselves. I've been feeling quite bad lately, must be a bad cold...and season change is up pretty soon so I may as well blame it on that.

    You know, I believe garlic cures all kinds of things and consume it on daily basis...sometimes just with olive oil and bread. That's an old Croatian recipe against the flue. You chop the garlic, pour olive oil over it and dip the bread in it.

    Your outfit looks pretty good to me even if the photo is blurry...and I like that gorgeous dark nail polish.

    I hope your cats are doing ok now:)

    ...and I can imagine all those dentist appointments (with kids!) are not a lot of fun...but it's life.

  17. Blimey, there's a lot going on in your world! So you're holding the fort on your own? No wonder you're indulging in treats, you deserve them!! I love the pompoms in the bedroom. Well, we all know that pompoms improve everything. I'll let you in on a secret, I wear some dreadful outfits quite regularly, the trick is never to take photographs on those days. Three dentist appointments in a week must be some kind of record. They are going to have beautiful teeth just like you! (people with wonky teeth like me notice these things) xxxxx

  18. Oh dear Sandra, it's so good to decide to live like we were on holiday every day. It's so healthy and why shouldn't we if we can? What movie did you watch? Hate going to the dentist. Brrrrrr
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi


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